Recap: The Amazing Race 25, Episode 4 – "I'd like to shoot myself in the face right now."

Recap: The Amazing Race 25, Episode 4 – “Thinly Sliced Anchovies”


After teams spend the night in tents on the beach, it’s time for the 4th Leg. Misti & Jim open the clue telling teams to fly to Copenhagen, Denmark. But first, teams must take a 13 hour ferry back to Aberdeen. And that ferry leaves at 5pm which means all teams will catch up.

But in the meantime, with no travel agency nearby, Misti & Jim head to the library to use the internet to find flights and they manage to book tickets for a flight arriving at 4pm next day in Copenhagen.

Keith & Whitney and Adam & Bethany ask about a travel agency too while buying ferry tickets, but the agent doesn’t tell them about internet at the library.

TAR2504 TAR2504

Next morning in Aberdeen, Kym & Alli, Tim & Te Jay and Brooke & Robbie drive straight to the airport. Kym & Alli get tickets for a flight arriving at 2pm, Brooke & Robbie get tickets for a flight arriving at 5:10pm and Tim & Te Jay will arrive at 5:15pm.

At the travel agency, Shelley & Nici get tickets that have them arriving at 5:20pm. The other teams get on a flight arriving at 5:10pm. But at the airport, Tim & Te Jay’s flight is delayed 20 minutes while Shelley & Nici’s flight is delayed an hour.

Kym & Alli arrive in Copenhagen and find Phil with a row of Ford C-Max Hybrids which they must drive to Malmo, Sweden. Teams must drive efficiently to Malmo using only 0.10 a gallon of gas. If they don’t drive efficiently, teams will have to answer a geography question to receive the next clue.

TAR2504 TAR2504

Kym & Alli arrive and the technician says they’ve just used only 0.01 gallons of gas.

They get the next clue, which reveals the Detour.
In Parking Space, teams will put together a parklet within one parking space using a picture of either a garden themed or living room themed set. If they’ve set up the parklet within 30 minutes, they’ll get the next clue. If not, they’ll have to move to the next parking spot.
In Wedding Cake, teams must complete a traditional Danish wedding cake and deliver it using a bike known as a bullitt. If their cake arrives in one piece, they’ll get their receipt signed to exchange for a clue back at the bakery.

TAR2504 TAR2504

Kym & Alli of course choose Wedding Cake since it involves bicycles. But the cargo bike is nothing like a regular bike.

Misti & Jim arrive in Copenhagen and drive to Malmo, but they guzzle up gas so they now have to find the two students in the plaza to whom they must tell the capitals of the Scandinavian countries: Oslo, Norway, Stockholm, Sweden and Copenhagen, Denmark.

Misti & Jim get a local to use her cell phone for the answer.

TAR2504 TAR2504

While Keith & Whitney drive efficiently, Brooke & Robbie, Adam & Bethany and Amy & Maya do not. And they need the locals help to answer the students’ question.

Tim & Te Jay just arrive in Denmark with Shelley & Nici now in last. The mother and daughter have trouble finding the fuel efficient Ford C-Max Hybrids. Nici insists they are inside the parking garage while Shelley correctly says it is outside.

Shelley wants an apology, Nici does not give one.

Meanwhile, Kym & Alli are at the restaurant and they need to fix their cake up before heading inside. It’s a good thing they brought some icing with them. But once they’ve gotten the cake approved, they cannot find their receipt. They start to head back to the bakery, but they luckily find the receipt on the sidewalk.

TAR2504 TAR2504

They go back to bakery, get the next clue and some delicious pastries before heading to the Ida Davidsen Restaurant for the next clue.

Misti & Jim and Amy & Maya choose the parklet Detour while Adam & Bethany, Keith & Whitney and Brooke & Robbie choose the cakes.

Tim & Te Jay have gas guzzled so they run over to the students, but Te Jay immediately gives them the answer and they are off. Shelley & Nici though have only used 0.8 so they’re free to go.

TAR2504 TAR2504

Kym & Alli arrive at the restaurant where they find the Road Block.

The Ida Davidsen restaurant is considered a cultural institution in Denmark. For this Road Block, teams will take the orders of two waiting customers who will give them numbers of the four smørrebrød sandwiches they would like. Teams must then memorize the ingredients of those four sandwiches from a long list and relay the order to Ida Davidsen herself. If they are correct, they will serve the sandwiches and receive the next clue.

Kym decides to do the Road Block. And after some initial trouble, she quickly finishes. Ida hands her the next clue pointing them to the Pit Stop at the VM Houses.

Meanwhile, teams are having trouble delivering the cakes so they switch. But Misti & Jim don’t get approved because they’ve got the flower pot backwards. Failing to complete their parklet in 30 minutes, they need to move over to the next one.

TAR2504 TAR2504

Keith & Whitney and Adam & Bethany are relieved to see Misti & Jim still there since they think the cake challenge was impossible.

But Brooke & Robbie push through said challenge as they are able to deliver the cake and exchange the receipt for the clue.

At the parklets, Amy & Maya, who chose the living room parklet, get approved and they leave. As do Keith & Whitney.

We flashback to Misti & Jim saying they want to be the most dominant team in Amazing Race history just as the guy gives them another thumbs down on their parklet. They decide to just switch over to the cakes.

