Recap: Ressha Sentai ToQger, Station (Episode) 34 – Love is a Train Wreck

Mio joins Kagura who is reading a special romance issue of a women’s magazine. Tokatti listens as Kagura asks Mio what a “reliable man” is. Ewe! Mio doesn’t want to talk about such things.

But Wagon does! She thinks a man can be silent and let his back do the talking for him.

The Resshas suddenly screech to a halt and Conductor and Ticket come running in to tell them they are turning back as the last station has just been taken over by the Shadow Line.

Billiard Shadow is poking people in the butt and treating them like billiard balls by knocking them into random holes to create darkness of embarrassment. Billiard Shadow turns to a pink-suited man as his next target, but Mio arrives just in time to save him. She tells him to run and the others try to take care of the kaijin.

But Billiard Shadow has a pool table pop up and he breaks the rack to use the balls to attack the ToQgers.

Mio joins them again as the pink-suited man watches from behind the fence. Mio uses her Signal Hammer to block and send the pool ball back to Billiard Shadow who retreats.

The ToQgers de-henshin and the pink-suited man, who has fallen in love with Mio at first sight, approaches them. He introduces himself as Omotesandou Yoshio and complements Mio before he directly asks her to go out with him.


He walks over to her and grabs her hands saying he is grateful she saved his life and must now repay her with his love. He tells her he loves her.

Mio yanks her hands away from his and Tokatti jumps in. Omotesandou insists Mio let him love her, but she runs away. He chases after her and Tokatti tells the others they must follow.

Mio runs right into Akira who comes strolling by. She gets an idea. She introduces Akira as her boyfriend.

Everyone is SHOCKED. Most especially Tokatti. And Kagura too.

Tokatti faints and Right, Kagura and Hikari try to help him.

Omotesandou is skeptical, but will regard Akira as his rival while Akira doesn’t really know what’s going on. Mio elbows his side twice and tells him to just play along.

While Hikari and Right carry Tokatti, Mio and Akira manage to sneak away while Omotesandou vows to win her.

The ToQgers are back on the Ressha. Mio begs Conductor and Ticket to get this train away from this station, FAST. Of course they can’t until Billiard Shadow is defeated.

Mio points to Omotesandou who is on the train platform and naturally cannot see the Resshas.

Tokatti wakes up and is relieved that Mio and Akira are not really dating. “Yeah,” Hikari says, “so don’t worry.”

Having been listening to them, curious Right wants to know what they’re talking about. But Tokatti says it’s nothing. Though he wonders why Mio had to choose Akira to be her pretend boyfie.

Mio doesn’t know what to do, but Wagon does. She’s got an intensely simple plan. All Mio and Akira have to do is go on a hot date.

Wagon and Kagura give Akira and Mio hot makeovers. Tokatti, Kagura, Right and Wagon are all dressed in suits. Wagon gives Akira and Mio listening devices so the ToQgers in Black can help give them instructions.

Right notices Hikari has not changed. Hikari says he’ll pass on this one, he doesn’t like to butt into other people’s love affairs. And Right shouldn’t go too. Hikari says they should leave this to Tokatti.

Before leaving the Ressha, Wagon gives Akira a ring box as a “last resort.”

Leaving the station, Wagon, Tokatti and Kagura are tailing Omotesandou who is trying to follow Mio and Akira.

The first stop on their hot date is a restaurant for some tea. Wagon tells them to relax as they look too stiff and suspicious. She suggests they chat or drink some tea.

Akira takes the cup of scalding tea and downs the whole thing. It burns.

Omotesandou liked that.

Now it’s time for a walk in the park. Wagon suggests Mio and Akira hold hands. Mio is not sure about that, but Akira takes her hand. He’s just doing as ordered.

Tokatti continues dying inside.

While Right and Hikari are facing off against Billiard Shadow, Mio and Akira have a seat on a park bench. Mio does not want to sit close to Akira. Everyone else is watching from behind trees.

Wagon suggests they flirt now. Akira doesn’t even know what “flirt” means. Wagon says they should embrace.

