Recap: The Amazing Race Philippines 2, Episode 9 (Leg 2, Day 3) – "Ang kapal ng mukha nila! Patay sila sa amin!"

Teams must now drive themselves to Bauan Public Market in Batangas City. Teams make sure they are heading the right way as they drive through foggy and narrow Tagaytay roads. On the way, Phoebe sees a grasshopper inside their car. She goes crazy trying to get it out. This distracts Matthew and he almost rams into something.

Matt & Phoebe arrive first at the market, but! HOURS OF OPERATION! The market opens at 7am, but at the entrance is the U-Turn voting board. Matt & Phoebe vote for Jet & Yna. Jet & Yna, Kelvin & JP and Roch & Eji vote for Charlie & Daniel. Vince & Ed, AJ & Jody and Daniel & Charlie vote for Kelvin & JP. Kelvin & JP, Tina & Avy and Chen & Luz vote for Vince & Ed.

RR & Jeck complete their 4-hour penalty and drive to Batangas, unsure if they can catch up. They arrive at the market just as the sun rises and are surprised to see teams still there, sleeping in their cars. They become emotional realizing they’re still in it.

They decide to vote for Chen & Luz since they are the ones who are right ahead of them.

The market opens and Matt & Phoebe receive the clue from the coconut vendor revealing the Detour.
In Fruits, teams must buy the items on a list using the money provided and use a kariton to deliver them to a marked stall. The items are: 30 watermelons, 15 pineapples, 20kg of bananas, 10kg of cabbages and 15kg of potatoes.
In Fashion, teams must dress a mannequin with five different pieces of wardrobe that they will purchase from different stalls before returning it to the marked stall.

All teams choose Fruits. But Roch & Eji, Chen & Luz and AJ & Jody grab their kariton and money without even receiving their clue from the coconut stall. Chen & Luz and AJ & Jody head back up to do Fruits, but Roch & Eji decide to choose Fashion instead.

RR & Jeck and Matt & Phoebe find the watermelons are very expensive. And needing to buy 30, that would equal a couple of thousand pesos. RR & Jeck manage to haggle down to P1800. Matt & Phoebe manage to get their P6000 worth of watermelons for P2000.

Jet & Yna only have P2500 left and they still need to buy the watermelons. Yna tries to get it down to P2200, but Jet suggests they switch. Vince & Ed decide to switch too, saying that is the smart decision. Tina & Avy abandon Fruits and go to Fashion as well.

For Fashion, teams have P300 and they must have their mannequin follow them to each stall where they’ll buy the pieces of clothing.

Jet & Yna finish quickly and they get the next clue which features another Detour! the next step of the Detour.

Teams must now convince five different shoppers to exchange one of their pieces of clothing for one of the pieces worn by the mannequin.

Meanwhile back at the Fruits, RR & Jeck are the first team to buy all their items. But now they need to head back downstairs, so they decide to just let their kariton roll down the ramp, even if all the fruits and vegetables decide to roll off on their own. They hope they don’t have to go back if they are missing an item

AJ & Jody are next down the ramp and they keep their kariton close to the wall to secure its cargo. Chen & Luz follow and decide to help the teams in front of them since they can’t go ahead otherwise.

Jet & Yna finish the Detour first with Vince & Ed and Tina & Avy close behind. Tina & Avy ask Vince & Ed which of them goes first and the Nerds say they will. Alliance! Roch & Eji leave in 4th.

Chen & Luz deliver their cargo and leave in 5th while RR & Jeck need to wait out a penalty for their broken fruits.

Matt & Phoebe and Daniel & Charlie work together to pull their karitons through the narrow maze of stalls while Kelvin & JP are last to come down the ramp.

Before teams head to Sky Ranch in Tagaytay, they must make their way to the Shrine of Our Lady of Lourdes to check the U-Turn Reveal Board to see if they are safe from the U-Turn. Jet & Yna flip their flap open and see they’ve got a vote from Matt & Phoebe, but are not U-Turned.

