Recap: Supernatural, Episode 9.08 – "Congratulations Sam and Dean Winchester, you are both virgins!"

Recap: Supernatural, Episode 9.08 – “Rock and a Hard Place”

SPN 908

Sheriff Jody Mills calls the Bros when a string of strange disappearances hits a Sioux City suburb. The most recent one was a of a young waitress who is taken after her car gets flipped over.

The Bros and Sheriff Jody talk to Slim, a homeless man and the only witness that night. He tells them about someone lifting the car up themselves with a blue light. Since it wasn’t a white light, they rule out angels.

SPN 908

They head to Good Faith Church where all four missing people were members and meet Bonnie. They pretend to want to join the church to get more info. Bonnie tells them about how they were all part of their chastity group.

Sam wants them to join since maybe whatever took the four was looking for virgins, like a dragon. Bonnie gets them to sign a Purity Pledge and says they can start with a clean slate.

SPN 908

The Bros sit in on that afternoon’s meeting. They start with a prayer for their missing friends and then ask their new friends what made them want to reclaim their virginity.

Sam says all the relationships he’s been in haven’t ended well.

“Stay strong. Stay pure.”

Dean, meanwhile, says sex has always felt really, really good. But sometimes it makes you feel bad. He then starts describing how he has sex which makes all the women in the group hot and bothered and horny.

“But the whole thing was just a little too sticky.”

After the meeting, Dean thinks the group’s counselor Susie looks familiar so he goes to talk to her.

Susie says they’ve never met and offers to give Dean individual counseling and wants to show him some books. She wants to run to her apartment to get them, but Dean says he’ll accompany her, what with a kidnapper on the loose.

Sam heads back to the motel and he and Sheriff Jody tell each other what they’ve found. Turns out the Pastor and the waitress were having sex as was the missing engaged couple.

Sam says maybe it isn’t dragons since they aren’t going after virgins.

SPN 908

Dean and Susie arrive at her apartment. She takes her sweater off to reveal a hot body. Dean is excited. But Susie starts crying and asks Dean to pray with her for her missing friends.

At the motel, Sheriff Jody tells Sam about enjoying church, that after Bobby and Crowley she needed something that made sense to her and comfort. Kinda like what Sam and Dean have. Sam doesn’t respond.

Sam finally reaches Dean who stumbles upon DVDs of Susie in porn. No wonder she was familiar looking. He tells her she is a legend, but Susie wants to put all that behind her.

Dean compliments her erotic work… with tacos. He always wished to be near her and she says, he is now.

They get to “work.”

SPN 908

Honor, the Waitress, continues searching through the underground dungeon and stumbles upon the Pastor and the engaged couple. Their captor appears and breathes the blue fire again. The Pastor disappears.

Sam and Sheriff Jody hurry over to Susie’s realizing they are probably breaking their chastity vows right about now. And sure enough Dean and Susie are taken and dropped into the dungeon with the other sinners.

Sheriff Jody finds info about Vesta, Roman Goddess of the Hearth. Six virgins would be sacrificed to keep Vesta’s hearth burning. Fire represented virginity and they had to be celibate for 30 years otherwise they’d be buried alive. In exchange, Vesta would ensure a good harvest.

Vesta was often enveloped in a blue halo of light which she could use to kill.

Dean uses his 2nd phone to call Sam, but the signal is bad underground. Sam thinks he heard a train whistle and they track down a farm along the train route they will head to now.

SPN 908

Sheriff Jody sees they need oak stained in virgin’s blood to kill Vesta, so they go to Tammy the poet for some. She wants no part of their devil worshipping paganism, but Sheriff Jody punches her in the face and gets a dab of the blood streaming down her nose.

They hurry to the farm and find the door to the underground dungeon. But suddenly Sam gets hurled to the wall and Sheriff Jody is in the grips of… Bonnie.

SPN 908

Sheriff Jody tries to talk her way out of Vesta’s grasp, but she punches her twice and explains she has to do all this virgin hunting herself “because of that hippie from Bethlehem” who stopped people from worshiping her. The people let her fire go out so she decided why not join the living to feast on the virgins herself. She gleefully ties Sheriff Jody up onto her virgin table.

Sheriff Jody tries to stab her with the oak branch, but Vesta grabs it from her and aims for Sheriff Jody’s chest. Sam tries to grab Vesta from behind, but she sticks the oak into Sheriff Jody anyway.

Vesta tries to dig for Sam’s delicious liver but finds it is no good. Everything inside him is so screwed up, it’s a wonder he’s still alive. Just then, Sheriff Jody yanks the branch out of her body and stabs Vesta from behind.

SPN 908

Dean manages to unscrew the door to the underground.

Next day, Sheriff Jody thanks the Bros and they say their goodbyes.

Sam asks Dean, what if there really is something wrong with him. Even Vesta said he was practically dead inside. Dean tries to downplay it, but Sam starts to doubt that he’ll ever be “alright.” That this is just the way he is.

SPN 908

Dean takes a seat on the bed and is ready to explain everything, but Zeke pops up and advises against it.

Your brother is not ready, Zeke says. Sam could eject him. Fine. Sam returns and Dean says he just needs a little faith.

Episode Thoughts
It was an okay episode I think. Best part was getting to see Sheriff Jody again. Always great to see her back and they better not kill her off ever!

The sex talks were amusing enough and the tension building to the big Zeke reveal to Sam continues.

And also great to see Lindy Booth on Supernatural. She definitely played it up awesomely at the end.

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  1. Loving the new Christmas layout lol the banner is awesome. I agree that Jody Mills is what made this episode. She had the best interaction and she was a bad ass by the time it was done. I hope she shows up more often and that they keep her around. I thought taking the oak stake to the chest would have been it, but thankfully it wasn’t. I liked her as a partner for Sam, since she notices things about him, like his health, as well as the special bond he shares with his brother. She’s such a strong character. Wow. I just wrote a whole bunch of Jody appreciation. Also, Lindy Booth was a delightful villainess. I didn’t even see it coming.

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