Recap: The Amazing Race Philippines 2, Episode 10 (Leg 2, Day 4) – "We already just U-Turned ourselves!"

Teams must now drive to Sky Ranch Theme Park in Tagaytay and find a clue inside one of the 32 gondolas of the Sky Eye Ferriswheel. The number under their Summit water bottle cap is the number of the gondola they must enter first. If they’re lucky, they’ll get the next clue. If not, they’ll have ride one whole rotation to try again.

But on the way, teams must first stop at the U-Turn Reveal Board to see if they have the greenlight to move on or must complete the other side of the Detour.

Avy & Tina are dead to Vince & Ed while Jet & Yna know now to “unfriend” Matt & Phoebe. Luz & Chen agree that while it’s fine to pakisama or be friendly with others, it stops there. In the end, alliances will mean nothing.

Vince & Ed and Jet & Yna run into each other at the gas station and they compare who they are unfriending. Vince suggests next time there’s a vote, they ally themselves with Luz & Chen and AJ & Jody.

RR & Jeck and Matt & Phoebe stop at the U-Turn Reveal Board, but Daniel & Charlie head straight for Sky Ranch.

At Sky Ranch, Jet & Yna hop into gondola #24, but their clue says to “Try Again.” Vince & Ed are in gondola #6, but they need to try again too. And it’s a slow ferris wheel.

Tina & Avy and Roch & Eji arrive next. Roch & Eji hop into gondola #13 and they open the envelope to find their next clue!

Teams will now drive to Canyon Cove Beach Resort and search 100 sand castles for their next clue.

Tina & Avy enter their gondola as Jet & Yna and Vince & Ed exit theirs, but they have to try again.

On the way, Luz rereads their clue and Chen asks her to make sure and “internalize” the information so they can immediately “go” once they arrive.

Matt & Phoebe arrive at the ferris wheel where they have an awkward meeting with Jet & Yna, whom they voted to U-Turn. Matt & Phoebe tell them they voted at random, but during their confessional, Matt says he and Phoebe don’t have money like Jet & Yna do, so they need to win.

Roch & Eji leave Sky Ranch as Daniel & Charlie arrive. They reread their clue and realize their mistake. They hurry to drive all the way back to Batangas City.

Jet & Yna choose the #9 gondola, but it’s a Try Again. Matt & Phoebe hop into their first gondola, #16, and they get the next clue.

Knowing Roch & Eji and Matt & Phoebe’s correct gondolas, Vince & Ed come up with a formula (1 + 3x, where x equals any number between 0 and 10) that results in them choosing #25 which has a clue.

Jet & Yna think the pattern is every third gondola, so they choose #19. But the clue isn’t there.

Luz & Chen arrive at Sky Ranch. The guy at the ferris wheel asks for the number on the cap. They don’t have a numbered cap. They start searching around the area, in trash cans, empty water bottles, the food stalls. But they find nothing.

Tina & Avy exit their gondola and just enter the next one, #17, which doesn’t have a clue either.

Jet & Yna choose #20 which has nothing.

On the way to Sky Ranch, AJ suddenly tells Jody that he wants to quit. Jody tells AJ he doesn’t want to show the world he’s a quitter, does he? If they’re eliminated, they’re eliminated. Does AJ really want to leave Jody hanging when they are supposed to be a team. AJ says he’s 53 years old, he’s not a young gun like Jody anymore.

AJ tells Jody to slow down while driving, he doesn’t care about being eliminated, he just doesn’t want to get in an accident.

RR & Jeck arrive at Sky Ranch, but they don’t have a water bottle cap because they didn’t complete the Road Block. They are able to just choose one.

Jet & Yna explain to Luz & Chen what they’re missing. Now Luz & Chen must wait until all teams are finished before they can get a chance at the gondolas.

Back in Batangas, Daniel & Charlie arrive at the U-Turn board and find that they indeed have been U-Turned. They quickly get through the Fashion Detour.

RR & Jeck choose gondola #7 they’ve got the next clue! They’re now in 4th Place.

Luz & Chen realize they threw the water bottle away when they left Lotus Mall, so even if they had reread the clue earlier, they still wouldn’t have been able to correct their mistake.

Tina & Avy choose gondola #8 and it is a Try Again. Jet & Yna choose #11 and they finally get the clue in 5th place.

Kelvin & JP and AJ & Jody arrive at Sky Ranch. Jet & Yna tell Tina & Avy to try #14, but it is wrong.

Kelvin & JP jump into #23. Nothing. AJ & Jody enter #4. Nothing either.

Tina & Avy help Chen comfort a distraught Luz before they choose one final gondola and leave Sky Ranch in 6th place.

Chen can’t help but laugh as Luz blames herself for tossing the water bottle.

