Recap: The Amazing Race 25, Episode 8 – "I just broke my butt."

Recap: The Amazing Race 25, Episode 8 – “Hot Sexy Knights”


The 8th Leg begins in the morning as teams must travel by ferry to Malta. Once there, they will pick-up an order of drinks from The Bridge Bar and climb up St. Ursula’s staircase to deliver the drinks to a table of waiting Knights of Malta.

Amy’s leg is hurting since she worked it too much when preparing to go on the Race.

The teams are all on the evening ferry together. Misti points out that Kym & Alli are off by themselves again, like they usually are. Brooke is not a fan of theirs. They rub her the wrong way and they’re a strong team, so she wants to Double U-Turn them.

TAR2508 TAR2508

The teams talk about it. Bethany says she and Adam only thought about using it if they need to. Tim says of course he’s in as long as it’s not him and Te Jay getting U-Turned.

Robbie says they should come up with names. Brooke & Robbie are Viper & Sniper. Misti & Jim are Molar & Cuspid. Amy & Maya are Cookies & Cream.

The teams arrive in Valletta, Malta. Adam & Bethany are the first to arrive at The Bridge Bar. The bartender shows them how to hold the tray of liquor and glasses. If they break anything along the way, they’ll come back to replace whatever they’ve broken and grab a broom to clean up their mess.

TAR2508 TAR2508

Jim and Maya haven’t even left the bar before they break their glasses.

Adam & Bethany arrive at the Upper Barrakka Gardens, but just as Bethany sets her tray down, her glasses drop and break.

“Oh what a mess you’ve done!”

Adam & Bethany run back to the bar to get the broom and dustpan.

On the way, Te Jay asks Tim to hold on which causes Tim’s glass to fall and break.

Kym & Alli and Brooke & Robbie manage to deliver the drinks to the Knights and they open the next clue pointing teams to the boathouse at the Zurrieq Valley Sea Inlet.

Kym & Alli get a taxi immediately and Brooke & Robbie ask if the driver can call for another taxi.

TAR2508 TAR2508

“I don’t believe her, I don’t trust her for a second,” Brooke says.

Kym & Alli assure the Wrestlers that the taxi is being called, but Kym asks why should they? Alli asks their driver to cancel the taxi.

Misti & Jim deliver the drinks with Adam & Bethany close behind. While Brooke & Robbie are still searching for a taxi, Tim & Te Jay finish and they immediately find one, leaving for the next Route Marker in 2nd.

Amy & Maya are on their 5th attempt, but are still struggling.

Kym & Alli and Tim & Te Jay arrive at the boathouse and find necklaces with times. They get 7:30am with Misti & Jim.

TAR2508 TAR2508

Amy & Maya are in last, but get the 7:45am necklace with Brooke & Robbie and Adam & Bethany.

Teams must camp out for the night.

Next morning, the first group gets the next clue and it is a Road Block.

For this Road Block, teams must rappel off a cliff and down into the Blue Grotto where they will reunite with their partners before swimming into the grotto to find the next clue inside.

TAR2508 TAR2508

Alli, Misti and Tim set off down the cliff together. Misti and Alli are the first down, but Alli swims into the grotto to retrieve the clue first. Tim and Misti swim together.

Brooke sees Alli has finished the Road Block first and it annoys her so much. She really hopes to U-Turn them soon.

Teams must now make their way to the Church of St. Scholastica and search the area for Tria Antika where they will find the next clue.

Bethany, Robbie and Amy start the Road Block as Phil greets Kym & Alli as they arrive at the dock.

The leading three teams head to the Church and Tim & Te Jay hope their Speed Bump is coming up now.

TAR2508 TAR2508

Bethany leads the 2nd group followed by Amy and Robbie.

At the Church, Kym & Alli find the next clue which has the Detour. But it only gives the choices, Flag or Shine, with no additional information about either. Teams must “blindly decide” which one to do.

Kym & Alli decide to check out the Flag Detour first.
For Flag, teams must play the traditional Maltese game known as gostra where they must grab a flag at the end of the greasy pole. One team member must grab the yellow flag and the other must grab the Red one further up the pole.

