Recap: The Amazing Race Philippines 2, Episode 41 (Leg 7, Day 5) – "Ang sakit ng katawan ko!"

Teams must now head to the Bohol Beach Club where each team member will need to cross a trail of hammocks tied between the palm trees without ever touching the ground. The 2nd team member must beat the 1st team member’s time to receive the next clue.

Roch & Eji decide Roch will go first so Eji can beat her time. After an hour drive, they arrive at the Beach Club and are surprised to see a long course of hammocks!

Roch starts, but it is definitely not easy. She keeps falling and one fall knocks the wind right out of her. She finally gets the hang of it and manages to move on to the next hammocks.

Jet & Yna arrive and Yna gets started. She falls when she lays on her stomach. So seeing Roch doing well sitting on her butt, she tries that instead and she is able to move a lot easier.

Jet laughs at Yna hugging the tree while Roch saves herself from falling off.

Matt & Phoebe arrive, but there are only 2 courses so they need to wait. They use the time to watch the two teams and figure out a strategy.

Roch tells Eji to make sure he’ll be faster than her or she’ll slap him. After grabbing onto the tree for a while, Yna makes her next move and falls off. Roch & Eji encourage her as she starts again. Roch reaches the finish and falls off, relieved to have gotten through it. Eji gets started.

Meanwhile, the waiting Matt & Phoebe discuss their fight from earlier.

“You’re maarte with your arm, man.”

Phoebe’s wrist still hurts, but Matt says that’s what happens when she punches and slaps him.

Phoebe says she is starting to realize a lot of “ugly things” about Matt and says they should just break up after the Race. She leaves Matt and sits near Roch who approaches her and asks why she’s crying.

Phoebe says she just feels pressured. Roch says they just need to focus on the goal.

Eji finally reaches the end and they receive the next clue. They can now follow the marked path to South Palms Resort, the Pit Stop.

With Roch & Eji gone, Phoebe is able to start the course, but she can’t get the hang of it. She looks over and sees Jet is encouraging Yna which seems to help her. Phoebe calls Matt over to help talk her through it. Matt says she should just do what she’s gotta do.

“I’ve got no power in my wrists.”

Phoebe waits for Matt to come talk her through it. But Matt just sits there. Phoebe starts crying. She’s frustrated. She decides to walk over and get Matt to come help.

Matt explains that she didn’t ask him for help the first time, so he was just going to let her do it.

But Phoebe is persistent. She asks him to come over and talk her through it.

“It’s just climbing, you know how to climb it. Jesus Christ man.”

Matt decides to come. He tells her to sit on it and then talks her through the steps.

Vince & Ed arrive and must now wait. They’re confident they can handle this.

Phoebe manages to reach the end and Yna finally finishes as well.

Matt quickly gets through the course while Yna helps talk Jet through it. Matt & Phoebe leave in 2nd.

Ed starts on the course and he has some trouble at first. Vince tries to talk him through it, but Ed falls. He already reached the 2nd to the last hammock before falling off.

Jet & Yna finish and leave.

It suddenly starts raining, hard. Ed is still struggling as Kelvin & JP arrive.

Kelvin starts on the course first, but he repeatedly falls over as he tries standing on the hammock. He doesn’t understand what he’s doing wrong and he grows frustrated.

But Ed is also still struggling. They say it’s okay since they made it this far.

That’s when AJ & Jody arrive. Vince & Ed are resting, so AJ is able to go on the course.

Seeing the others struggle, Jody is unsure how his father will be able to do this.

Ed tells Vince he never thought they’d get to a point where they couldn’t do a challenge.

“YOU couldn’t do a challenge,” Vince snaps back.

Episode Thoughts

OMG! Wow. What an episode, yeah?

Honestly, when I first saw the preview yesterday and saw the hammocks, I was all “Hammocks?! What? How cheap!”

And while it may look cheap at first and look like something RR would call the most “abnormal” challenge ever, I think this might be one of the best!

Crossing a trail of hammocks sounds so absurd and strange, yet that’s what made this so amazing. This is certainly one of, if not THE most physical task so far this Race. Teams need both upper and lower body strength and they need good balance, concentration and most importantly, patience. But they also need some good diskarte. And that is all while repeatedly getting thrown to the ground by the hammocks too. That must hurt.

It really was an exciting episode, especially seeing a true cliffhanger at the end with the three teams. YES! A task actually getting carried over to the next episode! And the PIT STOP episode too! Woohoo!

Also, it is very interesting seeing yesterday, the show pointing out Yna being babied and all this time Jet basically saying there are things Yna just cannot do. But yet, in this episode, she was able to get across the hammock course fine while these men could not! And she didn’t even complain about it being “abnormal” or whining about how hard it was. She just did it. She got up from the sand and hopped right back into the duyan.

Same for Roch as well who took some big falls, but still pushed on. With Phoebe, she’s already shown previously that she’s more than capable of physical tasks.

But I am more than happy seeing these teams actually facing these difficult, physical challenges head on. You wouldn’t think they would after the first few weeks. So it is definitely awesome to see them finally exerting that 100% effort that’s been absent for a big part of the Race until 2 Legs ago.

The Pit Stop episode should be the most exciting one yet!

Episode Quotes

Roch: “Ang sakit ng katawan ko!”

Roch: “Sampalin kita eh!”

Roch: “Sasampalin kita kung mabagal ka.”

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