The Amazing Race Philippines 2, Leg 7 Wrap-Up – "Hindi ako maarte!"

“Hindi ako maarte!”
That quote best exemplifies this Leg. And maybe, these last few Legs really.

The Ilocos, Cebu and now Bohol Legs have been the best TARPH2 Legs so far. And the best episodes as well.

The Linear Legs appear to be unavoidable with this longer Leg format. But these last few weeks, we’ve seen tasks that have finally challenged the teams. We’ve had tasks that have been both physically and mentally draining. And because of that, we’ve seen teams finally stepping up and fighting hard, giving their 100% to the Race.

Many fans, including myself, have already expressed how the teams came off as very entitled, almost lazy in the beginning of the Race. Instead of actually competing, teams would find ways around the tasks instead of facing them head on.

So Derek’s “sermon” to RR & Jeck last week could’ve easily applied to the teams at the beginning of the Race.

But this week especially marked a huge turning point, I think, for these teams.

“Hindi ako maarte!”

If that line came from many of the teams in the first couple of Legs in the Race, it would not be believable at all.

This week, it was Yna who said that line. In just the episode prior, the show focused on Yna being “babied” by her older brother Jet with Matt & Phoebe even joking about waiting for Yna to get her baby bottle. In the Legs going all the way back to Leg 1, both Jet and Yna made little sister Yna out to be simply weak. And I definitely didn’t believe it. So I was waiting for the moment (and I knew it would come) that Yna would finally step up and show that she could do things.

First it was last week with the biking Road Block that Roch also pushed through with no complaints. And this week, it was this incredibly deceptive-looking hammock task.

Yna got the support of her Kuya Jet, but any ol’ “baby” wouldn’t have been able to push themselves through a physically demanding task like that. It was great to watch Yna get through it, no complaints. Just do it and go.

For Roch, she was never really portrayed in the same way as Yna, but that does not diminish her also stepping it up these last few Legs as well. Especially on those hammocks. She literally got the wind knocked right out of her. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone get the wind knocked out of them on the Race before!

For AJ, we saw him complaining about his age a couple of times on the Race. Never to a point that he seemed ready to legitimately quit, but pointing out his age is such a Dave & Conner-thing to do. And you never want to be like Dave & Connor. Jody being frustrated about AJ not giving his all or not hustling was the perfect build up to this Leg’s Pit Stop episode.

After it seemed like Jody was just dragging his father along on the Race, AJ showed that no, he does want to be here. He made Jody, who has regularly been upset with AJ (and quite hilariously and fun to), very proud of his father.

AJ was not going to give up and he was going to give it all he’s got. That display by AJ, giving it another try even though they were already sure of being in the last is the kind of attitude that best exemplifies the virtues of The Amazing Race.

You go on the Race to travel the world (or the Philippines) for a chance at a big prize, but you also go on the Race to push yourself to the limits, to challenge yourself, expose yourself to new things, faces, cultures and experiences.

A lot of these teams failed to get that full experience, by their own choice, in the first few Legs. Here, AJ and others proved that it doesn’t matter your age or background, you can push through and accomplish many things with a lot of heart and determination.

Seeing teams not be maarte anymore and actually going hard and going all out is a VERY welcome change for this season of TARPH. It is very exciting and fulfilling to see teams finally digging in and giving their 100% to the Race.

As for the tasks this Leg. The Bohol Edition Holi was interesting and fun. But the Road Block was another luck task that wouldn’t be as glaring if we hadn’t already had so many of them.

The Carlos P. Garcia Route Marker was okay and the snake pit was fun.

The paddling side of the Detour should have totally been a required, Active Route Info task. It would’ve been fun to see teams falling into the water and likely would’ve made this Leg all the more amazing.

But the Ice side of the Detour was solid as well.

The coconuts and the Buko King was a good task too. And of course, I’ve already expressed how amazingly crazy the very physical hammock challenge was. Though, I really would’ve loved seeing RR & Jeck try it. lol

I hope there’s a big equalizer and all teams get on equal footing going to Iloilo for Leg 8.

Overall, this was a great Leg full of excellent episodes. Let’s keep it going to the finale!

My Subjective Team Rankings for this Leg

AJ & Jody! AJ really was amazing in that hammock task. That’s the kind of fighting spirit you want to see on the Race. Lots of heart. I definitely hope they can survive next Leg.

JP & Kelvin had a tough Leg after last week’s big jump. Kelvin especially struggling mightily at the hammocks, but he got through it and his emotion at the end of that task looked very sincere.

Roch & Eji get a well-deserved win this Leg. They definitely worked hard to finally win. And Roch definitely provided plenty of quotable quotes this week! Jet & Yna have come very close almost every Leg. Should be exciting to see if they can give that extra push they need and started to show this week to get them on top.

Matt & Phoebe are very interesting. That physical fight in the taxi was definitely not the kind of bickering you “enjoy” while watching the Race. But it is very interesting and funny… and awkward? seeing them perfectly fine with each other after every fight. Phoebe’s shown she’s a strong competitor before so she did well on the hammocks. And them trying to get the target off their back is a good idea.

Big disappointment for Vince & Ed this week. It sucks that Ed didn’t try some more, but I think Vince’s defeatist attitude while it was still early was even worse! It was almost RR & Jeck-level “this is abnormal.” Was that all the encouragement he could give Ed? Yikes.

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