Recap: Kamen Rider Drive, Episode 5 – What Are the Steel Robbers After?

KR Drive 5

The large Roidmude who loves food, Crush, is attacking a delivery truck with two lackeys. But before Crush can attack the driver, Shinnosuke arrives, already henshined.

They battle while a woman seems to be observing the fight from nearby.

KR Drive 5

Shinnosuke is having a little trouble, so Belt-san calls for backup. Arriving is Rumble Dump. But it is a little uncontrollable. Belt-san concludes that it does work well with Type Speed.

Crush and the Roidmudes run away.

KR Drive 5

Turns out the woman watching the goings on is Rinna! She slinks away, unnoticed.

Shinnosuke checks on the driver who is in awe of actually seeing the Kamen Rider in person.

KR Drive 5

Shinnosuke returns to the station where they are going over the details of the string of delivery truck attacks with Officer Kirihara from the Public Safety Division. Kirihara thanks the Special Investigation Division for helping to keep the losses low.

Chief Jun is very touched by the compliment.

KR Drive 5

Kirihara asks if they have any more info on the Kamen Rider that’s appeared too. Otta says he thinks Kamen Rider is a fake. Kyu defends Kamen Rider, but he concedes that there’s no definitive proof.

Rinna walks in and tells Kirihara that she has finished preparing her lecture on gravity shifts. They leave.

Meanwhile, Crush wants more. His two lackeys say they should go back out. Crush likes that idea, but suddenly in walks Chase.

KR Drive 5

Chase tells them to cut out this nonsense. He points his gun at them, but Crush just tosses popcorn at his face. Brain stops Chase and tells Crush-tachi to leave.

KR Drive 5

Chase is surprised since those guys are exactly the type of Roidmude that Brain hates. Heart appears and asks Chase to watch over Crush, please.

KR Drive 5

Over in the Pit, Shinnosuke tells Belt-san about people being interested in Kamen Rider. He asks if they can tell the SID and the Public Safety guys about them. Belt-san says they should be careful to only share information with people they can trust.

Anyway, it’s time for them to test out a new body, Type Wild, which should be able to handle Rumble Dump. They’re making the final adjustments now. Shinnosuke is excited. He fixes his tie. Kiriko is happy to see him in top gear so soon. Shinnosuke says he wants the SID and the Kamen Rider to get some acknowledgement. That’ll help encourage Shinnosuke.

KR Drive 5

Shinnosuke and Kiriko head to Font R, a chemical company that makes health foods and supplements and one of the companies whose delivery truck was attacked.

They meet with Font R president Kuramochi who says he has no idea who would want to attack them. He seems very sincere in caring about his employees, especially the drivers being attacked. He is in tears thanking Shinnosuke who promises to catch the culprit.

Leaving the company, Shinnosuke comments on how nice the president is. Kiriko says Font R trucks have been the most attacked out of all 7 truck attacks.

Suddenly, the Heaviness arrives. It is Chase who again chases after them.

They stop and Shinnosuke gets out of Tridoron to talk, but Chase shoots at him. Okay, not talking.

KR Drive 5

They start fighting. Arriving to help is Max Flare, but Chase suddenly grabs him and inserts the car into his weapon to uses against Shinnosuke.

Belt-san says he’s reproduced Proto-Drive’s systems, but he didn’t expect he’d be able to use the Shift Cars’ powers.

Shinnosuke manages to get Max Flare back and uses it himself.

Are you going to save the humans? Chase asks. “Because they are not worth saving. Once humans obtain wisdom, they become evil.”

KR Drive 5

Shinnosuke doesn’t listen to Chase’s dribble and they resume their fight.

But Chase hops back onto his bike and says “they” must be done by now.

Shinnosuke and Kiriko drive ahead and find another delivery truck has been attacked.

KR Drive 5

Chase watches from a nearby bridge. “Just looking at him annoys the hell out of me.” He turns to leave.

KR Drive 5

But Heart suddenly appears with a small case, a present from him and Brain. It’s Chase’s 3 very own Shift Cars.

KR Drive 5

Back at the SID, Kirihara suggests that there may be a mole in this department allowing the Roidmude to attack by using the information only they had. Anyway, Kirihara leaves and Rinna follows. She says she’s got something to do.

