Recap: Supernatural, Episode 9.09 – "I always trust you. And I always end up screwed."

Recap: Supernatural, Episode 9.09 – Holy Terror

Supernatural 909

Melody Ministry Glee Club is on a bus and they make a stop at a dive bar. The group of young women enters and stands in a straight line as the biker patrons of the bar do the same opposite them.

“We have just as much right to be here as you do brother.”

Angel blades are drawn and after some fighting and guys getting thrown out windows, the women walk out, bloodied clothes and all and board their bus again.

Supernatural 909

Meanwhile, Zeke is telling Dean that Sam is feeling much better. It’s only a matter of time. But Zeke doesn’t feel comfortable with this little trip to investigate angel crimes. Anything involving angels puts him, and therefore Sam, at risk. Dean promises to be “discreet.” He asks Zeke if he listens in on all their conversations.

“I have better things to do with my time than eavesdrop… like heal your brother.”

Zeke goes back into the inner depths of Sam and Sammy returns midsentence. He notices a sign saying they’re only 50 miles from Fort Collins when a couple of seconds ago, he saw a sign saying 100 miles. This has been happening a lot lately, him missing chunks of time.

Dean tries to pass it off as being effects of the trails.

“Would I lie?”

Supernatural 909

The Bros gets to the dive bar when they find Castiel is also there, posing as a fed too. He wants to help, even if it is risky for him to be around other angels.

“Hey, Cas is back town!”

Supernatural 909

A pair of limos meet and out walk angels including the head of the glee club, Bartholomew’s right hand woman and an angel named Malachi. Malachi is upset with Bartholomew’s power grab, saying it was disrespectful. To take on Metatron, they need to work together, so he wants to negotiate with Bartholomew directly.

Assistant lady says Bartholomew will not negotiate with thugs. That’s fine. Malachi tosses a couple of angel blades at the assistant and her two lackeys.

“And so it begins.”

Supernatural 909

The Bros and Castiel are drinking a beer together. Dean tries to get Castiel to go back to his normal life, but he insists this is his path and is happy to be with the Bros again.

Castiel leaves to get more beers and Zeke quickly pops in. What is Dean going to do about having Castiel, the giant angel beacon, with them during this investigation? Dean wants to know why Zeke is so worried about other angels and he replies that when he answered his prayers, he chose sides. And that’s not going to sit well with certain angels.

Dean snaps back that Castiel is willing to put himself at risk, why can’t he? Cas comes back with the beers and Zeke excuses himself. He heads outside where he is surprised to see Metatron come out of the shadows.

Supernatural 909

I know who you really are, Metatron says, “and it isn’t Ezekiel.” He says to relax and asks “Why Ezekiel?”

“They say he is a good and honorable angel.”
“Ah, everything they say you are not. I see your point… Gadreel.”

Gadreel insists the stories about him are not true, but Metatron knows he’s spent thousands of years locked up in heaven’s darkest dungeon and now he’s hiding in a human posing as Ezekiel.

Metatron says it killed God to lock him, His most trusted, up. That’s why God tasked him with protecting the Garden, to keep evil from entering, but he failed. Not my doing, Gadreel says. But the serpent entered anyway, Metatron replies and the Earth is now filled with evil. Someone had to be blamed.

Gadreel asks what Metatron wants and he says he wants them to be friends. He was the one who caused all the angels to fall, including those imprisoned. You’re welcome.

Gadreel realizes there are no angels in heaven and Metatron admits that it’s gotten very lonely up there. He proposes that they rebuild heaven just the way God wanted, but this time with only the best and brightest… and a few funny ones.

“You want to take back your reputation? You want to reclaim the heaven that was? We could do this together.”

Supernatural 909

Sam and Dean are back home and Sam asks why Castiel just took off. Dean says he’ll be fine.

Meanwhile, Sam’s found info on one of the dead bikers and they realize all of the dead bikers were baptized together and one of Buddy Boyle’s followers, therefore likely followers of Bartholomew. But now that they’re dead, there must be an even worse group of angels out there.