Akira moves closer to Mio, but Mio quickly stands. He says he’s just following orders and he tries to get her to sit back down. Omotesandou grows more suspicious.

Wagon tells Akira to intensely put his arm around Mio’s shoulder. He does and Mio’s instincts quickly tell her to grab his arm behind his back.

That’s it, Omotesandou says. Now he really knows they aren’t really dating.

Wagon tells Akira it’s time for the last resort. He takes the ring out and Wagon whispers the instructions for him to… PROPOSE! Marriage!

Everyone is surprised, especially Tokatti. Mio does not want that ring on her finger.

Quickly, Omotesandou and Tokatti come running out from behind their respective trees to stop the engagement. Mio is surprised Tokatti has come running out too.

Omotesandou tells Mio to stop lying. That’s absurd, Mio stutters. Omotesandou demands some proof then. They should kiss if everything is true.

Mio hesitates, but Akira says fine.

“Don’t worry. I know how to kiss.”

Akira stares at Mio and licks his lips. He takes his hands out, ready to grab. Tokatti can’t take it anymore, he starts running.

But Akira turns and grabs Omotesandou and puckers up! Tokatti trips and he pushes Omotesandou toward Akira and they kiss. Omotesandou tries holding Akira back at first, but he lets his body go to jelly as he enjoys the kiss.

No time to react to all of this as Right comes flying at them. Billiard Shadow wonders what’s going on here.

Akira tells Omotesandou (who appears to have a new love) to run. Wagon takes him to safety as the ToQgers intensely henshin.

Mio and Akira waste no time and they face Billiard Shadow head on. But Billiard Shadow knocks Tokatti, Akira and Mio down.

Right takes out Hyper Ressha, but Tokatti takes it instead. He’s definitely had enough of this. Tokatti charges at Billiard Shadow himself. Hikari knew this would happen.

Tokatti goes crazy on Billiard Shadow who has no idea why Tokatti would be so mad at him when he hasn’t even done anything to him yet.

Tokatti takes out the Daikaiten Cannon and sends a weeping Hyper Last Train Crash to finish off Billiard Shadow’s first life.

Billiard Shadow embiggens and Tokatti decides to hop into Hyper Ressha Tei-Oh himself. “What about us?” Right asks. Hikari says they should let Tokatti handle this himself.

None of Billiard Shadow’s techniques and attacks work on an impassioned Tokatti who first delivers a Tokatti Punch.

The others, minus Hikari, wonder what’s made Tokatti so upset. Tokatti finishes off Billiard Shadow with a Giant Flash.

Back at the station, Mio is relieved it is all over. Wagon tells them she’s got some yummy bento on the Resshas for them. Omotesandou is still following them, now in love with Akira.

Akira feels the eyes on him. By the time Omotesandou reaches the platform, he finds his “darling” has disappeared once again.

Episode Thoughts

What a great episode.
Everything about it was so much fun. From Tokatti’s jealousy to Mio being absolutely grossed out by lovey dovey things (she IS a kid after all) to Akira being Akira to Hikari being in on Tokatti’s secret and knowing that would help them defeat the monster this week to Right always being nosy and also getting upset whenever someone else steals his thunder to Wagon and Kagura’s intense antics… it was just all awesome.

What about seeing two men kissing… on a children’s show! I wonder if this episode will get adapted for Power Rangers. lol

Seeing Mio all awkward and flustered was great fun and interesting because we’ve seen her be the responsible “mother” of the group who goes out for runs every day. But when it comes to matters of the heart, watch out! Mio’s not having any of that!

Again, it is awesome that they are definitely not dropping Tokatti’s crush storyline. I just hope we get an awesome, or should I say intensely awesome pay off for their story. (They better get together!)

It was a great, fun episode after the big reveal and a nice breather before what looks to be another huge episode after next week’s break!

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  1. I know that it’s a Mio episode but I liked that Hikari tried to calm down Kagura and it’s a good thing that Tokatti knows about his feelings but I hope he doesn’t forget until the final episode like Amy from Kyoryugers

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