A jealous Otto is energized to get this case closed so he suggests he go to Font R again, while Shinnosuke checks out the other company attacked. But Kiriko is studying the crime scene photos. She can’t put her finger on it… Ah, Shinnosuke says some trucks were more damaged than others.

KR Drive 5

So the enemy is after something specific. Suddenly, Kirihara messages Kiriko that there is another attack in progress. It is another Font R truck.

Otta is on the scene and he shoots, only to have Crush tap it back during the gravity shift.

Good thing Shinnosuke arrives in them. He henshins and hurries over to stop the bullet from hitting Otta’s face.

Shinnosuke fights off the two Roidmude lackeys while Crush enters the delivery truck, punches through the back wall and finds a large suitcase.

Crush calls his friends over, but Shinnosuke attacks after Belt-san tells him not to let them escape. One of the Roidmudes fights Shinnosuke, but he is immediately destroyed.

KR Drive 5

Suddenly, Chase appears. He transforms into his non-human form and he and Shinnosuke fight. Meanwhile, Crush opens the suitcase and there are 5 vials of liquid. Crush takes one bottle and watches Shinnosuke and Chase fight.

Belt-san tells Shinnosuke to use Midnight Shadow and he manages to knock Chase back a few steps. But Chase laughs and pulls out one of the cars Heart gave him earlier, Chaser Spider.

The car gives Chase new arms and weapons. He is able to knock Shinnosuke around and warns that this is Shinnosuke’s last time.

KR Drive 5

Chase initiates an Execution attack, but Shinnosuke uses Midnight Shadow’s finisher to block it. The energy explodes, but some of it attaches to the liquid inside the vial. Crush hurls the vial into the water and it creates a huge explosion.

But why would a food truck have explosives. Chase says he told Shinnosuke earlier, humans are truly evil. Humans were smuggling that explosive liquid.

Crush is addicted to this stuff and he drinks one whole vial of it. He is filled with an explosive power and he attacks Shinnosuke.

KR Drive 5

Shinnosuke realizes what’s going on. Crush found the explosive when he attacked the first food truck and has become addicted. That’s why he kept attacking trucks, but only Font R’s trucks were the most damaged because they were ones smuggling explosives.

Shinnosuke can’t believe the nice president is an ass. Crush attacks Shinnosuke while Rinna again watches the fight from afar.

To help Shinnosuke, Belt-san calls Shift Wild. With this, Shinnosuke can transform into that Wild new body.

KR Drive 5

Shinnosuke inserts the Shift Wild car, but the Shift Lever cannot move. Belt-san feels that Shinnosuke’s passion is too low which means he can’t RPM get in gear.

But Shinnosuke can’t feel passionate at a time like this.

KR Drive 5

Rinna sees all this happening and she takes down some notes in her green notebook.

Crush gets up and attacks Shinnosuke again, hurling him around. He and his lackey run off.

Shinnosuke is injured and exhausted. Rinna lets out a big sigh before walking away.

Now Chase walks toward Shinnosuke. But Brain also appears. He says this Kamen Rider is a foolish, pitiful man. Chase agrees. This guy thinks protecting the misdeeds of trash makes him a defender of justice.

Brain decides to give Shinnosuke a present; some poison. The green stuff starts devouring Shinnosuke’s body.

KR Drive 5

Episode Thoughts

Interesting episode!

Suspicious Rinna is interesting. Maybe she isn’t a bad guy after all? That Public Safety dude though is totally shady. I’m #TeamOtta against that creepy guy. (lol)

Another week with more Shift Cars coming out of nowhere. And that’s definitely fine.

I wonder how long we’re going to see Shinnosuke vs. Chase though. They can’t possibly prolong this back and forth for more than few more episodes, right? Am I wrong in thinking that Chase will become an ally in the future? Maybe even a secondary Rider?

I’m definitely intrigued though with Chase’s backstory. He’s not a Roidmude, right? So it should be very fun to see how he became known as the Grim Reaper.

It would be great if Chief Jun finds out sooner or later about Shinnosuke and being a Kamen Rider. Then Otta later. Unless that’ll be a season-long thing where Chief Jun actually knew the whole time. We’ll see how that goes.

Oh, and Rumble Dump is such an amusingly awesome name.

A solid episode. Nothing to nitpick about from me. I’m enjoying Drive.

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