Recap: The Amazing Race Philippines 2, Episode 39 (Leg 7, Day 3) – "Very good ka talaga! I love you."

Teams must head to the Bohol Wildlife Park and find their next clue in a marked area.

Matt and Phoebe bump heads as they leave the cluebox and avoid the cameraman. Eji hears them arguing and hope they continue to fight so they can be delayed and Roch & Eji stay in 1st.

Roch & Eji think they’ll be walking into lion and tiger cages. Matt & Phoebe ask their driver and he says there’s huge snakes at the Wildlife Park. Jet & Yna know it’s snakes since they’ve been there before.

And sure enough, teams need to grab their clue from under a huge python.

Roch & Eji arrive at the wildlife park and find the flagged area where they meet their new snake friends who are bigger than Eji’s big thigh.

They are welcomed by Ate Jade (Jane? Gee?) who takes care of the snakes. She tells them one team member must lift the snake up while the other grabs the clue.

Roch & Eji already agreed that Roch would be the one handling any kind of animals on the Race, especially snakes and worms. As soon as Roch touches the snake, it twitches.

Matt & Phoebe arrive and must wait for Roch & Eji to finish.

Roch & Eji finally grab the clue and it contains the Detour.
In Paddle, teams must head to Loboc River and paddle while standing down a 2.3 kilometer course to receive their next clue.
In Ice, teams must head to CDO Ice Plant to obtain their clue from a huge block of ice using the tools provided. If they haven’t retrieved the clue within 40 minutes, they’ll receive an ice pick.

Roch & Eji choose Paddle.

Matt & Phoebe head into the snake room next. “Oh f*cking hell!”
They decide to do Paddle.

Jet gets scared by a snake taxidermy before they even get to the snake room. Jet decides to lift the snake while Yna grabs the clue.

They decide to do Ice.

Meanwhile, Roch & Eji decide to switch to Ice when they pass the ice plant on the way to Loboc River.

They choose a block of ice and a lifter gets it out for them. The first tool provided to them is an ice shaver.

Matt & Phoebe arrive at Loboc River and they get a paddling lesson before setting off on the 2.3 km course. Which, they realize, they must paddle back the same way. Matt reminds Phoebe to get her paddle all the way in the water or they’ll get a penalty.

Vince & Ed arrive at the snakes. Vince is very scared. He wants Ed to lift it, but he does it instead. They choose Ice.

As Kelvin & JP and AJ & Jody leave the Carlos P. Garcia monument, Jet & Yna arrive at the ice blocks. Roch teases them about this being their first time using an ice shaver.

It is slow going for Matt & Phoebe at the River, but they decide to continue on.

At the Wildlife Park, Kelvin & JP walk into the snake room and Kelvin is very scared. JP laughs at him. Kelvin quickly moves the snake out of the way and JP grabs the clue. They decide to do Ice.

Roch & Eji have been at the Ice for a little bit now and they are provided another set of tools; a pair of heels. That helps them get closer to the clue.

Roch & Eji and Jet & Yna are shocked to see Vince & Ed arriving. Eji rips the clue in half and still needs to get the other half inside. That’s when they are given a thermos of hot water and that finally gets them the whole clue.

The Chefs are still in 1st place heading to the next Route Marker.

Vince & Ed get their block of ice and decide to kick it over right into a puddle of freezing water which then splashes onto Jet, Yna and their cameraman right next to them.

Back at the Wildlife Park, AJ & Jody arrive. Jody lifts the snake and AJ grabs the clue. No problem.

They decide on CDO Ice Plant which is closer.

Jet & Yna are at the hot water stage and they get the next clue. Vince & Ed ask for hot water too, but are denied.

Over at the River, Matt & Phoebe finally get the clue and they head back to the start.

Vince & Ed retrieve their clue from the ice.

Later, Kelvin & JP arrive at the Ice Plant and get started. But AJ & Jody also arrive.

Kelvin & JP use the hot water to get the clue while Jody decides to unscrew the blade from the shaver to cut the Ziploc®’d clue out of the ice which they’ve already reached using the heels.

Episode Thoughts

Very solid episode. It was very nice to see a tangible sense of time on the Race. (Finally!) This episode had teams actually catching up to each other and doing tasks side by side.

The snake pit was a fun little Route Marker. And it paired well with the Detour which looked to be pretty good as well. Both sides of the Detour seemed to be evenly balanced in terms of them being time consuming and slightly physical.

It would have been fun though to see teams all need to do the paddleboard and of course have them falling into the river. That would be TARPH’s answer to the punting from TAR25 (and classically, from TAR3).

The Ice side of the Detour showed though that you could definitely have used a lot of diskarte to get ahead. AJ & Jody were able to chip away a huge, perfect chunk that had them able to cut the clue out without needing hot water. I assume they made up a lot of time there.

But the Nerds kicking over their ice block into a puddle of water? Seriously now? lol

It’s been a pretty good Leg so far and it would be even more amazing if the next few tasks provide opportunities for even more placement changes. It could be the most exciting finish to a Leg yet, if so.

Episode Quotes

Roch: “Ano ‘to? Papasok sa tigers? Lions? Oh my God!”

Roch: “Very good ka talaga! I love you!”

Roch: “Hindi siya ahas… AHHUHSSS.”

Phoebe: “Lahat kasi, kahit aso, takot ako. Kasi hinabol ako dati.”
Matt: “And ipis!”

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