Recap: The Amazing Race 25, Episode 3 – "You're getting so defeatist, it's disgusting."

Recap: The Amazing Race 25, Episode 3 – “Get Your Sheep Together”


Teams set off by land and sea to the Shetland Islands in Scotland. After taking a train to Aberdeen, teams will pick up a Ford Focus and drive aboard a ferry to the Shetland Islands. There, they must find a Puffin at the Royal National Lifeboat Institute to receive their next clue.

TAR2503 TAR2503

On the way to the train station, Scott twists his ankle. And once teams get onto the ferry in Aberdeen, he shows the other teams his huge and wrong-colored ankle. He and Michael are determined to keep going though.

And they jump into the lead with Amy & Maya as they find the Puffin first and open the next clue telling them to head to Scalloway Castle. But they get caught up behind a slow driver, which allows Keith & Whitney to arrive at the Castle first.

TAR2503 TAR2503

They search through and find the next clue in a dungeon with a scary man and dog.

And that clue reveals the Detour.
In Pony Up, teams must cut 50 blocks of peat from a peat bank and work with a Shetland pony to deliver two loads of peat to a small house up the hill.
In Light My Fire, teams must properly build a Viking torch.

While the others have already made their Detour choice, Tim & Te Jay are lost on the other side of the island.

TAR2503 TAR2503

Misti & Jim, Amy & Maya, Shelley & Nici and Adam & Bethany choose the ponies. Keith & Whitney, Kym & Alli and Michael & Scott choose the Vikings. Brooke & Robbie had chosen ponies, but ended up finding the hardware shop where they needed to pick up the Viking supplies, so they chose that instead.

The Viking teams head to the demonstration and Tim & Te Jay manage to catch up.

Misti & Jim maintain their lead so far as their pony very nicely takes them up to the hill with their delivery and back down. But the 2nd trip up, the pony wants none of it. The other teams’ ponies also want to have some fun, but Misti & Jim, Shelley & Nici, Adam & Bethany and Amy & Maya finish and are now Teams 1 through 4.

At the torch making, while the other teams are steadily moving through the three steps needed to complete the torch, Brooke & Robbie are struggling. All the other teams leave as Brooke & Robbie are trying to figure out how to bend a nail.

TAR2503 TAR2503

Kym & Alli are the first team to leave the workshop, but Tim & Te Jay are the first ones to get to the group of waiting Vikings who help them light the torch.

After the Detour, teams must drive to Berry Farm where they must act as shepherd dogs to corral eight sheep after running them through the middle of a course.

Misti & Jim have trouble at first, but still manage to get their sheep safely in the pen just as the next teams, Shelley & Nici and Adam & Bethany arrive.

The farmer hands them a treasure and tells them to find where it was found. Teams must figure out that will lead them to St. Ninian’s Isle, the Pit Stop for this Leg of the Race.

TAR2503 TAR2503

Misti & Jim stop at the museum and get the info the need to head to the Mat where Phil compliments their teeth again before officially checking them in as Team #1. They’ve won a trip to Dubai.

Amy & Maya are 2nd to herd their sheep, but they get lost when some locals tell them to go to Scalloway Castle. That allows Adam & Bethany to step on the Mat in 2nd.

All teams are now herding sheep. And they start leaving one by one, leaving only Tim & Te Jay and Michael & Scott.

TAR2503 TAR2503

Keith & Whitney and Shelley & Nici are Teams 3 and 4. After a little tour of the area, Amy & Maya check in as Team #5.

Brooke & Robbie run past Kym & Alli to finish 6th and 7th, respectively.

Back at the sheep, Scott’s ankle acts up and suggests they take the 4 hour penalty. But Michael says they can do this and they do. Now in last, Tim & Te Jay try using their clothes to create a barrier, but the sheep just sneak under or jump over. But they sooon get the sheep into the pen and they are off.

Michael & Scott stop at a bar and the locals tell them the treasure was “made” in the town of Weisdale. They ask a jewelry shop who tells them where it was “found” and they are a way’s away.

Tim & Te Jay stop at the museum and they get the correct directions allowing them to check-in 8th and remain in the Race.


That means Michael & Scott are last and eliminated.


Episode Thoughts

I thought this was a solid Leg. The Detour was fine, though I wish we got to see more crazy Shetland ponies. The shepherding was great too. It’s always great to have uncooperative animals on the Race. And the Road Block… oh, wait, there was NO Road Block this Leg.

Two Legs without a Road Block. Why?! These last two Legs have only had two tasks. The first Leg really only had one. And the rest were just standard “pick up your clue and go” Route Markers. It’s interesting considering the show’s HUGE blunder with the Road Block count in the atrocious mess that was All-Stars 2.

I’ve always wanted to see more Route Markers, which is why I love TARAu and even TARA for always having random tasks and out of the way Route Markers in addition to the Detour and Road Block. But these two Legs seem to have swapped out the Road Block for two Route Marker tasks which could have easily been labeled as Road Blocks anyway.

I think maybe that’s why I feel these first three episodes to be kind of lacking or bare. The lack of a Road Block in these two Legs make it all feel almost incomplete. Even more so after watching this week of Amazing Race Philippines with its one-task/Route marker-a-day format. (Two challenges on the Wednesday episode.) Not all of the tasks were good, but at least it had teams doing stuff. I’ve said how it may end up being; one TARPh Leg = two TARUS Legs in terms of length. But with these last two episodes, one TARPh Leg might even equal THREE TARUS Legs at this rate.

I think I prefer a more packed, filled episode. And that might be necessary considering the low ratings. Slow episodes are not going to bring in casual viewers. (As TARPh has also proven.) The editing was still a little off too. Just quick cuts into random bits of action or in the middle of action is weird.

My Subjective Team Rankings

With Dennis & Isabelle gone, Tim & Te Jay are now my sole favorites this season so far. They are definitely a fun team to watch and are absolutely adorable of course. =] I hope they step it up a little though. They were very lucky this Leg.

Shelley & Nici are great, but a little more subdued this Leg than the first two. That preview for next week though! WTF is going on there?! Can’t wait! Amy & Maya are a little under the radar, but doing alright. Kym & Alli have great attitudes. I definitely hoping to see more of their competitiveness moving forward too.

Brooke & Robbie really are the comeback kids this season. The Leg design might have helped them a little, but they still deserve kudos for being able to get themselves out of last place. Adam & Bethany have been sorta bland. Michael & Scott got the unlucky side of the stick this Leg, but I didn’t mind them going home.

Misti & Jim‘s overconfidence is almost looking like they are getting set up for a huge fail. That would be fun, but on the other hand, I’m not interested in seeing ANY team be the “most dominant” ever. I don’t necessarily dislike Keith & Whitney, but I actually haven’t really enjoyed their bickering. And I usually enjoy bickering couples as long as they are interesting and fun.

Episode Quotes

Shelley: “We’re not as fast as sheep. We’re not dogs, honey.”

Tim: “You’re getting so defeatist, it’s disgusting.”

Michael: “It’s always good to ask things in a bar.”

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