Recap: The Amazing Race Philippines 2, Episode 22 (Leg 4, Day 4) – "Tignan mo itsura ko, mas madumi pa ako sa 'yo."

Teams must head to Red Clay Pottery Craft in San Juan where they must transport one clay pot from the workshop back up to the storefront by the main road. What teams don’t know is many of the clay pots are still soft and if they aren’t careful, it’ll deform or break apart which the store owner will not accept. Each team can only attempt a maximum of eight pots.

Matt & Phoebe are already on their 1st? 2nd? attempt and they carefully hold the clay pot together. Vince & Ed are struggling to keep their clay pot together while Jet & Yna each take a pot. Yna’s quickly falls apart so she drops it on the side of the path.

When they get close to the store, Yna tries to help Jet set their one pot down on a table so they can fix it, but it just flattens out. They attempt to reshape it, but the shop owner gives them the thumbs down.

Vince & Ed also fail. Both teams have to return to the workshop.

Yna tries to pick up a pot and flip it over so they can hold on to the bottom, but it immediately flops. For their 3rd attempt, Jet finds a sort of hard one which they deliver and exchange for the clue.

Vince & Ed drop off their pot and they are off as well.

AJ & Jody and Roch & Eji arrive at the same time. Jody picks up his first pot, but it immediately falls apart. Jody manages to get one and they start walking. Roch & Eji each take a pot as well. But none of them get the thumbs up.

They start walking back just as Tina & Avy arrive. Jody reminds the Chefs that once you pick up a pot, you have to take it.

AJ helps Jody pick up the pot before taking one for himself. Tina & Avy flip a pot over and work on it together as do Roch & Eji.

Tina & Avy set their first pot down, but the shop owner shakes his head No. Jody’s pot gets approved and they leave. Roch & Eji have to head back for another pot and they each take one this time. Roch’s pot smooshes into a big ball so she drops it.

Good thing Eji’s pot gets approved and they leave next.

Back at Bacsil Ridge, RR & Jeck decide to rest for a little bit after going to war (both with each other and against the Japanese snipers). They talk out their problems and apologize to each other.

Tina & Avy fail their 2nd attempt after their pots turn into lumps of clay so they decide to take just one pot together this time.

RR & Jeck arrive and their first pot floops immediately. They take a 2nd pot which also flattens, but they fix it up before walking to the store where it falls apart anyway.

Tina & Avy get the thumbs up and they go to leave. But out of the parking spot, their brand new Kia Sportage ends up stuck in the mud. They try using coconut husks and a piece of wood, but they still can’t get any traction to get themselves out of the hole.

Seeing this, RR & Jeck are fired up that they’ve got a chance. Their next pot is approved and they head back to their own brand new Kia Sportage.

They want to open the clue with the struggling Tina & Avy as their backdrop. They wish the Blondies good luck before happily driving off.

Kelvin & JP arrive as the locals all come to help Tina & Avy push the brand new Kia Sportage out of the mud. They finally leave while Kelvin & JP are still in last place.

Episode Thoughts

It was an alright episode. The task itself is a great Active Route Info task. Definitely doesn’t need to be a whole 22 minute episode, but that’s just the way it goes.

I like that it wasn’t as simple as picking up a pot and walking it down the path. The teams finding out the pots were still soft clay was great. And the teams seem so over the tasks, like carrying around pots is such a waste of time or something. No! This is actually great! The Amazing Race isn’t always “fun and good.” You’ve gotta work for it and these physical tasks and walking around under the sun is just what these teams need! Alliances can’t help you here.

I definitely hope there’s no sharing of answers at the surfboards tomorrow. But this Leg desperately needed an equalizer. Probably the most Linear Leg yet. At least the tasks have been much better.

Best part of the episode though were those aerial shots from the drones! Love that. And it looks like more drones in Friday’s episode on the beach. Yes!

Not much to change team rankings again today. Definitely bad luck for Tina & Avy, but it was great to see them actually doing something to try and get them out of their trouble instead of standing around. On other TARs, teams would’ve actually just waited for replacement cars really. So this episode was even more reason to love and root for #TeamBlondies =]

But as much as I love Tina & Avy, RR & Jeck wanting to open their clue with them struggling in the background was hilarious. It was definitely mean and catty, but still amusing.

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