Vince & Ed look at their flap and see they have the green light, but also see Tina & Avy voted for them. They cannot believe it after just helping them.

“Ang kapal ng mukha nila! Patay sila sa amin!”
(“How shamless! They’re dead to us!”)

Tina & Avy get to the Reveal Board and see they have no votes. Luz & Chen have a vote but are greened.

Daniel & Charlie, Matt & Phoebe and AJ & Jody leave the kariton drop off point. Kelvin & JP are in last.

Roch & Eji and RR & Jeck arrive at the Reveal Board and see they are green.

Phoebe realizes they need to stop at the Shrine of Our Lady of Lourdes first and they see they are safe too.

But Kelvin & JP are next and see that they ARE U-Turned.

AJ & Jody, however, are already on their way to Tagaytay. AJ rereads the clue and now they realize they’ve missed the Reveal Board. Jody is very upset they have to go back. But they see they are safe.

Kelvin & JP head back to finish the Fashion Detour and are off.

Episode Thoughts

Now THIS is a great episode. This Leg’s Detour was miles better than the first Leg’s Detour. Buying stuff is always a tricky task and can actually end up horribly boring. But thankfully both sides of this Detour had extra components to them.

They had to roll the kariton down from the 2nd floor of the market and then through the narrow palengke aisles (which is hard enough to get through just walking with your own body!) with a heavy load. And of course there was that surprise info with the Fashion side of the Detour. That extra Detour clue scared me a little. I thought “ZOMG A SECOND DETOUR?!” But it was only extra information. That was definitely the first time I’ve seen that. And it was good.

U-Turn voting is back. Some weird stuff going on there though. Vince & Ed’s flap only had Tina & Avy’s picture under it even though Luz & Chen also voted for them. Hmm…

And Kelvin & JP voted for Daniel & Charlie which means Juan D also got 3 U-Turn votes, thus they too are U-Turned. But they didn’t go to the Reveal Board. I wonder if they made the same mistake as AJ & Jody and ignored that part of the clue and drove straight to Tagaytay. We’ll see tomorrow!

Best part of this episode was seeing ALL the teams Racing side by side and really getting to see the kind of competition you’re used to on the Race. It was awesome. Maybe my favorite episode yet this season.

My Subjective Team Rankings For This Episode

So these are my rankings for this episode.

AJ & Jody probably got the most screentime or at least the most memorable moments this episode. First they went to pick up their kariton before even receiving their clue. Then they got a ramp rolling focus. And then of course the big blowup in the car.

Now that’s how to deliver some entertainment in a TAR episode. Hee.

RR &Jeck were lucky there was an Hours of Operation. But they definitely still killed that Detour, finishing first out of the Fruits teams. They may just be the lucky team this Race. Jet & Yna were amazing at the Detour. It was great to see them hustle and have that sense of urgency. Roch & Eji were also fun to watch at the Detour, especially with Eji’s shrieking! lol

Matt & Phoebe started the Leg off very well, including almost getting into a car accident thanks to a little tipaklong. (lol)

Now the rest of the teams were a little quieter this episode, hence lower on the list. Surprisingly, Luz & Chen were very quiet this episode. Maybe the first episode Mama Luz didn’t deliver a hilarious one-liner. But maybe the frustration from the last episode is still there. The previews scare me, I hope they’re okay.

Tina & Avy were also quiet this Leg. But I must laugh at Vince & Ed now apparently hating their guts for merely voting for them. Daniel & Charlie mura-ing at the market is hilarious fun. JP & Kelvin handled the U-Turn well. I’d love to see them go up against other teams for doing so. And definitely I want to see Vince & Ed holding more grudges and getting feisty against other teams.

Overall, a good, solid episode for all teams.

Episode Quotes

Yna: “Kahit maliit! Kahit mabubulok na!”

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