Recap: The Amazing Race Philippines 2, Episode 42 (Leg 7, Day 6) – "I may be old, but I'll give it a shot."

Teams must now make their way on foot down the marked path to the Pit Stop, the South Palms Resort.

The top 3 teams run for the Mat, but it is Roch & Eji who arrive first. They are very excited as Derek officially checks them in as Team #1. Derek asks what they’ll be using the P200,000 for. Roch says she’ll pay for her sibling’s tuition while Eji will save it for now.

Roch gets her well-deserved hug for this Leg.

Matt tells Phoebe he is proud of her as they run to the Mat. Derek asks them how things are going. He says while it’s natural for couples to fight, it’s not good when things get physical. Phoebe says Matt was first. Derek says it’s not right for a man to hurt a woman. And it’s also not right for a woman to hurt a man.

Matt says fighting like that loses trust and respect for one another. Derek says it would be a shame if they let the Race break them.

Derek officially checks them in as Team #2, even after all their fighting. He suggests they don’t fight so they can return to winning. But Matt & Phoebe say they would rather keep a low profile so they won’t have a target on their backs.

Jet & Yna come running in and Derek confirms that they are Team #3. They feel they are ready for what’s next.

Meanwhile, the last three teams are still struggling at the hammocks.

Kelvin just cannot manage to balance on the hammock. AJ is struggling with being able to use his upper body strength to pull himself up. Ed tells Vince that he honestly doesn’t think Ed will be able to do this.

They are sitting near the course AJ is working on and Jody comes to sit next to them. Vince & Ed bring up taking the penalty. They’ll wait and see how AJ does…

“Ang lakas niya, sh*t! For his age… oh my God, oh my God!”

And that’s when they see AJ making big progress. Kelvin is moving forward now as well.

Jody tries to talk AJ through getting past the 2nd tree, but he falls. AJ takes a break and they let Ed have another try. But Ed can’t muster up the strength past the first tree.

Kelvin has pushed himself and he is just at the last hammock when he loses his footing. He manages to save himself just in time and inches his way to that last hammock’s bamboo.

“I love you boy.”

Kelvin hugs his teammate before JP starts on the course. Kelvin gets very emotional.

AJ is back on the course and he is moving forward, but struggles to get his shorter arms around the tree or grab the rope up top to pull himself. He falls.

Jody tells him to rest and relax.

Vince & Ed decide to take a penalty. They must wait 90 minutes before receiving the next clue.

JP finally finishes and he and Kelvin hurry over to the Pit Stop as the rain starts again. Derek officially checks them in as Team #4. Kelvin steals a kiss from Miss Bohol 2014.

AJ is on his 8th attempt, but the hammock’s rope suddenly snaps off of the tree. The fall causes AJ to sprain his ankle.

Vince & Ed are now sure they are safe. But they are flabbergasted at how a “really old man” has all this strength. They feel sorry for the “really old man.”

The medics wrap up AJ’s ankle and he is able to resume his “run” on the hammock that broke off. He continues on, but just as he is nearing the end, the hammock flips over.

Jody says it’s okay if he doesn’t want to anymore. But AJ says even if he’s tired now, he knows he can do this. He wants to do this.

Vince & Ed watch, hoping AJ is okay.

AJ tries again, but falls once more. Jody says they should stop now.

Vince & Ed’s penalty is over and they can go to the Pit Stop.

Jody sees that they’ve gone, but AJ still wants to try one more time. He gets on the hammock, but it flips over.

Vince & Ed step on the Mat and Derek checks them in as Team #5. They feel they don’t deserve to be here after seeing AJ’s efforts at the task. Derek says it’s okay since it’s a good strategy.

AJ & Jody are thankful for the experience and the chance. They wait out their 90-minute penalty. AJ is upset he couldn’t grab their opportunity to get ahead.

After serving out their penalty, they make their way to the Pit Stop. They decide to jog to the Mat.

AJ laughs that he’s sorry to disappoint the senior citizens. Jody says his dad impressed and inspired him today, seeing him never give up. AJ says he wanted to show that even if he’s old, he can try anything. He hopes he’s inspired people. Derek says he’s inspired his son Jody.

Everyone at the Mat tries to hold back tears. Jody says AJ can play golf with Derek after this.

Anyway. Derek officially checks them in as the last team.

BUT! This is a Non-Elimination Leg! And they are still in the Race.

Episode Thoughts

WOW! Now THAT was an amazing episode, yes?

First of all, what a shock that this was a Non-Elimination Leg. 10 Legs with 10 teams, there shouldn’t be any more room for a Non-Elimination Leg after already having a SuperLeg. So what’s going on?!?! Are there not 10 Legs? Maybe 11? Is there a DOUBLE Elimination coming up? Will there be FOUR teams in the Final Leg? What’s happening?!?!?!1111?!

But I’m definitely not upset that it’s a Non-Elimination. If any team ever deserved a Non-Elimination, it’s AJ & Jody.

I’m sounding like a broken record and I hate having to bring it up again, but I must. AJ & Jody are DEFINITELY the Anti-TAR24 Dave & Connor. Especially after this episode. Dave refused to do calligraphy, for goodness sakes and whined about it to his son Connor.

And on just this season of The Amazing Race US, Racers half AJ’s age quit the very first Road Block because they didn’t want to dig in sand. Far less physical tasks than this one.

This hammock task delivered more than it was ever meant to I think. We saw some teams really grow and come into their own on just this one task. Lots of great emotions and positive ones too that really are great examples of what The Amazing Race is all about!

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