TAR2504 TAR2504

Across town, Kym & Alli step on the Mat to officially check-in as Team #1. Phil says they’ve each just won a brand new fuel efficient Ford C-Max Hybrid.

Maya and Robbie decide to do the Road Block as Tim & Te Jay and Shelley & Nici arrive at the parklets.

Whitney starts the Road Block and is annoyed by Maya talking out loud. Of the three, Maya finishes first followed by Robbie and then Whitney.

Back at the parklets, Adam & Bethany and Tim & Te Jay finally realize to turn the flowerpot around and they get the next clue.

TAR2504 TAR2504

Misti & Jim arrive at the restaurant, but the maître d’ does not approve their cake. They realize they dropped one of their flags on the way.

At the Pit Stop, Brooke & Robbie finish 2nd, Keith & Whitney 3rd and Amy & Maya are 4th.

Shelley & Nici are getting testy with each other again while Misti & Jim are resigned to the fact that they are in last and may use the Save.

Te Jay and Adam do the Road Block as Mist & Jim arrive at Ida Davidsen. Tim & Te Jay leave and head to the Pit Stop to finish 5th. One of the great danes wants to kiss Phil.

TAR2504 TAR2504

Shelley & Nici are excited to catch up to the two other teams at Ida Davidsen. Nici does the Road Block.

Adam finishes first with Nici right behind him, but both teams get lost on the way to the Pit Stop. On the way, Shelley is tired of Nici yelling at her all day.

Misti goes to recite the ingredients again, but Ida tells her No. Misti has no idea what she’s doing wrong. She rereads her clue and realizes she hasn’t been including the sandwich numbers. Now on her 9th attempt, she recites the complete information and she finally gets approved.

Already near the Pit Stop, Shelley & Nici, who have now switched as driver:

Shelley: “There was a man standing back there at the last corner you could’ve asked.”
Nici: “Why didn’t you say something?”
Shelley: “Cuz I’m not driving. You are.”
Nici: “MOM! You’re freaking screwing us if you’re not saying anything! Don’t do sh*t like that!”

Shelley does not want there to be a meltdown every time something goes wrong, so she says she’ll just let Nici reign herself in.

TAR2504 TAR2504

Nici trips on her own bag on the way to the Mat. Phil sees they are not happy and Shelley explains she let Nici take charge. That sets Nici off and she walks away. Phil calls over to her and says she should be a grown up and talk this out. Nici returns to the Mat.

Adam & Bethany arrive to officially check-in as Team #7.

That means Misti & Jim are in last. They hand Phil their Save, but he gives it back because this is a Non-Elimination Leg!


Episode Thoughts

Wow! After three almost bare first Legs, this was a very full one! And that is awesome!

First of all, teams camped out and got to mingle with each other? I hope so! Then they actually had to book their own tickets and teams actually took different flights even if other than Kym & Alli, teams arrived within minutes of each other.

Then we got some Ford product placement, which I must say again, is perfectly fine. TAR needs all the sponsors they can get! The teams crossing the border and driving into Sweden was totally a way for the show to add another country to the season’s country count. But I love when teams cross country borders in a Leg. And it was a creative way to promote the all-new, fuel efficient Ford C-Max Hybrid. (hehe)

The Detour was amazing. Both sides of the Detour were simple, yet tricky. That combination always brings some great drama. And the Road Block was pretty good as well. Ida Davidsen seems like an amazing lady. I definitely want one of those sandwiches.

The bikes all over the episode added some random fun. Phil popping up on the Race course is still really forced. Phil getting attacked by a Dane was hilarious!

But how about that Save? What were the chances the Save holders would be last on a pre-determined Non-Elimination Leg?! And they already handed over the Save! It should be like an Immunity Idol that one you play it, it’s gone. So there really is no risk to the Save. You win it, you’re guaranteeing yourself your own Non-Elimination Leg. That’s too powerful I think.

And YAY! Finally a Road Block!

My Subjective Team Rankings

Tim & Te Jay are still awesome and adorable. Sucks that they got a later flight, but they still Raced well to get themselves out of the bottom. Shelley & Nici… OMG! So unexpected, right? I definitely never would’ve expected that kind of intense drama from them. Maybe some uncontrollable crying, but not this! Wow. Never seen that on TAR before ever! But next week looks even more amazing since Shelley is going to let Keith have it! Nice!

Amy & Maya are flying the under the radar while still being fun and awesome. They’ve done quietly well, but Maya definitely provided some hilarious and fun moments this Leg. Kym & Alli did excellently this episode. They grabbed the lead and kept it through the Leg. They didn’t even miss a step I think. That’s amazing.

Brooke & Robbie are also getting in the groove I think. Maintaining their fun personalities while trying to step it up little by little. Not a good Leg for Adam & Bethany. They just looked frazzled all Leg long.

Misti & Jim‘s collapses was incredible. And made even more so by Jim’s continued pronouncement that they will be the most dominant team evah. Misti seems like a sweetheart, but Jim is that typical big boss husband we’re used to seeing on the Race. It might be the same with Keith & Whitney too. Whitney seems sweet, but Keith seems like he could be a major douche. We’ll see how next week’s face off with Shelley plays out.

Episode Quotes

Jim: “I’d like to shoot myself in the face right now.”

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