Recap: Power Rangers (Super) Megaforce, Episode (13) 33 – "So you failed, and you're proud of it?!"

Recap: Power Rangers (Super) Megaforce, Episode (12) 32 – United As One

Megaforce 33

Noah is in the school computer lab figuring out a way to double the power of the blasters by inserting two keys. Jake sneaks into the room and asks if Noah can fill in for him as he had promised Emma he’d go to the butterfly sanctuary with her. But Noah can’t. He has to bring his data back to Tensou.

Too late for Jake though. Emma comes in and Jake has no choice but to accompany her. On the way, Emma happily takes pictures of a struggling Jake trying to carry all her gear.

Megaforce 33

But they suddenly hear people screaming. They morph and hurry over to find Tranceferer kidnapping the Ambassador. They go SUPERMEGA as the other Rangers arrive. While Tranceferer planned on swapping bodies with the Ambassdor to enable them to infiltrate the government, he settles on switching Noah and Jake’s bodies instead.

Megaforce 33

Megaforce 33

The next day at school, Noah and Jake are dressed as each other. And during class, they forget whose body they are in. Mr. Burley is surprised by NoahinJake knowing all the answers during the lesson, like how many planets there are in the solar system.

After class, Mr. Burley asks to talk to JakeinNoah to ask why he didn’t raise his hand in class today, while Jake knew all the answers. JakeinNoah decides to put in a good word for himself. Err, for Jake. The real one. Him.

Megaforce 33

Outside, Gia and NoahinJake listen at the door. Gia says she thought there were nine planets, not eight like Noah answered earlier. Noah explains and Gia thinks that’s hot. She touches NoahinJake’s collar, much to NoahinJake’s bewilderment. But Gia realizes this is not the Jake she is in love with. (lol)

“Calling you an imbecile is an insult to imbeciles.”

Vekar is not happy with Tranceferer not being able to grab the Ambassador. But Tranceferer gets a chance to redeem himself.

Meanwhile in Gosei’s lair, Noah is finishing up the modifications to the blaster. They head out to test it while Gosei tells Tensou to keep looking for a currently lost and unresponsive Orion.

The two-keyed blaster is a success! But they have to wait for it to recharge to use it again. Suddenly, a new commander appears, sent by Argus since Tranceferer is taking his sweet time to do anything.

The Rangers take on the X Borgs and Turtlelini (!) who Argus says is indestructible. The Rangers try a Super Mega Final Strike, but they fail thanks to Turtlelini’s indestructible shell. Noah tries the double blaster again, but it overloads and Turtlelini sends a huge fireball their way.

The Rangers go Alien Ranger and they retreat back to Gosei’s lair where Noah says they’ll have to build a new blaster… together.

Megaforce 33 Megaforce 33
Megaforce 33

Noah is not done yet when the alarm sounds. Turtlelini is back, so the others decide to go hold him off. They decide to go Jungle Fury, but they still can’t get through Turtlelini’s shell.

Megaforce 33

Troy says they should now try Power Rangers Dragon, but that’s still not enough. They continue to get thrown around as NoahinJake finally finishes the upgrades to the blaster and joins them.

NoahinJake hands Troy the brand new Super Mega Cannon. Everyone inserts their keys and together they fire a Super Mega Blast to destroy Turtlelini’s shell and Turtlelini himself.

Megaforce 33

The Rangers are joined by Orion when they confront Tranceferer at the diplomatic meeting. They take the fight outside.

Jake and Noah take on Tranceferer themselves and with a Super Mega Saber Blast, they finish him off and switch back to their normal bodies.

Tranceferer embiggens and the Rangers hop into their Megazords. But wait! Gosei tells them they have unlocked the power of Ninja Storm and can now combine with the Ninja Zord to form the Legendary Ninja Megazord.

Megaforce 33

With a Ninja Zord attack, they finish off Tranceferer for good.

Later, Orion apologizes for being so wrapped up in pod repairs. But Emma is more excited to get back to the butterfly sanctuary with Jake.

Megaforce 33

Episode Thoughts>

This was an alright episode. It started off well enough, but really took a nosedive in the 2nd half which was an absolute mess.

Still, I enjoyed the switching antics in the beginning and Emma forcing Jake to be her slave and Gia flirting with an oblivious Noah.

However, Gosei’s back to his prize of the week announcements. But this might have been the worst one yet since they unlocked the “Ninja Zord,” but didn’t even morph into Ninja Storm the whole episode. Wow.

Definitely not up to par with the AMAZING episodes of the last few weeks.

How Much Different Was Power Rangers From Sentai?

Corresponding Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger Episodes: Episode 27 – A More Than Usual Gokai Change and Episode 32 – One Power

They smashed together two unrelated Gokaiger episodes here. No wonder it was a mess.

I do like that they switched Jake and Noah instead of following the Gokaiger story which switched Luka with Don-san. It actually allowed them to use those scenes of Don-san/Gokai Green come in with the canon and explain why “Jake” would suddenly have a brand new weapon out of the blue.

But this could’ve easily been two episodes instead of one. I hate to say it, but maybe swap out one of the (AMAZING) filler episodes and do a whole episode about putting together the canon and have more body switched fun. Then have a whole other episode for a Ninja Storm tribute.

Instead we got a strange mish-mash which basically resulted in Orion looking like a huge jerk. Answer your phone dude!

Overall, it was just alright, but could’ve easily been two good episodes instead of one messy one.

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