Recap: The Amazing Race Philippines 2, Episode 38 (Leg 7, Day 2) – "That’s your problem, your attitude!"

For this Road Block, teams will play a fiesta color game where they must match the color of the top of 3 cubes with colors on the board twice to get their next clue.

Kelvin & JP are first and JP decides to do the Road Block. Jet & Yna are next and Yna decides to do it since Jet is colorblind. Yna tries figuring out the best strategy for the blocks, but Jet says it’s all about how fast you do it to increase probability.

Roch decides to play since she needs to do more Road Blocks. Since this is some kind of fair game, Jody lets AJ do it. Matt & Phoebe arrive in 5th and Phoebe decides to do the Road Block.

All five teams are there having fun and teams are getting one or two cubes correct, but no one’s been able to get all three yet. Until Roch.

Roch & Eji are excited, but the fair worker tells them they need to do it twice.

Phoebe, JP and AJ get it next. Yna starts getting frustrated when she’s the only one without a score. Jet tells her to forget arranging the blocks and just keep going until she gets it. And she finally gets one.

Everyone’s on even footing again, but suddenly, screaming! Roch gets her second score! Matt & Phoebe are a little annoyed by Roch’s shrieking which makes Phoebe frustrated.

Roch & Eji open the clue telling them to find their next clue under the 4th President of the Philippines. Teams must figure out the clue can be found at the foot of a memorial statue to President Carlos P. Garcia.

Matt & Phoebe are the next to finish the Road Block and leave.

Yna starts panicking when the first two teams leave. Jet tries calming her down. She finally gets it and they are off next.

Matt & Phoebe catch up to Roch & Eji at Garcia Park and they get the next clue pointing them to Bohol Wildlife Park.

AJ & Jody and Kelvin & JP, who were Teams 1 and 2 in the last Leg are now the last teams at the Road Block (except for Vince & Ed who have still not arrived).

Kelvin & JP finally get the next clue and they leave, but they don’t have their taxi and must find a new one.

Jody tells AJ to just do it quickly. That’s when Vince & Ed finally arrive and Vince decides to do the Road Block. He hopes to beat AJ.

Kelvin & JP find a taxi and he takes them to a park with a statue, but there’s nothing there. They continue driving on for more than an hour. They feel something’s wrong.

Back at the Road Block, Vince lucks out and they finish 5th. But they have no idea who the 4th President of the Philippines is, so they ask the locals.

AJ & Jody are now in last. Jody is annoyed AJ is moving so slow with pulling the string and setting up the blocks. AJ himself is upset and frustrated he can’t do this.

At Garcia Park, Vince & Ed arrive 4th and have to ask people where other teams went instead of going directly to the statue like the others. Kelvin & JP get dropped off somewhere, but still nothing. A lady says she is sure there is a statue at “CPG Park.” They give it a try.

Meanwhile, Jody tells AJ to enjoy and have fun instead of be angry with the game. Luck won’t come to him if he’s mad at it.

Jody is annoyed he can’t encourage his father who is more than frustrated. He decides to take a seat and let AJ just do whatever he wants.

FINALLY, AJ gets his 2nd score and they get the next clue after 4 hours!

Kelvin & JP finally get to the Garcia statue in 5th while AJ & Jody are in last. They fear the other teams have already finished several tasks by now. AJ hopes they can still be in 4th place, but Jody says they’d be lucky if they aren’t eliminated.

Episode Thoughts

You wouldn’t think a simple fiesta game would be able to fill a 22 minute episode well, but it did!

*sigh* It was another luck task, yes. But at least it was at the beginning of the Leg. (I say that, though I’m not really sure it makes a difference lol)

But I do think AJ being unlucky was what made the task dramatic. Seeing Vince & Ed pass them AND a lost Kelvin & JP helped provide that excitement in the 2nd half of the episode.

lol at Vince & Ed not knowing the 4th President though. Aren’t they supposed to be UP cum laude and summa cum laude #nerds? lol

Yay at Roch’s shrieking annoying other teams. <3 And 🙁 at AJ & Jody go from first to worst. For now.

But again, this awkward editing. They didn’t have to show Vince & Ed getting the clue yesterday. They could’ve just left it with a cliffhanger of Vince & Ed still on the ferry. I know this has been happening since Leg 1, but it was more obvious here since the teams LEFT this task before Vince & Ed even arrived, yet it wasn’t presented that way yesterday. The show was able to edit around the disparate arrival times before because teams were never all at a Route Marker at the same time like this.

But when it’s obvious, VERY obvious that a team is nowhere near the location, there’s no need to force it into the episode. The self-contained episodes don’t have to be that strict. It just creates a false sense of time. (Or lack thereof altogether.)

Episode Quotes


: “Parang nanay ko. Ang lakas yung boses, ang laking bibig niya.”

AJ: “When it comes to luck, I don’t have it.”

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