Recap: The Amazing Race Philippines 2, Episode 11 (Leg 2, Day 5) – "I told you, miracles happens."

Teams must drive themselves to Canyon Cove Beach Resort in Nasugbu where they must search through 100 sandcastles for their next clue which will tell them the location of the next Pit Stop. If the sandcastle they’ve searched through does not contain a clue, they must rebuild it before moving on to another one.

Roch & Eji arrive first and get started, hoping to be as lucky as they were at Sky Ranch. But unfortunately that isn’t the case. Matt & Phoebe and Vince & Ed arrive.

The frustration quickly sets in as the teams are under the scorching sun. Vince and Ed try to come up with another formula. Roch and Eji argue over which sandcastles to check. And Matt and Phoebe argue over how to rebuild them. They throw and kick sand at each other’s faces.

Jet & Yna arrive next and have trouble rebuilding their first sandcastle. RR & Jeck are shocked by the number of sandcastles there are, but are happy the other teams are still there.

Matt & Phoebe decide to do random sandcastles and place a colored rock on top to mark which ones they’ve already checked. And on their 8th or 9th sandcastle, they find the clue, a small carving of the church in Taal, Batangas.

After getting the hang of building sandcastles, Jet & Yna manage to find the clue after their 3rd try.

Back at Sky Ranch, AJ & Jody give Luz & Chen a hug before leaving. AJ says they have a big utang na loob to them for being very supportive. Daniel & Charlie wish Luz & Chen good luck before they leave. Luz says it’s not over yet because they’ve been able to speed through tasks even if they’ve been in last. Chen, on the other hand, says it’s okay if they’re last.

Meanwhile, Vince & Ed find their clue after digging through 95 sandcastles. Roch & Eji, however, have already gone through all 100 sandcastles, row by row and now will pick at random. That’s when they finally find the next clue, Eji shrieking in excitement.

RR & Jeck decide to buy some mango shakes as Kelvin & JP and AJ & Jody arrive. Tina & Avy quietly leave when they find the clue after their 88th sandcastle.

Luz & Chen finally leave Sky Ranch, Luz still hopeful they can catch up.

AJ & Jody find the clue after 14 castles and are off as are Kelvin & JP, leaving RR & Jeck who have been here 5+ hours.

Daniel & Charlie arrive and decide to choose randomly before RR & Jeck finally find the clue after 65 sandcastles.

Luz & Chen arrive while Daniel & Charlie are still there. But Daniel & Charlie find the clue first and they leave. Chen feels defeated, she’d rather be boxing and training instead of being here making sandcastles. “Wag ka naman ganyan,” Luz says. “Nandito pa ako, sumusuko ka na?”

It’s already dark when they finally find the clue and they hurry off.

“I told you, miracles happens.”

Episode Thoughts

Another luck task! But at least this one is much better than the ferris wheel since this one is completely in the teams’ control. They can finish this task as fast as they want or are able to.

After last week’s laziness from the teams, gotta give them props and kudos here because they were able to actually get through this task. Something that three teams from TAR22 cannot say as they actually QUIT the sandcastles task in the FIRST Leg to take a 4 hour penalty. And they even had simpler sandcastles too. Just fill a bucket with sand and turn it over. Here, teams actually had to do two layers. So yay for the TARPh teams toughing this one out. (Hehe)

What this episode also had was teams actually interacting with each other, like only interacting with their teammate. We didn’t see that much in the first Leg. And we’ve actually seen a lot more of it this Leg, hence, the episodes this week have been a lot better.

It’s also been good to see that no one team has been dominating so far. There are no Marc & Kats in this group of teams, which is a great thing. It’s been great to see teams actually competing and Racing (FINALLY) with placements changing minute to minute. It’s a lot more fun.

My Subjective Team Rankings For Episode

Remember, these are only rankings for this specific episode!

It is so heartbreaking to see Luz & Chen in last and now getting more and more frustrated with each other. It’s fun to watch, yeah? But at the same time, I’m rooting for them to do well, so it’s definitely tough. The contrast in their outlook though; Luz staying hopeful and positive, Chen feeling defeatist. It’s crazy! And then Chen’s reaction to the car alarm:

And them giving money for food to AJ & Jody!

A calmer episode for AJ & Jody. But it was great to see them encouraging Luz & Chen after they gave them food. Now there’s an alliance I wouldn’t mind seeing! (lol) Roch & Eji‘s little blowup at the sandcastles was definitely surprising! Now that adds a whole other layer to them since we haven’t really seen them get upset with each other before. So couple that with Eji’s shrieks of joy and their overall uber-competitive philosophy, YAY!

Matt & Phoebe‘s accents doe! I was immediately reminded of TAR Canada 2’s Alain & Audrey! If Matt & Phoebe can become Alain & Audrey 2.0, they might just become one of my favorite teams! lol. That means they must argue more with British accents.

The rest of the teams were the quiet ones this episode. Tina & Avy did alright. Daniel saying “the wrong word” was hilarious. Jet & Yna having trouble building sandcastles! Jeck & RR‘s “katangahan” quote was fun. Kelvin & JP recovering from the U-Turn well might keep that target on them. And Vince & Ed find out not everything can be calculated and worked out with formulas.

Episode Quotes

Yna: “Huh? Wag ka mag-CR!”

Phoebe: “Yung pagsalita niya sa akin, parang ang mang-mang ko.”

Jet: “Ang bagal mo eh!”

Roch: “Kailangan mag-isip ka muna eh!”
Eji: “Eh, inisip ko ‘to!”
Roch: “See, meron?”
Eji: “O sige! Puntahan mo nandoon! Puntahan mo, meron?!”
Roch: “We need to finish this pa!”

Jeck: “Umiral na naman ang favorite hobby namin, ang ka-tangahan.”

Daniel: “Oh boy, I said the wrong word. Oh my God.”

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