In a dark forest, the glee club angel is speaking to a bible study group and prepping them to get engulfed with angel love when suddenly another group of angels storm in to kill them all. The waiting angels retreat.

Supernatural 909

Gadreel meets with Metatron and they talk about how crazy humans are and even worse to be around. Metatron again pitches nuHeaven to Gadreel who then asks if Metatron intends to be the ruler of this rebuilt heaven.

It is a burden I feel I must take, he says.
Does that not make you God, Gadreel asks. But Metatron says he probably won’t take that name. Maybe “X.”

Supernatural 909

Castiel goes through all religions, praying for an angel to help. He decides to watch TV, but it doesn’t seem to want to turn on.

Maybe you should plug it in, a voice from outside says. Castiel opens to door to see a female cop. She’s an angel, Uriel. She realizes he is Castiel and says it can’t even be known that she has spoken with him. She starts to leave, but Castiel says he only wants information.

Supernatural 909

At the batcave, Kevin is busy with the tablet as Sam comes back. Dean shows him the latest angel attack and they piece everything together. Sad that a bunch of kids had to be caught in the crossfire.

“Kevin… clock’s tickin’.”

Supernatural 909

Castiel tries to explain to Uriel that he was tricked by Metatron. She then explains that there are two feuding groups of violent angels, one under Bartholomew and the other under Malachi. Castiel remembers Malachi as an anarchist.

Castiel knows Uriel is one of those who want no part in either side and she says there are fewer and fewer angels like them out there. Both factions are torturing angels into choosing sides and joining the army to overthrow Metatron and take heaven for themselves.

Suddenly, two angels barge in and take them both to Malachi.

Supernatural 909

Already bloodied and tied up, Castiel insists he has no idea how Metatron’s spell works nor does he know Metatron’s weakness.

Malachi motions to his minion Theo to kill Uriel. Castiel wants the killing to stop, but Malachi brings up how Castiel killed a whole bunch of angels himself, not to mention those that died when they fell to Earth. Including Ezekiel.

Malachi leaves Castiel to Theo. He doesn’t care what’s left of Castiel.

When Malachi leaves, Theo closes the door then asks Castiel to put a good word in for him with Metatron. He thought Malachi was the answer, but now he realizes he’s crazy. Theo would rather sit out the war in heaven under Metatron. He’ll do anything he says, as long as he’s away from the bloodshed on Earth.

Castiel plays along. Theo insists he’s a team player, so Castiel agrees. Theo unlocks the chains.

Supernatural 909

Castiel says he needs something from Theo to make the call to Metatron. He grabs a pair of scissors, slashes Theo’s throat and sucks out his grace. Now an angel again, Castiel puts Theo out of his misery.

Malachi comes back downstairs and finds all his men dead.

Dean looks for Sam and finds Kevin instead who says Sam’s gone out. He’s been doing that a lot lately. Dean answers his phone and it’s Castiel who fills him in on what’s happened, including finding out Ezekiel is dead.

Dean asks Kevin to look for a spell that could power down an angel for a few seconds so you can speak to the vessel without the angel listening in.

“Everyone always needs a spell. And it’s always ASAP.”

Supernatural 909 Supernatural 909

Meanwhile, Gadreel meets with Metatron and says he will join him as second in command. Metatron is happy and says this will remove the mark on Gadreel’s name and restore heaven. But Metatron wants to be sure of Gadreel’s fidelity. To do that, Gadreel must kill anyone threatening their effort.

Gadreel says that is not who he is, but what can he do. Metatron hands him a card with the first name on the hit list. Gadreel doesn’t seem sure.

Supernatural 909

Back at the batcave, Kevin and Dean have painted a sigil in the storeroom and if it works, will briefly weaken the possessing angel. Kevin wants to know what’s going on, but Dean says to just trust him.

“I always trust you. And I always end up screwed.”

