Recap: The Amazing Race Philippines 2, Episode 20 (Leg 4, Day 2) – "Thank you, thank you. God will bless you."

Teams are now off to the Detour for this Leg of the Race.
In Brains, teams must drive to Poro Point Lighthouse. One team member must be at the top of the lighthouse to give directions to their teammate who must solve a street puzzle below.
In Brooms, teams must drive to San Fernando Wet Market and sell 20 walis tambos.

But before teams can head to San Fernando City, they must stop at the Must Vote board in front of the Eagle of the North in Agoo to choose who they want to Yield.

Matt & Phoebe and Jet & Yna initially choose Brains, but they switch to Brooms on the way.

At the Yield board, Matt & Phoebe vote for RR & Jeck to pay them back for voting for them last Leg even though they’ve helped them. Jet & Yna vote for Matt & Phoebe because they betrayed #TheBrainTrust. Vince & Ed and Roch & Eji also vote for the traitors Matt & Phoebe.

Matt & Phoebe and Jet & Yna pick up their brooms which they must sell for P120 each.

Back at the Adventure Park, Tina & Avy choose Brains, but Avy persuades her Ate to do Brooms instead. AJ & Jody also choose Brooms.

Matt & Phoebe and Jet & Yna are having trouble selling the expensive brooms just as Roch & Eji and Vince & Ed arrive at the market. Roch manages to have the first success when a woman buys one.

But Vince & Ed apparently aren’t good at selling things to people who are not at the same intellectual level?
“Magaling ako mag-benta, to be honest. But then again, yung mga binebentahan kasi namin, on an intellectual level ‘ata. Hindi namin kapantay. So hindi nila mage-gets masyado.”

Tina & Avy arrive at the voting board and vote for Jet & Yna because they are too far ahead. Like their fellow #TheBrainTrust-ers, AJ & Jody vote for Matt & Phoebe.

Back at the market, Phoebe uses her Ilocano skills and Matt’s good looks to help them sell. Jet & Yna approach stall owners and they meet some very generous tinderas who want to help them win.

Vince & Ed tell people the proceeds will go to charity, their NGO that they founded.

Matt & Phoebe have sold all their brooms, but they are missing P150. So they decide to beg people for the money they need. They head back to the broom stall and exchange the money for the next clue.

Jet & Yna are next and Tina & Avy arrive just as they leave with AJ & Jody close behind.

While Tina & Avy’s charms don’t work on any of the guys, the nice tinderas decide to buy from them. AJ uses his own charm as well.

Roch & Eji and Vince & Ed finish next.

Back at the Vote board, RR & Jeck vote for Matt & Phoebe because they are a strong team that’s already won two Legs. Kelvin & JP also vote Matt & Phoebe because the #DatingCouple voted for them in Leg 3 and they apparently think it was them who spearheaded the move to U-Turn them.

Both teams arrive at the market while Tina & Avy and AJ & Jody are still there.

RR & Jeck’s frustration causes them to snap at each other.

AJ & Jody and Tina & Avy leave next. Kelvin & JP give out kisses to everyone to help sell more brooms.

RR & Jeck finish before Kelvin & JP. And now all teams are on their way to Bacsil Ridge to get shot at by leftover Japanese snipers from World War II.

Episode Thoughts

I’m sad the teams didn’t do the Brains Detour. This probably would’ve been a much better Detour to have a U-Turn on.

Other than the fact that we’ve already had this exact same task in the first season (selling brooms) and it’s pretty mean to hustle the locals for overly-priced brooms, the Brains side of the Detour would’ve featured the beautiful Poro Point Lighthouse and given TARPh the opportunity to use their HD drones more. Definitely a huge missed opportunity.

But with this set of teams, I don’t think it’s a surprise they wouldn’t do the Brains Detour even though it looked much simpler than the brooms.

Poro Point isn’t even that far from the market anyway. =( Oh well.

My Subjective Team Rankings for this Leg

Not really a lot of notable things from the teams today.

I wish Tina & Avy really did do the Brains Detour. I have no idea where Kelvin & JP got the idea that Matt & Phoebe were the promotors of U-Turning them though. The contrast between RR & Jeck wanting to be good Christians on the Race and them getting upset with each other is hilarious. I much prefer them fighting with each other than them fighting with other teams for things they’ve actually done on the Race previously. I do like their reason for U-Turning Matt & Phoebe though.

AJ & Jody are still hilariously fun with their little fights. Roch & Eji were fun at the Detour, though sad no shrieks from Eji. If we’re talking about promotors, Jet & Yna are the biggest ones and are probably the most dangerous team because they are both overly strategic and they can Race well (if they stop relying on #TheBrainTrust) physically too. Tina & Avy are on the right track there.

Definitely want to support the Ilocana on the Race, but as long as Matt & Phoebe stick with #TheBrainTrust and they don’t have British accented fights, then they’ll be too boring. =(

And Vince & Ed. Correct me if I’m wrong, but did they basically say it was hard for them to sell because the locals were not on the same intellectual level as them? Or was it easy for them to sell (elsewhere) because they deal with people who are not on the same intellectual level as them? Either way, that’s a dumb statement. Almost as dumb as they think the locals are or they think they are when they’re dealing with people for their NGO or whatever. ???

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