TAR2508 TAR2508

Kym & Alli decide to do this one and Alli easily grabs the yellow one. But Kym can’t stay balanced to reach the red one.

“I hate you for getting the yellow one.”

Tim & Te Jay and Mitsi & Jim see them by the water and hurry down and suit up.

But Tim & Te Jay feel something is wrong. They never got a Detour clue. They hurry back where they came from and find the cluebox. But they also find their Speed Bump.

For this Speed Bump, they must each paint the Maltese Cross on a shield before they can continue Racing.

TAR2508 TAR2508

Misti & Jim have a go up the pole, but they too realize they are missing something. They see Kym & Alli’s Detour clue and go back to look for the cluebox.

Kym decides to stop. She says it wasn’t a good move to let her, the one with a fear of heights, do the highest flag. They switch over to Shine.

Adam & Bethany and Amy & Maya catch up to Misti & Jim and they find the clue together. Adam & Bethany choose Flag while Amy & Maya and Misti & Jim choose Shine.

TAR2508 TAR2508

Tim & Te Jay find their shields and start painting.

Adam & Bethany get to the Flag Detour and decide to use their Express Pass. They can now head straight to the Pit Stop, Fort Manoel.

Brooke & Robbie arrive at the cluebox and they choose Shine.

For Shine, teams must retrieve armor, put it on and polish their teammate until their armor shines.

Meanwhile, Tim & Te Jay finish their Speed Bump and head back to the water where Amy & Maya have arrived by accident. Amy & Maya decide to try this one since they’re here. But Amy can’t run up to the pole. The professionals say she has no chance if she can’t run.

TAR2508 TAR2508

As Te Jay leaps and grabs a yellow flag, Amy says she physically cannot run and do this task. They decide to switch.

Brooke is frustrated that they are so behind, even as Amy & Maya just arrive.

Tim is very close to the red flag as he runs up the log, but he slips off before he can grab it.

Adam & Bethany arrive at the Pit Stop where they are welcomed by a Maltese Falcon. They are Team #1 and they’ve each won $10,000.

Robbie repeatedly asks Brooke if she wants to switch since she’s still upset. Yes, she says. So they take off their armor and leave. But Misti & Jim’s armor gets approved and they head to the Pit Stop.

TAR2508 TAR2508

Over at the poles, Tim is still struggling as Brooke & Robbie arrive. Robbie takes his pants off and goes in just his underwear, but he slips off. He can’t do it. Brooke can’t believe after wanting to switch so much, it is Robbie that quits. They head back to the Shine

Kym & Alli and Amy & Maya both get the thumbs down when Brooke & Robbie arrive. But on their next try, they get approved.

At the Pit Stop, Misti & Jim are officially 2nd. Kym & Alli are 3rd and Amy & Maya finish 4th.

“This is a life rush! I love life, Phil. Absolutely adore it.”

TAR2508 TAR2508

Back at the Detour, after more attempts and even with the cheers of the locals, Tim & Te Jay finally decide to switch. Once they get to the Shine, Brooke gets excited.

Brooke & Robbie finish next. They try to take Tim & Te Jay’s taxi, but their bags are inside the cab.

Tim & Te Jay get approved, but Brooke & Robbie finally find a taxi.

Brooke & Robbie finish 5th.

TAR2508 TAR2508

Tim & Te Jay arrive on the Mat. Phil says they are fighters, but they are also unfortunately the last team and eliminated.


Episode Thoughts

This was a pretty solid Leg and good episode. I think this is what TARAu3’s Croatia Leg wanted to be.

It was great to finally visit Malta. It’s definitely been on a few of my TAR wishlists.

The drink serving at night reminded me of Brian & Ericka’s crazy Detour in TAR15. But it was also a perfect extra task for the teams to do while waiting for the morning.

The Road Block was great mainly because we got to see the stunning Blue Grotto! Wow. Beautiful.