Supernatural 909

Sam is back and Dean asks to talk to him. They head to the storeroom and Dean immediately activates the sigil. He quickly tries to explain what’s happened and what he did.

Sam can’t believe it.

“Again, you thought I couldn’t handle something and you took over…”
“No, I did what I had to do! You would have never agreed to it and you would’ve died.”
“Well maybe I would’ve liked the choice at least.”

But that’s not the worst of their problems. Dean tells Sam about the angel lying about his identity, which is why Sam needs to expel him NOW.

Sam walks towards the door and Dean tries to stop him. But Sam turns and punches him right in the face.

Supernatural 909

Sam goes to Kevin in the main room. Kevin asks about Dean acting weird lately. But Sam says not to worry. He puts his hand on Kevin’s head and… he’s dead, eyes burned out of their sockets. It’s not Sam.

Dean is too late to stop Gadreel.

“There is no more ‘Sam.’ But I played him convincingly, I thought.”

Supernatural 909 Supernatural 909

Gadreel explains that he overheard Dean and Kevin talking earlier. He takes the tablets and apologizes for killing Kevin. I did what I had to, Gadreel says as he places the card with Kevin’s name on it on his chest.

He walks out to leave and lets Dean go.

Dean calls over to Kevin. No answer. He cries.

Supernatural 909

Episode Thoughts
Are you serious!?!? OMG. What was that!?

Okay. So this was definitely a midseason finale. I get that. But wow!!!!

So let’s start with the Gadreel revelation. Supernatural‘s done an incredible job of taking the basics of heaven and hell and everything in between to create an original story that’s thought provoking, but also still respectful to whatever religion or belief they may touch on.

Now I’ve grown up in a Filipino Catholic family and have gone to Catholic school all my life and yet this is the first I’ve ever heard of Gadreel. So I had to look him up and wow! There’s definitely a great foundation for story with him. The idea that the guy God put in charge of keeping evil out of the Garden of Eden failed, allowing for that domino effect resulting in everything that’s happened since creation, basically ruining God’s plan of a perfect, peaceful and beautiful paradise of a world is fascinating.

And you thought they’ve run out of angel stories. It is definitely an interesting new story and certainly throws a huge wrench into the Bros’ relationship even more than Sam merely finding out he’s got a squatter in his body.

The warring factions of angels is very intriguing because with any war, there’s gotta be someone that wins, or at least comes out on top. I doubt heaven will ultimately fall under the control of any of these current three factions (Bartholomew, Malachi and I guess Castiel), which makes me think about the Supernatural end game where I’m like 95% sure will somehow involve the return of God in some form. I know the show will at least see a season 10, but laying this groundwork already is very exciting.

Jared has been awesome as Zeke and now Gadreel and this episode we get to see him in extended scenes as the angel. It’s fun to see him in a completely different role.

But to the most important part of this week’s episode… THEY KILLED KEVIN TRAN ADVANCED PLACEMENT!!! I mean, did they really just fry Kevin Freakin’ Solo’s eyes out? This was definitely unexpected. And very sad.

I think the awesome Osric Chau put it best in his tweet of gratitude. Kevin really did seem like a minor character at the end of season 7. But the minds at Supernatural saw how lucky they got with a guy like Osric and decided to write more for Kevin Tran Advanced Placement that through season 8 and now, I guess, just half of 9, established himself as a big part of The Bros’ extended family.

Kevin dying brings as much emotion and meaning as a Bobby or an Ellen or Jo. He’s become such a part of the show and the Bros’ journey as well as such an integral part of the actual overall arc that it was hard to see him going any time soon. Which is what makes this episode all the more sad and unexpected.

Of course, no one is safe on Supernatural besides Sam and Dean. But looking back at this season, it seems the writing was on the wall. They were definitely setting up for that shocking moment at the end of the episode.

I will definitely miss Kevin Freakin’ Solo’s awesomeness. And I definitely hope Kevin pops up in the future as well. But huge kudos and a standing ovation to Osric Chau for such an awesome run on Supernatural.

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