Recap: The Amazing Race Philippines 2, Episode 6 (Leg 1, Day 6) – "Ang lalim ng tubig!"

The Pit Stop for this first Leg of the Race is the Manila Central Post Office. Jasmine Curtis, the Pit Stop Greeter for this Leg, describes what makes the Philippines a beautiful place.

More importantly, there’s a storm outside! And the streets of Metro Manila have turned into creeks and rivers. Vince & Ed and Jet & Yna aren’t sure their cabs can even make it.

Matt & Phoebe, in 3rd, ask a Kuya holding a pizza if they can cut in the taxi line. He lets them go, but then their taxi driver has no idea where Manila Post Office is.

Luz & Chen hop in a taxi, but seeing the baha, they get dropped off at SM Manila and decide to go on foot! Literally! They take their shoes off and jump in the water, not even putting on their tsinelas they’ve brought with them. Jody tells AJ he’ll take the lead now, heading to the Pit Stop and they too ask if they can cut in line.

Kelvin & JP are running back to the dressing room, but Kelvin’s foot suddenly cramps.

Roch & Eji and Tina & Avy are next to leave Resorts World and they are able to convince taxi drivers to take them, even though they know it’s flooded on the way to the Post Office.

Vince & Ed arrive at Manila Post Office, Jasmine welcomes them and Derek officially checks them in as Team #1. Derek hands them the Express Pass.

Jet & Yna are fine with 2nd place as long as they don’t die in the flood. Matt & Phoebe take 3rd.

With traffic at a standstill, AJ & Jody decide to go on foot and jump in the water as well. Kelvin & JP’s driver drops them off at the National Museum instead of the Post Office, so they too are forced to walk.

Luz & Chen jump fences, still on foot, and finally arrive at the Post Office to check-in as Team #4.

AJ & Jody finally arrive at the Mat and Derek checks them in as Team #5. Derek tells them to change their strategy and talk things over. (???)

Kelvin & JP are shocked to finish 6th.

After convincing their drivers to take them to the Manila Post Office even though they knew it was flooded along the way, Roch & Eji finish 7th and Tina & Avy are 8th.

It’s down to the final three teams. Zarah & Osang hop in a taxi first. Daniel & Charlie end up in a slow taxi, while RR & Jeck are still in last and resigned to the fact that they may be eliminated.

Daniel & Charlie and RR & Jeck decide to go out and go on foot too while Zarah & Osang’s driver tells them they are a kilometer away.

But it is Team Juan D that gets to the Pit Stop to check in as Team #9.

Final two teams. And it is RR & Jeck who somehow manage to step on the Mat as Team #10.

Zarah & Osang run to the Mat. Osang’s stuff falls out of their bag before Derek officially tells them they are last and unfortunately eliminated from the Race. They talk about how before the Race, they were supposed to go to Libya until tensions rose there. That’s why they felt God had other plans for them and that included being a part of The Amazing Race.

Tina & Avy and Vince & Ed both say they are sad to see the Travel Buddies eliminated. But Roch & Eji say they are not here to make friends.

Episode Thoughts

And Leg 1 is finally over! A full Leg recap soon later today.

But first this episode. It really was a tedious half hour. I mean, an entire episode dedicated ONLY to teams making their way to the Pit Stop?

The only truly exciting and dramatic parts of the episode were when teams hopped out of their taxis and jumped into the streets-turned-rivers just to make it to the Pit Stop. Anyone who knows about flooding in Metro Manila knows running through flooded streets there is not always going to be a good idea. And at night too!

But once they got inside the Post Office though, for some reason, the mood just dropped. The excitement and drama you usually get when teams step on the Mat wasn’t there.

I think it may have been a combination of Derek chit chatting with teams before he even officially checks them in and for some teams, getting the light, circus-y fun music which totally throws you off.

Like with AJ & Jody. He asks them what happened, they say they had to abandon their taxi and he tells them to talk it out and change their strategy. WTF is he talking about right there? Where’s the connection there?

If TAR25’s Pit Stop arrivals have been incomplete and too short, TARPh2’s first Pit Stop was horribly paced and needlessly long.

The most surprising moment of the episode though was Matt & Phoebe’s taxi driver not knowing where the Manila Post Office was. Wow.

But Zarah & Osang though. =( Horrible elimination.

Episode Quotes

RR: “Malayo pa? Anak ng tokwa!”

Phoebe: “We just look like drag queens.”

Luz: “Pag na-tibo tayo, then it’s over!”

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  1. “But Zarah & Osang though. =( Horrible elimination. ”
    horrible talaga.. nahulog ang mga nakatagong kayamanan ko… hahaha i thought di nila isasali hahaha kakahiya, buti na lang alang panty dun -osang

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