Recap: The Amazing Race Philippines 2, Episode 40 (Leg 7, Day 4) – "As long as buhay pa kami, okay lang."

Teams must head to Jumbo Bridge in Loboc where each team member must collect 6 coconuts each and their next clue.

Roch & Eji are still in the lead and they choose their coconuts. They open the clue directing them to Sipatan Hanging Bridge in Sevilla where they will deliver the coconuts to the Buko King who will hand them the next clue. If they lose or break a coconut along the way, they must return to the Jumbo Bridge to complete their 6 coconuts each.

Yield ahead!

Jet & Yna arrive at Jumbo Bridge next. Yna has trouble holding the coconuts in her arms. Jet helps her and puts one between her legs. They open the next clue as Matt & Phoebe arrive.

Matt and Phoebe call each other “idiot” when they struggle with the coconuts. Their fight continues into the car and things get very physical. Matt continues to call her an idiot and she hits him with the clue. They then throw bread at each other’s faces and Matt twists Phoebe’s wrist.

Roch & Eji arrive at the hanging bridge and stop at the Yield board to see AJ & Jody have been Yielded and their picture is first in the Courtesy Of. To avoid dropping the coconuts, Roch pretends to walk like she’s pregnant and Eji pretends to walk like he’s just gotten circumcised.

They meet the Buko King who peels the coconut husk off with his teeth before handing them the next clue.

AJ & Jody catch up to Kelvin & JP at the Jumbo Bridge.

Jet & Yna arrive at the hanging bridge and they carefully take a few coconuts at a time. Matt & Phoebe are right behind them. Matt messes with them and shakes the hanging bridge on the way back.

Matt & Phoebe notice that Jet babies Yna. They almost expect Jet to give Yna her baby bottle.

Vince & Ed laugh at AJ & Jody being Yielded before starting on the hanging bridge with their coconuts. They figure out a formula of balance to be careful as they cross.

Kelvin & JP are transporting their coconuts as AJ & Jody arrive at the Yield board. They flip the hourglass over.

They continue on after their Yield is done and are now on their way to the Bohol Beach Club for the next task.

Episode Thoughts

I like it! Simple coconuts giving the teams such a physical task. And then tomorrow, Revenge of the Hammocks! The hammocks are going to slam the teams down onto the hard sand. Very nice! Hehe.

It is definitely great to see teams needing to work and get physical and actually struggle through tasks. The Amazing Race can be “fun and good,” but it should also be challenging. These last 2-3 Legs have ramped up the challenges to be a little harder for the teams. And dapat lang since it’s getting closer and closer to the finale of course.

Lots of fun quotes this episode! lol And it’s too bad there’s no HQ upload of the episode because there are definitely a lot of fun possible screencaps in this one with the Buko King reactions and Jody waiting for Kuya to feed him the clue.

Like here:

And here:


Overall, a good, fun episode. The show’s on a roll and I hope they keep it going to the final Leg.

Episode Quotes

Yna: “As long as buhay pa kami, okay lang.”

Jet: “Ibuka mo yung legs mo.”

Jet: “Ikaw kasi, ang arte-arte mo. Ayaw mo mag-stay still.”
Yna: “Hindi ako maarte!”

Roch: “Bawal malaglag. Parang buntis.”

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