Recap (of a Recap): Power Rangers Megaforce, Halloween Special – "Raising Spirits"

Megaforce Halloween

The Rangers are at Ernie’s. Emma is baking while Troy, Gia and Noah are carving pumpkins. The monster Glytcher decides to force people into celebrating Halloween so he shuts power off to the mall.

The power is restored and Jake pulls the others to go into a fortune teller booth. Gia is freaked out and clings to Jake. The fortune teller says he senses someone has a secret crush on someone.

They look into the crystal ball and they watch a recap of Episode 3 when they fight Virox. The fortune teller grows upset wondering why the crystal ball is showing them this recap when they are still trying to fit in 50 Sentai episodes into 20 Power Rangers episodes about the Power Rangers. The only thing worse would be getting tickled, he says.

The Rangers are worried their identity will be revealed.

Megaforce Halloween

Another vision in the crystal ball begins and it’s a recap of Episode 4’s poser shenanigans. The fortune teller again wonders why we’re watching this. Troy falls asleep and Gia clings to Jake again as they begin a recap of Episode 2.

The fortune teller begins to get upset about all the monsters losing and demands to watch new material a monster that can defeat the Power Rangers and we recap Episode 7, which includes a scene of the Rangers demophing.

The fortune teller realizes they are the Power Rangers and he reveals his own identity, Glytcher. He will now enact his revenge on them for killing his cousin Gremlin in Episode 11.

They morph as Glytcher affects all machinery in the city. Emma sticks the pumpkin pie in the oven and heads over to help the others. Robo Knight is upset the Pink Ranger is not with them. Does she not know this is a Halloween special!?

But Emma arrives and knocks Glytcher around long enough to allow them to use their Sky Brothers zords to try and finish him off. But Zombats pop in to embiggen Glytcher.

They decide to zord up to tickle him to death. Literally. Emma pecks him in the crotch as Robo Knight zords up as well to really finish him off.

They go back to Ernie’s and celebrate, of course. Ernie brings out the pumpkin pie which he baked at 30 degrees for 3 hours and it explodes in their faces.

Episode Thoughts
Well then. At least it was better than any of Samurai’s clip shows. But I still found myself agreeing with Glytchor as the fortune teller asking in frustration: Why the hell are we watching this!?!?

How different is Megaforce from Goseiger?
Corresponding Goseiger Episode: Epic 21 – Elegant Eri
Well it did have Eri baking, but for a more noble and sweet purpose. It also added to Robo Knight’s list of “things to remember about being human” as he tries to understand Eri’s need to bake the care for a little boy and his baby sister’s birthday.

Anyway, what else can you say about a clip show. It was alright.

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