Recap: Ressha Sentai ToQger, Station (Episode) 8 – Rainbow Line's Big Explosion

ToQger 8

Ticket announces that they’ve just detected the signal for the Support Ressha, Diesel Ressha and they’ll be changing routes to look for it. Diesel Ressha is powerful, but since they lost the signal quickly, it must be very week. Trains become weaker the longer they are separated from the Rainbow Line. They could even end up rotting away, especially since Diesel Ressha is the oldest Support Ressha.

ToQger 8

But it might regain its power if a ToQger boards, especially Right with his IMAGINATION!

ToQger 8

Right vows to bring Diesel Ressha back to the Rainbow Line.

ToQger 8

Over at Castle Station, Madame Noa, Baron Nero and General Schwarz watch the thunder and lightning outside, a harbinger of the Emperor’s appearance. Gritta cowers behind her mother.

The sign disappears, but they definitely felt the Emperor. Nero says he will surely appear once the darkness spreads a little further. Madame Noa says if only it wasn’t for those pesky ToQgers. Nero has an idea. He excuses himself to get it ready.

Madame Noa turns her attention back to preparing for Gritta’s wedding to the Emperor, but Gritta doesn’t want to be the Emperor’s Queen. She only has eyes for Schwarz-sama.

ToQger 8

The ToQgers arrive at the next station and decide to ask the children of the town if they’ve seen a big train anywhere. Because of course, no adults would be able to see a Ressha.

They split up. Right asks a group of kids playing soccer. They look at each other, but say they haven’t seen such a thing. Right decides to stay and play with them, teach them some soccer tricks.

ToQger 8 ToQger 8

Hikari, Kagura and Mio have no luck either.

ToQger 8 ToQger 8

And Tokatti especially gets no info from his baby informant.

The four ToQgers meet back up when Bakudan Shadow suddenly appears. He wants to play a game with them. A group of Kuros appear and the ToQgers henshin.

Tokatti calls Right to let him know, but before he leaves, the kids decide to admit that they have seen a Ressha. They saw the train he asked about even though their parents don’t.

ToQger 8

The others have finished off the Kuros and wait as Bakudan Shadow remembers that this game is part of Baron Nero’s orders. He is looking forward to seeing their surprised faces.

But Right pops in and kicks Bakudan Shadow all the way across town and explodes in the air. Eh!? Maybe it’ll embiggen. They decide to hop into their Resshas just in case.

ToQger 8

They drive toward the site where Bakudan Shadow’s remnants seem to be, but he still doesn’t seem to be embiggening. Right makes an emergency stop and backs the train up away from the lingering smoke.

Smoke has filled the Resshas and Conductor, Ticket and Wagon work to vent it out. The ToQgers join them in the main car. Conductor suggests they search the Resshas just in case, but Right tells them about Diesel. The kids said they saw it at a museum.

ToQger 8

Conductor tells Right to look into that while the rest of them do a Ressha sweep. None of them notice the lurking Shadow smoke.

Meawhile, Right heads to the Ishikiryama Park Children’s Museum and starts searching.

Back on the Ressha, they think it’s all clear, so Conductor gets the train going again so they can meet up with Right.

ToQger 8

But the Shadow smoke takes over the Ressha controls. And it turns out it is Bakudan Shadow that’s been lurking about, now in a travel sized form. Conductor comes running in hysterics that the breaks don’t work while Bakudan Shadow places a mini-bomb on Tokatti’s neck.

ToQger 8

Bakudan Shadow explains he had a clone infect the Ressha’s breaks while another clone bomb is on Tokatti’s neck. If they try to take it off, he falls down or it hits something, it will blow!

ToQger 8

Not only that, but the Ressha is accelerating. Tokatti tries to steady himself as Bakudan Shadow explains they can get rid of the bomb by pressing the switch on his head. If they don’t hurry, the train will break its speed limit, lose control and crash somewhere… like an oil refinery up ahead.

Bakudan Shadow hops off as Hikari, Kagura and Mio henshin to try and catch it. Mio asks Wagon to take care of Tokatti while Conductor says he needs to step in and do something about the train’s speed limit. The autopilot will collapse otherwise.

ToQger 8

Back at the museum, Right finally finds Diesel Ressha. It is in really bad shape. Right heads inside and finds it filled with dust and cobwebs. He finds Diesel’s ToQ Ressha on the dashboard and tries to use it in his ToQ Changer, but nothing happens.

ToQger 8

Conductor and Ticket are in the control room. Conductor uses his Ticket hand to try and move the lever to regain control of the train. But he can’t get a good grip using Ticket’s mouth. He decides to take Ticket off his hand.

ToQger 8

Bakudan Shadow forces Hikari, Kagura and Mio to bumble around the Resshas (including the women-only Pink Ressha). Conductor warns the passengers that they are approaching a sharp turn. They are worried about Tokatti so they hurry back to the other car.

But Wagon’s got it covered. She’s tied Tokatti to the poles with pretty pink ribbons. He’ll be fine even if there’s sexy shaking.

