Recap: Power Rangers (Super) Samurai Finale – Samurai Forever


The Rangers regain consciousness after demorphing. For generations, Kevin says, their families have waited for this moment. Mia says Samurai Rangers never give up. Jayden says what they do today will be remembered forever.


They pull out their swords and fight off an army of Moogers. Back at the manse, Lauren pushes herself through the pain to make another Shiba Fire Disc. She collapses and tells Mentor/Ji to take the disc to Jayden, but the power can only be used once.


At the quarry, an armored Mentor/Ji arrives to help. Emily repeats that Samurai Rangers never give up and will defeat Xandred or die trying. Mike wants Mentor/Ji to teach him how to ride his motorcycle after all this is over.


Mentor/Ji hands Jayden the Disc Lauren made as well as another white disc belonging to their father who wanted Mentor/Ji to save it for a moment like this to double the power.


The Rangers meet Xandred in the city. They vow to defeat him as Xandred sends more Moogers at them. They then morph and send a Capture symbol at Xandred. Jayden uses the Double Disc of his father to use two Fire Smashers. That doesn’t lay a scratch on Xandred, but it was just an opening for the others to hold him while Kevin gets a strike in to weaken him.


Jayden then uses the Shiba Fire Disc II to go into Shogun Mode. He focuses his hits onto the white Dayu patch on Xandred’s chest and they celebrate (prematurely of course) as Xandred explodes.


Like always, the Rangers are surprised when Xandred embiggens into his second life. They hop into the Samurai Gigazord, but Xandred continues to overpower them and they get hurled around the cockpit.


Jayden says they can’t use their symbol power in small amounts or they’ll lose. He tells everyone to demorph so they can summon all the symbol power they have to deliver one large, final strike. They need to get as close as possible to Xandred so they can’t possibly miss. They must keep moving forward even if they only have one zord left.


Xandred continues striking and the auxiliary zords begin falling off, but Jayden tells the others to keep going. The cockpit is in shambles and Jayden tells his team…

“I just wanna say, that no Red Ranger has ever led a better team of Samurai. I’m honored to have fought beside you and to call you my friends.”


Kevin says he thinks… no, he KNOWS they all feel the same way. Jayden says it’s GO Time! And they deliver their final strike. Xandred says they might have won this battle, but the Nighlok will rise again.

The Sanzu water retreats back into the underworld including OOH-AH-OOH, Octoroo and the ship.

Mentor/Ji goes to look for the Rangers and they celebrate. They put it all in and declare “Samurai Rangers, Victory is Ours!”


On the other side of town, Bulk and Spike are waiting for Skull to pick his son up. Suddenly a long limo drives up and out walks Skull, all fancy like. He thanks Bulk for taking care of Spike and says he should come visit and they can catch up. Bulk waves as Skull and Spike drive off.


Back at the manse, Lauren and Jayden say goodbye to each other. He asks if she wants to say goodbye to the others, but she says she’s not really good with goodbyes… or hellos. Jayden says he’ll take care of it and they’ll see each other soon.

Mentor/Ji helps Lauren out the door. The other Rangers come carrying their own bags. Antonio is going to go on a worldwide fishing expedition to find fish nobody’s ever caught before.


Mia says she’s off to a culinary academy. Mike makes a comment and Mia brushes it off and says she’ll study hard so when Antonio comes back with exotic fish, she’ll be able to make a gourmet meal of ’em.


Kevin says his coach let him know that he has just enough time to make the Olympic qualifying tournament. (This was so supposed to air in 2011.) Emily is excited to go back home to take care of her sister while Mike is excited to follow Emily home. He takes her hand and the others tease.

They all head outside and bid their final farewells. Mentor/Ji gives Jayden a celebratory gift; an electric guitar. Now that the world is safe, he can teach Jayden to have fun.


Episode Thoughts
ZOMG!!!!!1111!! It’s over! It’s finally over!!

The Rangers have finally beaten Xandred and the world is safe. 😉


Well, it was a good episode. A lot of great unmorphed fight scenes and some great unmorphed Megazord cockpit scenes too. I liked seeing them getting hurled around in the cockpit. They did well blending the original footage with the Sentai footage.

Alas, while this last stretch of episodes were great, it’s all too little, too late. If only the entire season were like these final episodes, Samurai wouldn’t have been such a big punching bag.

As finales go, I think they might have made this final episode less exciting and epic by using the first 1/3 of the Shinkenger finale in last week’s penultimate episode. They could’ve saved that action for this week, especially since Xandred going to kill Lauren didn’t pan out to anything anyway. (Which is probably why that wasn’t the cliffhanger in Shinkenger.)

So, not one of the most exciting finales. But Samurai wasn’t one of the most exciting seasons either. I guess by those merits, it was a good finale for the season.

How Much Better Was Sentai Than Power Rangers?
Corresponding Shinkenger Episode: Act 49 – A Samurai Sentai Eternally

The Shinkenger finale was a lot fuller and more exciting. The action went all the way to the end. One thing I liked better with Shinkenger was them remaining unmorphed after that final strike against Doukoku’s first life. Having been so depleted of energy, they couldn’t henshin again. (Or really, just an excuse to be un-henshined in the cockpit.) But that all felt a lot more grand than Jayden telling the others to demorph.

By that, the Shinkengers felt a little more badass for giving it their all even when things seemed all but lost. At the very least, when the Rangers were getting thrown around the cockpit, they could’ve demorphed then. But they decided not to.

It did make a lot of sense for Samurai to use Shogun Mode as the final strike against Xandred through. So they get points for that. But Jayden explaining their plan in the Megazord didn’t seem as exciting as Takeru’s pretty much last ditch effort to march to their deaths.

Plus, Jayden’s final speech was not as emotional as Takeru’s. And again that spoke to that different relationship Takeru had with the Shinkengers. His thanking them and being proud to have fought with them carried a lot more meaning and emotion.

Also, as it’s been said, Jii is so much more awesome and kick ass than Mentor/Ji.

And overall, Shinkenger‘s finale was a helluva lot more emotional and touching with still some fun comedy sprinkled throughout.

Not being the kind of Power Rangers fan that holds Mighty Morphin in such an immortal status as others, seeing Bulk reunite with Spike merely reminded me of all the missed opportunity and misguided decisions that were made with Samurai,

Finally, much kudos to Mia for taking the high road and not stooping to the others’ level about her cooking. Though if I were her, I’d have stuffed their bags with my food just to teach them not to be jerks and as**oles about it.

Congratulations to the cast and crew of Power Rangers Samurai. And congratulations to all the fans who had to sit through two years of it.

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