Recap: Power Rangers (Super) Megaforce, Episode (14) 34 – "Are they lame? Or just incompetent."

Recap: Power Rangers (Super) Megaforce, Episode (14) 34 – In the Driver’s SeatMegaforce 34

Gosei tells Tensou to call the Rangers as they’ve just received an Extradimensional Emergency Alert.

The Rangers arrive and Gosei tells them they’ve received an emergency signal from Corinth. Noah finds that Corinth is the home of the RPM Rangers in another dimension. Yes, Gosei says. While a Helheim Crack wormhole has opened up, only an emergency signal came through. And besides, Corinth has been in peace for a long time.

Megaforce 34

The Rangers want to go through the wormhole, but Gosei says if they leave, then Earth will be left defenseless. It’s okay, the Rangers say, Gosei can always hollaback.

Fine, Gosei tells them to take the Sky Ship. Emma thinks it is sooo cool to be going to another dimension. (Which is probably experiencing a huge emergency if they’ve sent an Emergency signal. So cool.)

But through the wormhole, Professor Cog and a dozen Grinders arrive undetected and laughs at the Rangers going through the wormhole which he closes behind them.

Professor Cog ambushes a farmer and tells him to take him and the Grinders to the city.

Megaforce 34

All the Rangers are so excited to be in a wormhole and “traveling through the very fabric of time and space.” It is absolutely amazing to be able to take a trip to a city that’s in trouble.

Megaforce 34

But it’s also amazing just being a Power Rangers, Emma says. To be able to save the world and all that. Orion wishes he could’ve saved his own world, but he’s happy to get the chance to stop the Armada now.

Megaforce 34

The Rangers arrive in… Corinth? They are wowed by this futuristic looking city. Noah says it is like stepping into Ranger history! They spot a car zord and Noah finds out it is the Turbo Falcon, a prototype locked away because it was too difficult to control. It must have gotten out somehow.

Back in Zawame, Harwood County, Professor Cog and the Grinders are attacking. Vekar cannot believe this new guy is stealing all his thunder. He orders Levira, Argus and Damaras to accompany him down to Earth.

They face Professor Cog who is annoyed that after he’s gotten the Rangers out of the picture, here’s more people getting his way.

Tensou sees this new arrival fighting the Armada and Gosei realizes it is Professor Cog from Corinth. He tells Tensou to summon the Rangers back immediately!

Back in “Corinth,” the Rangers use a MEGAphone to try to get the Turbo Falcon to stop, but it just blows them off and starts shooting missiles at them.

“He’s going to blow this ship to pieces!”

Troy tells the others to put their helmets on and hop into their zords. They need to slow Turbo Falcon down. But Turbo Falcon is just too fast and slick to get stopped by them.

Megaforce 34

Troy says he’s like a wild animal, so they must tame it instead. They combine into the Legendary Megazord and hop on its back to tame Turbo Flacon like a wild horse.

Tensou tells Gosei the wormhole is gone and he can’t contact the Rangers. “Just as I thought, it was a TRAP!”

Professor Cog acknowledges the Armada is very strong, but why haven’t they conquered Earth yet, then?

“Are they lame? Or just incompetent.”

The Rangers tell Turbo Falcon he’s a good doggie when Gosei finally reaches them. The connection is weak, but he tells them they are stuck there as Professor Cog attempts to take over the Earth.

Turbo Falcon is trying to tell them something, Gia says. Suddenly it shifts into hovermode and starts ramming an invisible wall. He’s opened up the wormhole!

The Rangers thank the Turbo Falcon and tell it to take care of Corinth. They return home. Professor Cog suggests he and the Armada team up, but Levira says why risk their own butts.

Vekar, Levira and Argus head back up to the ship and leave some X Borgs to help Professor Cog and the Grinders.

Megaforce 34

The Rangers decide to Get in Gear and morph into RPM. After using the RPM weapons, they go back to SUPERMEGA and summon the Super Mega Cannon.

But Professor Cog embiggens by himself. The Rangers hop into their Megazords. But Turbo Falcon wants to help too. Gosei tells the Rangers to use the RPM keys to open the wormhole.

Megaforce 34

Turbo Falcon pops out of the Megazord’s chest and they combine to form the Legendary RPM Megazord. They deliver a Legendary RPM Grand Prix final strike to finish off Professor Cog.

They guide Turbo Falcon to where the wormhole first appeared and they see him off.

Megaforce 34

But now they’re stuck in the middle of nowhere. The farmer from earlier drives by, but he is not going to be picking up strange hitchhikers again.

Megaforce 34

Episode Thoughts


So let me start by saying that I’m a HUGE RPM fan who thinks RPM is the gold standard by which all Power Rangers seasons should be judged by. I am also a huge RPM fan who actually did not mind Clash of the Red Rangers. In fact, I actually kinda liked it.

Okay. But this episode. WOW. WTF was that?!

That was an absolute mess. Probably right on par with the worst Megaforce episodes yet. If not the worst.

First you’ve got the Rangers excited to respond to an emergency signal like they were going on an island vacation. Then you’ve got “Corinth” looking more like the future in Time Force or something they could’ve constructed alongside Terra Venture. That was definitely nothing like Corinth.

Then you’ve got Professor Cog who was supposed to be dead. And some random farm gags. This was a mish-mash of an episode.

How Much Different Was Power Rangers From Sentai?

Corresponding Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger Episodes: Episode 35 – Dimension on the Other Side and Episode 36 – Partner Pirate

And worst of all, it was obviously a direct translation of the Gokaiger episode. Everything from the terminology to “Corinth” to the sentient zord, it was all Go-Onger. And if you don’t know, RPM and Go-Onger have nothing in common.

This was a great tribute ep to Go-Onger, but definitely not RPM.

So much promise after the hiatus with the filler episodes, but now, meh.

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