Recap: Supernatural, Episode 9.13 – "I'm just being honest."

Recap: Supernatural, Episode 9.13 – The Purge

Supernatural 913

Sam asks Dean if he’s alright, especially after what he said about “not being brothers” anymore. Don’t flatter yourself, Dean says.

They are on the case in Minnesowtah after a 300+lb man dies and shrinks to 90lbs after a hot dog eating contest. After talking to the nice Sheriff, another person, this time a young woman hoping to lose weight before her wedding, is killed. She too slims down considerably from her alive weight.

Sam and Dean see the victim has some kind of suction mark on her body, as does the woman’s personal trainer who is actually alive and well.

Dean manages to find out that the PT had spent some time at Canyon Valley Wellness Spa last night. It is a facility run by a couple promising weight loss without surgery, extreme dieting or strenuous exercise.

Supernatural 913 Supernatural 913

The Bros decide to check it out. They speak with Larry and Maritza, the owners of the facility, to try and apply for a job by pretending to be personal trainers. But there’s only one opening for a trainer, so Dean gets demoted to kitchen duty and scooping food for the clients.

Meanwhile, Sheriff Donna has checked into the facility. Maritza sets her up in a nice calming room to get started on cupping therapy.

Sheriff Donna gets very sleepy while Maritza sets up and when she falls completely asleep, Maritza gets started on the real therapy. She opens her mouth, a nasty suction tube comes out and she proceeds to suck the fat right outta Sheriff Donna.

Supernatural 913

The other kitchen guy, Alonzo, does not appreciate Dean’s laziness and puts him to work filling cups with pudding that the clients eat on their spa days. Hungry himself, Dean tastes the pudding, likes it and swipes one for himself.

He hides in the pantry to enjoy his pudding, but he suddenly feels very sleepy.

Sam leads a yoga class and he notices everyone also has the suction marks on their backs. After class, he runs into Larry wheeling Sheriff Donna to her room. She recognizes Sam of course and calls him Agent, much to the surprise of Larry. But Sam tries to brush off any suspicion.

Supernatural 913

He gets a call from Dean who falls dead asleep. Sam hurries to look for him and finds him in the storeroom. Dean is still groggy as Sam goes to ask the chef what is exactly in the pudding. He admits just supplements, but Dean recognizes the pills as roofies.

Supernatural 913

Awake now, Dean and Sam go talk to Sheriff Donna. She tells them how excited she was to finally get into Canyon Valley and now she’s already lost 10 lbs in one day! Aren’t you even curious how? they ask. I don’t give a flying fudge, she replies.

She explains that her husband left her last year for being fat. It was a dark time for her, eating away her pain. But coming to Canyon Valley, she feels pretty and good about herself again.

The Bros understand, but explain that they have suspicions the spa has something to do with the murders. They bring up the suction marks and she shows them theirs.

Meanwhile, Larry quickly talks to Maritza and tells her not only are the new hires feds, they are hunters. But why? Larry shows her the article about the hot dog eater and they both think they know what’s going on. He tells Maritza to take care of the evidence.

Supernatural 913

Maritza goes to throw out the tubs of fat in the fridge when Dean catches her. He ties her up to a chair and she explains.

I’m not a killer, she explains. She’s a fish taco Pishtaco, a Peruvian fat sucker, like a parasite. She would never kill. That’s why they created this spa. She could safely feed and help people lose fat, a win-win. She insists she has nothing to do with the fat sucking deaths. She hesitates a little before admitting the culprit may be her brother, Alonzo.

Larry goes to confront Alonzo and asks why he would do this to them. Alonzo shows no remorse and says if Larry hadn’t starved him, then they wouldn’t have this problem. Things get tense until Sam hears a scream. He hurries to the kitchen to find Larry dead, bleeding from neck.

Supernatural 913

Sam goes to Dean at Maritza’s office as she emotionally explains how she brought her brother from Peru to show him a better, more civilized way to feed, a way to co-exist with humans. But Alonzo almost killed a client when he sucked too much fat, so Maritza demoted him to the kitchen. But since then, he’s gotten more hungry.

She tells them he might be in the basement and insists she is on their side. Okay, if so, then how do they kill Alonzo?

The Bros, knives in hand, head to the basement. Alonzo finds Sam and they fight. He gets the upper hand on the big healthy moose and is ready to suck him dead until Dean comes to save the day by cutting off Alonzo’s sucker.

Sam tries to talk to a distraught Maritza, but Dean asks to talk to him first. He says once the place is clear, they finish the job and off Maritza too. Sam says no. Dean counters with I thought you wanted it to be all business. Aren’t they in the monster business?

Sam says he wanted to keep things strictly business between them. But he still has a heart. He examples with him having been possessed by Gadreel. Would it have been okay for a hunter to kill him then too?

Okay. Dean compromises. Maritza gets a one way ticket to Peru.

Supernatural 913

The Bros head back to the batcave.

Winchester Bros Emo Moment of the Week
Dean is ready to talk about what Sam said. He says all the times he’s saved Sam, he might not have thought things all the way through, but he does what’s right.

“I’d do it again.”
“And that, is the problem.”

You think you’re my savior, the hero, convinced that you’re doing more good than harm. But you’re not, Sam says. What is upside of him being alive when Kevin’s dead, Crowley’s off gallivanting and no end to the angel situation in sight.

Supernatural 913

“Are you kidding me? You and me, fighting the good fight. Together.”

Sam sighs and takes a seat. “Just once, be honest with me. You didn’t save me for me, you did it for you. I was ready to die, I was ready. I should have died. But you, you didn’t want to be alone. That’s what all this boils down to. You can’t stand the thought of being alone.”

Supernatural 913

You want to be honest? Dean asks. If the situation was reversed, you would’ve done the same thing.

Sam says no, he wouldn’t. Dean can’t believe it.

Sam gets up to go to bed, leaving Dean in emotional shock.

Supernatural 913

Episode Thoughts
The Winchester Bros Emo Moment of the Week to top all Winchester Bros Emo Moments of the Week. Damn.

First, the case of the week was really good. Yeah, it helped to highlight the family thing. But it was just an interesting case. It did feel like a Grimm case since we meet Maritza like she just a Wesen living a normal human life. Definitely a sad ending for her, that scene of her alone (*ding*ding*) with no family, having to leave this perfect life she had was just sad.

But that cupping thing, I’m definitely familiar. That’s something Filipinos do too to get rid of aches and pains and toxins. But honestly, I wouldn’t mind a session at Canyon Valley. I could probably lose 10 lbs.

But the biggest thing about the episode definitely was the “honest” conversation between Sam and Dean. I think we pretty much knew their feelings, all of which were pretty honest and true as we have observed over the years. But it was very interesting to see them actually say those things, plainly and in so many words. It was really very tough for both of them and I think a big turning point. Has their relationship changed forever or are we going to end the season with them coming together and reaffirming that yes indeed, they are the Winchester Bros.

We’ll have to wait a couple of weeks to find out. =]

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