The Detour was very interesting. I think Tim & Te Jay or any other team could’ve done that pole Detour. Nerves probably got in the way of Tim and Kym from reaching those red flags. It seems like they could’ve run as fast as they could then leaped for those red flags like Alli and Te Jay leaped for the yellow ones. Both Tim and Kym got pretty close even as they fell. But of course, it must be scary getting up so high, plus, you want to take care not to hurt some sensitive areas as well.

Tim & Te Jay’s Speed Bump was fine. And the Shine side of the Detour was a good balance to the difficult Flag side of the Detour.

A Blind Detour though? Interesting concept. I guess it was fine here since the locations were just a short jog away from each other.

Overall, a solid Leg and good episode. Just a sad result. =(

My Subjective Team Rankings

Very sad. Tim & Te Jay were awesome. And like Phil said, they were fighters. They definitely got themselves into sticky situations this entire Race, but they always managed to climb out of the bottom and finish strong regardless. That’s definitely a big accomplishment. I guess they could’ve switched a little earlier here, especially when they got through their Speed Bump fast. They could have very well survived. I would definitely love to see them again on the Race. And they got a montage! So yay!

Amy & Maya are great. Maya especially. She is just an awesome little ball of energy. Almost like Mallory, but with Maya it’s different. Her little bursts of energy always pop up when you least expect it. It’s hilarious and very fun. With Tim & Te Jay gone, I’m definitely rooting for them to win the whole thing.

Kym & Alli really are strong Racers. And because of that, they’ve got a big target on their backs. I definitely hope they survive an inevitable U-Turn. They deserve to go all the way as well.

Adam & Bethany are alright. Nothing against them at all. You can’t take away how awesome Bethany is, but they can be a little boring at times, right?

Brooke & Robbie are okay too. They definitely play up to the camera at times, but they can still be fun. They have, however, gotten a few lucky breaks so it’ll be interesting to see if they can step it up.

Misti & Jim are fine as well. Jim can be a little overconfident, but they’re pretty harmless in that sense. They’ve kinda slowed down a little down since they’re great start though. They’ve been hanging with the crowd more than leading the charge.

Episode Quotes

Tim: “I have too much clothes on me.”

Brooke: “I just broke my butt. That’s my moneymaker, I can’t”

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3 thoughts on “Recap: The Amazing Race 25, Episode 8 – "I just broke my butt."

  1. I’ve missed a few episodes this season as it is no longer “The Amazing Race,” but I caught this episode and wasn’t very impressed.

    Your favorite team (Tim & Te Jay) rubbed me the wrong way with their whining about camping over night and their defeatist attitude at the poles (both they and the girls could have done it if they strategized for a minute and watched the locals perform it first). And I definitely thought their speed bump was too easy (I miss the days of starting a leg with no cash). As for the rest of the racers (outside of Bethany), they don’t seem very Race worthy or memorable. How sad is it that Maya showed more emotion and energy after the leg was over than she does during the actual legs?

    Anyway, it looks like the next race will probably be the last due to the show’s minuscule ratings on Friday nights. In the past, I would have been quite sad about the race’s cancellation, but after sticking with the race the last few years, I don’t find myself that upset with that notion of being cancelled anymore. Especially, as I can now watch better versions of the race from other countries.

  2. After years of watching TAR I’ve got my official season rankings (Season 1-24):

    1. TAR 3
    2. TAR 5
    3. TAR 12
    4. TAR 11
    5. TAR 1
    6. TAR 17
    7. TAR 20
    8. TAR 19
    9. TAR 21
    10. TAR 8
    11. TAR 2
    12. TAR 10
    13. TAR 22
    14. TAR 18
    15. TAR 23
    16. TAR 6
    17. TAR 4
    18. TAR 9
    19. TAR 16
    20. TAR 14
    21. TAR 15
    22. TAR 13
    23. TAR 7
    24. TAR 24

    1. Oooo! I like your Top 5. Definitely can’t argue with the bottom 2. And the last couple from #19-22 is pretty good in those spots as well!
      I’d probably put TAR6, 4 and 9 above 22, 18 and 23 for me.

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