Recap: The Amazing Race Philippines 2, Episode 21 (Leg 4, Day 3) – "Hindi mo ako yaya!"

The uploaded episode available online begins with Roch & Eji calling for a medic!

Teams are supposed to make their way through the forest at Bacsil Ridge where they will encounter “Japanese snipers” left over from World War II at this site of a major battle and turning point during the war. Teams must be able to retrieve their next clue without getting hit with a paintball pellet. If they do get hit, they must return to the starting point and get in line.

Matt & Phoebe are on their 3rd attempt now, carefully making their way through the forest as they start getting shot at again. They manage to roll their way to the clues and are passed. Jet & Yna are on their 2nd attempt and they pass.

Roch & Eji try to scare Vince & Ed with their bruises from the paintballs. The Nerds don’t want to get hurt, so they decide to use their Express Pass before even making one attempt.

AJ & Jody are up for their first attempt and they just walk until they are suddenly under paint fire. Tina & Avy strategize before they go on their first attempt. But all their bobbing and weaving doesn’t let them escape getting hit.

Roch & Eji head out for their 2nd attempt and they pass.

Meanwhile, on the way to Bacsil Ridge, RR and Jeck are discussing their little tiff at the Detour. RR says she didn’t appreciate Jeck’s attitude.

“Hindi ako asawa mo, tandaan mo yan.”
“Hindi rin ako si JJ, kaya wag mo akong gaganyan.”

RR stops the car and turns to Jeck to say with a slightly raised voice that she’s been asking her questions nicely. Jeck says she’s sick of RR yelling at her. Suddenly, RR screams at her and waves the Route Info clue at her face saying she’s been ASKING NICELY!

Jeck pretends to be scared. RR does not back down.

“Nakakatakot? Abnormal ka! Abnormal ka! Ayan, nagda-drama ka dahil may camera. Gusto mo yan, gusto mo mag-artista diba? Tinatanong ka ng maayos ‘teh!”

RR explains she got annoyed thinking Jeck was mocking her. Jeck explains that she didn’t want to get into a shouting match that her child would see.

They decide to switch, Jeck will drive while RR navigates.

“Hindi mo ako yaya!”
“Pa bait-baitan effect ka dyan eh. Ipakita mo ang ugali mo. Diba, maldita ka?”
“Matagal ko na nagtitimpi sa ‘yo.”
“Ay, parehas tayo ‘teh. Parehas tayo. Alam mo yan.”

Back at Bacsil Ridge, AJ & Jody go for their 2nd attempt and they pass. Tina & Avy fail their 2nd attempt as RR & Jeck arrive.

RR & Jeck head out onto the course, not speaking to each other. But when the snipers start shooting at them, they grab hold of each other tight. They fail their 1st attempt.

Kelvin & JP arrive and start weaving through the bushes only to get hit as they near the clue.

Tina & Avy go for their 3rd attempt and they pass.

RR & Jeck have now made up as they make their 2nd attempt and pass. That leaves Kelvin & JP in last as they reach the clue on their 2nd attempt.

Episode Thoughts

It was an okay episode. I definitely enjoyed RR & Jeck’s drama. Theirs is the 3rd big blowup of the season (after Luz & Chen and Kelvin & JP) and I think all of them have been on a different level from any fight ever on The Amazing Race that I’ve seen. I don’t remember teams actually screaming at each other like Kelvin & JP and RR have screamed at their partners.

Jeck also did a great throwback to Meredith’s awesome TAR6 episode title quote: “I’m Not His Wife, He Doesn’t Need to Scream At Me” only instead telling RR that she isn’t her husband to scream at like this.

As for the task, it was fine. It’s a repeat of one side of the Detour in Pampanga last season which Dani & Mish were forced to do because of getting U-Turned. (And they did it fine, even after Dani epicly threatened to quit only to end up doing it anyway. lol) But I liked it because it actually fit the location and was a creative way to have an Active Route Info clue at this historic site.

Also, these teams needed to get put through a task like this. They’ve been wanting things to get handed to them too much, so even if this was just a processional task, they still had to get physical. Paintball pellets definitely hurt like f*ck! But it’s definitely not the hardest thing a team has ever had to do on The Amazing Race, that’s for sure.

Nothing significant for new team rankings today, but Vince & Ed burning their Express Pass on a Route Info task?! lol Maybe should’ve waited for the Road Block?

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