“I don’t think you understand the gravity of the situation, but thank you.”

And if the worst comes, please stay away from me, Tokatti says. Wagon loves Tokatti’s display of hot manliness.

ToQger 8

The others arrive in the car and Hikari goes straight to the cab of the Ressha to help Conductor. Mio and Kagura hold on to Tokatti.

Hikari helps Conductor move the lever to get the train to turn more as it reaches the curve. They just make it and stay safely on the tracks.

ToQger 8

Conductor is relieved. He’s sweating profusely and uses Ticket’s coat to wipe his face. Hikari is taken aback. He excuses himself.

“I’ll pretend I didn’t see that. Yeah…”

Hikari rejoins the others as does Bakudan Shadow, cackling. Mio wants a word with Hikari and Kagura.

ToQger 8

Back on Diesel Ressha, Right is cleaning up the control room, sprucing up the cab. He then tries to use the ToQ Ressha again, but still nothing. He hops outside.

You are the oldest Support Ressha after all, Right says. It made him like Diesel Ressha as soon as he heard that, for some reason.

“The grandfather of trains.”

Right uses his jacket sleeve to wipe off some of the dirt on the outside of Diesel.

“But… you’re not finished yet.”

ToQger 8

Back on the Ressha, Bakudan Shadow is already gloating about winning the game.

Suddenly, he sees a Blue ToQger in front of him. Eh!?! How did he get free of the bomb!?

ToQger 8

But it’s actually Hikari in Blue. And sneaking up behind Bakudan Shadow is Mio who grabs a hold of him. Kagura comes and pushes the button on its heads to deactivate the bomb on Tokatti. Switching Lines comes in handy again!

It’s not over yet, Bakudan Shadow says as they still haven’t regained control of the train. They’re still on a collision course with the oil refinery that will wipe out the city with one huge explosion. Hikari and Mio toss Bakudan Shadow and the clone bomb out the train as Tokatti hurriedly calls Right.

ToQger 8

You hear that? Right asks Diesel. His friends need help and he hopes Diesel can join him. Right heads back inside and tries the Diesel ToQ Ressha again. He imagines Diesel running on the tracks one more time.

ToQger 8

The controls start to light up and Diesel Ressha awakens. Right takes Diesel to meet up with the other Ressha as Conductor continues to struggle trying to control it.

Now! Right signals. Conductor initiates a rail switch and Right backs Diesel up to link up with the Resshas to try and keep them from crashing into the oil refinery.

And he does.

The Resshas come to a full stop.

ToQger 8

The others celebrate. Conductor is relieved, again.

ToQger 8

He turns to Ticket-ku… AHHH! He’s gone!
Conductor quickly reattaches Ticket-kun to his right hand.

But the fight isn’t over yet. Bakudan Shadow has embiggened.

ToQger 8

With the Resshas still damaged, they can’t combine, so they instead go old school and circle Bakudan Shadow to quickly finish him off.

The others join Right at the museum where Diesel Ressha has returned. It must like this place, Right says.

ToQger 8

Hikari says it’s been here a long time, so this must be its default standby location.

“No! I said it likes it here,” Rights protests.

That’s okay, Mio adds. Either way is fine since Diesel Ressha will always come and help when they need him. A child walks by with his mother and he immediately points to Diesel. Kagura says Diesel will certainly not be lonely here. This is a good place for him.

ToQger 8

Baron Nero laughs. The ToQgers fell for his diversion. His goal wasn’t to get them, but to get new darkness. And now another Shadow Line station is complete.

Episode Thoughts
ToQger has definitely just gotten more fun and enjoyable with every episode. And this one is no exception.

ToQger has such a sense of nostalgia that I absolutely love. I guess that goes along with them missing and longing for their homes. But just like in this episode with Right feeling close to grandpa Diesel, it gets very emotional. The countryside towns they visited earlier in the season gave it all a wistful feeling and a touch of sentimentality.

I guess it’s just another testament to Yasuko Kobayashi’s writing. She is still managing to balance all the fun, goofy stuff with some sincere emotion.

I definitely hope they go back to some countryside towns soon.

All the train scenes were amazing! They were all very high energy and exciting, and I mean the scenes of the actual trains on the tracks about to get derailed or speeding uncontrollably. They looked great. Very cool.

And the music has been amazing. Definitely adds a lot to the show.

The designs for the Shadow Creeps continue to be awesome as well. I am enjoying finally getting to see more of the Castle Station crew too.

I think we’ve established that Wagon is sexed-up fun. She’s a romantic who love selfies and manly men.

And finally. Conductor and Ticket! WTF was that!?!?!? What does it mean!?!?!

It definitely reminded me of Doctor Maki from OOO. But seriously, what shocking surprise are we going to get about Conductor and Ticket-kun!? Hilarious and intriguing at the same time.

It bears repeating… I am absolutely loving ToQger.

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  1. So Wagon has a crush on Tokatti? Wow a robot with feelings now I’ve seen everything can’t wait if they do a toQger vs Kyoryuger film

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