Kelvin & JP get the clue on their 3rd attempt. They get emotional and then do a dance in front of Luz & Chen before leaving.

AJ & Jody are frustrated that it takes them six attempts to finally find the clue and leave.

Daniel & Charlie arrive at the gondola and get the clue on their first try. Daniel screams, Charlie tells him to shush and be “graceful in victory.”

Daniel & Charlie shake their hands and Luz & Chen must now wait 30 minutes before getting a chance to choose.

They choose #28. They open the envelope and inside is a Route Info clue. They are off to try and catch up.

Episode Thoughts

Crazy episode eh?

Now I’m definitely not a fan of this Ferris wheel luck task. Wasn’t a fan of it on TARAu. Wasn’t a fan of it in the horrible TAR24 season premiere. It’s just the “luckiest” of luck tasks on TAR. The added element of the Summit bottle cap made it more interesting (or worse). But this Leg definitely shows exactly why teams need to adhere to TAR’s BIGGEST rule: READ YOUR CLUE!

I definitely hope Luz & Chen can catch up somehow, but that preview of them digging in the sandcastles in the dark… =(

Vince & Ed’s formula is interesting. Since it actually doesn’t work? At least not with whole numbers.
Their formula was 1+3x = correct gondola
If it did, Jet & Yna should’ve gotten the clue in #19 (1+(3×6)=19) instead of #11 (1+3x=11, x=3.33). AJ & Jody would’ve gotten it in #4 (1+(3×1)=4) and #31 (1+(3×10)=31) and not #3 (1+3x=3, x=.67). Kelvin & JP wouldn’t have gotten it in #18 (1+3x=18, x=5.67) or Luz & Chen in #29 (1+3x=29, x=9.33).

So that’s why this is an annoying task because if the pattern isn’t just odd or even numbers, it really is just pure random luck. And then to follow it up with another needle in a haystack luck task next at the sandcastles to close out the Leg? Eeeek.

Luz & Chen’s penalty was interesting as well. Waiting until all teams were done? But RR & Jeck didn’t even get a cap at all, yet were able to choose a gondola on their own while other teams had to settle for whatever their cap said as a first choice.

Still, the teams made this episode exciting even if the task was meh.

My Subjective Team Rankings For Episode

It’s still hard ranking teams after each episode since some teams get less screentime in an episode instead of the whole Leg.

But Luz & Chen! What an amazing episode for them. Not in the Race-sense because they look to be unfortunately screwed. ='( But Luz’s meltdown to Chen’s laughing to them searching through trash cans, it was insane! I really, really hope they can catch up. And their view on alliances vs. being friendly and cordial with other teams is THUMBS UP! That’s the kind of attitude suited for the Race. RACE!

Another team nearing meltdown is AJ & Jody. You would have never expected the father and son team to be so tense, right? But I really hope AJ does not pull the age card again. Just when I thought they were the anti-Dave & Conner, AJ pulls a Dave. No, no! They say age is nothing but a number, and that definitely applies to the Race. You can have one Leg or one arm or even NO Legs and still run the Race.

Speaking of screwed over, it was sad to see Jet & Yna build a lead only to get dragged down by a luck task. But the talk of alliances though. Are we going to have to turn this into a drinking game? Drink one bottle of Summit water whenever someone mentions “alliance” or “allies.” lol

Luck was definitely on Roch & Eji‘s side at this task. Not so for Tina & Avy.

That RR & Jeck are now in the front of the pack after quitting a Road Block definitely leaves a bad taste. Quitting is one of the worst things you can do on the Race. So it’s definitely hard to see them having quit and yet get ahead past teams who actually worked their butts off to get to the front. And all because of a luck task.

Daniel & Charlie‘s cursing really is a highlight. It’s just so nonchalant and hilarious. Especially when they swearing up a storm at the palengke next to the locals. lol They definitely caught a break thanks to Luz & Chen’s penalty.

Matt & Phoebe sheepishly laughing at Jet & Yna was great. I liked Kelvin & JP getting emotional after having just been U-Turned, but what were we missing there when they celebrated by screaming at Luz & Chen? Or trying to cheer them up. By screaming at them. Very odd. lol And though Vince & Ed‘s formula may or may not have applied and while I’m amused at their annoyance with Tina & Avy, alliance talk and actually cheering for alliances is really probably the most annoying thing teams will be doing this Race.

The Amazing Race. The Amazing RACE!

Episode Thoughts


: “Aba, natural. Hindi naman ako ganun ka-tanga. Ano ka ba?”

Charlie: “You mo*******! Why are you voting for us? We’re already, like, the weakest team. We already just U-Turned ourselves!”

Luz: “Now I gonna go home tonight. Wala na yung cap eh!”

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