Recap: Supernatural, Episode 9.15 – "I just got punched right in the feels!"

Recap: Supernatural, Episode 9.15 – #THINMAN

Supernatural 915

Dean is about to leave for a hunt on his own. Where you going, Sam asks, why wouldn’t I come on a hunt?

I don’t really know what you want these days, Dean replies. After Dean fills him in on what he knows about the job so far, Sam gathers his things. Of course he’s coming.

A teen girl, Casey, was killed in her room after seeing a strange man-figure behind her as she was taking a selfie. The Bros talk to the mother and they ask about flickering lights, but they are surprised when she herself says no, no lights, no cold spots.

She explains that she’s talked to Supernaturalists and she owes it to her daughter to hear these guys out even if they suggests the paranormal.

The Bros find these so-called Supernaturalists at the local diner. It’s the Ghostfacers, Ed and Harry, now down to just them two. The Bros tell them they better leave town, but the Ghostfacers say they have this and know exactly what it is.

Supernatural 915

Back at the motel, Sam looks up what the Ghostfacers have been up to and it turns out they’ve written a book about Thinman, a strange ghost that has been sighted by thousands and reported online. It apparently lurks around in the victims’ lives until it’s ready to kill them.

Dean doesn’t believe this online nonsense and decides to go along with their more reasonable theory of a ghost.

The Ghostfacers are in Casey’s bedroom, setting up cameras. Ed thinks maybe they should bail on this, this are getting serious. But Harry says this is their ticket, this is the big time. They can prove all their haters wrong, including Harry’s ex-girlfriend. Ed says okay, let’s do this.

Harry thinks this will not only get them on Dr. Phil, but that they will also be swimming in a pool of girls. Casey’s mother walks in with some lemonade.

The Bros find no strange deaths in town that could become a roving spirit, so they have to turn to the Thinman theory. Sam tells Dean of a couple of deaths that have been connected to Thinman complete with doctored photos of Thinman photobombing the eventual victims. The only thing about Casey’s is that her photo was real.

They talk to the deputy at the station to see Casey’s phone and they learn the photo was also uploaded to the internet two hours after her death. That means someone wanted to have that photo posted online. The deputy also tells them he just met the two Supernaturalists who came by to ask some questions. He seems to believe them too.

Across town, the douchebag diner owner is the latest Thinman victim. The Bros head to the crime scene the next morning where the Ghostfacers are already all over it. They continue to act very confident about the whole thing and say Thinman is half-man, half-tree.

The deputy shows them security cam footage of the no-faced man popping from the parking lot into the diner and slashing the owner’s throat.

That night, the Harry finds someone posted the security cam footage onto their blog and is now more excited than ever to find Thinman himself. Ed is unsure again. Maybe they should leave it to the professionals. But Ed insists they go into the woods to find a Thinman tree.

At the motel, the Bros are trying to figure what Thinman could be and they wonder how all these Thinman photos and videos are making it to the internets and becoming viral. They then start reminiscing about videos from when they were kids, like of Sam jumping off the roof of the shed in a Batman costume. Now that could’ve gone viral.

Supernatural 915

Dean had to drive Sam to the ER on his handlebars. “Good times.” They laugh about it. Then not. “Yeah, they were.”

Suddenly, Ed arrives at the motel. He has something to tell them; HE created Thinman. He needed something to keep Harry in the Ghostfacers when the other two bailed. He created that first picture of Thinman with Photoshop and after he anonymously posted it to a horror forum, it blew up and turned into a crowdsourced urban legend.

The Bros say Ed has to come clean to Harry even though Ed doesn’t want to ruin what they have right now.

“Secrets ruin relationships!”

Ed tells them he dropped Harry off behind a grocery store, so he should be fine from whatever’s killing these people.

But Harry’s being followed by Thinman and eventually gets his stomach slashed. Harry knees Thinman in the groin and runs off back into the open where the Impala drives up to meet him.

Sam wraps his cut up and Dean comes back after finding tire tracks nearby. What are you talking about, Thinman doesn’t drive, Harry says. The Bros look to Ed.

They head back to the motel, Ed comes clean. I was going to get married! Harry says. He can’t believe Ed made him into a chump.

Ed says he saved Harry from a monotonous life working at a desk at his father-in-law’s hedge fund. They can still keep this Thinman thing going, for the funs. But Harry can’t trust Ed anymore. Ed leaves to get some coffee for Harry, but really just to give him some time.

Sam walks in.

“I just got punched right in the feels!”

Sam relates to Harry. There are things you can forgive and some that you can’t.

Which one is this? Harry asks. Sam says it’s up to him to decide.

Dean comes in with a lead on the tire tracks. It belongs to a Geo Metro and there’s only one registered in town. The deputy says the owner is a Roger who works as a security guard at a mill across town. They head to the mill where the deputy is waiting. They tell him to just stay back and as soon as they step into the mill, he tazes them.

Supernatural 915

The deputy ties the Bros up and sets up lights, a camera and a backdrop.

“So you’re thin man, huh? That would make sense if it didn’t look like you just ate a fat camp.”

Thinman walks in and pulls his mask off. It was the busboy form the diner. He killed his boss for being a dick and Casey for not going out with him. And it turns out they also killed the sheriff since he didn’t give the deputy the time off he wanted.

And now here’s the two Feds who treated him like dirt too. The two Thinmans are ready to film their slashing of Dean and Sam’s throats, but they hear someone entering the mill.

It’s Ed and Harry wanting to make things right. But they end up getting caught by the two crazy Thinmans. They bring the Ghostfacers back to their set, but the Bros have gotten their handcuffs off.

Sam and Dean pop up. The costumed Thinman tries to stab Dean with the knife, but Dean turns it back to him instead. The fat Thinman is about to shoot Sam, but Ed gets in between. Before he can shoot, Harry grabs the gun he’d been keeping in his underwear and shoots the fat one.

Outside, Dean says he’s made sure it looks like the Thinmans offed each other. But Sam feels strange, they were just people. Not demons or monsters (not monsters!?). Just people.

Ed and Harry have their own emo chat. “I’ve done all this crap for us,” Ed says. But no, “You did this crap for you,” Harry replies.

Harry walks away and asks the Bros for a lift.

On the road, Dean asks Harry if he’s okay, but he’s not. He says it feels weird thinking that the guy you’ve been with all these years and expect to be there forever, one day is just gone. And that rocking chair next to you when you grow old is just empty.

It punches the Bros right in the feels.

Supernatural 915

Episode Thoughts
I thought this was an okay episode. It was definitely driving home the point that these Bros aren’t going to be all business for long.

Sam and I guess Harry too saying that those guys were just people, guys. But not monsters? Are you serious? They’re disgusting, murderous creeps who were about to kill you. So no, you should have no qualms. Come on now.

They killed Jewel Staite, but they have problems killing two psychopaths? No no no.

Anyway, that definitely didn’t sit well with me. It kinda ruined what the whole episode was about for me. But especially after last week’s episode, it was just okay, if not meh.

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