Recap: Kamen Rider Wizard, Episode 13 – The Heir to the Dream

Wizard 13

Valkyrie drops Shunpei, but Haruto manages to get him to safely land on the ground. Tetsuya and Boss Matsuki are at the antique shop. Matsuki says he has no choice but to sell the shop.

Wizard 13

Across town, Phoenix is upset Valkyrie is back empty handed. But Medusa points out that the Gate should’ve given in to despair if the shop was the only thing in his heart.

Wizard 13

Shunpei and Rinko are walking in the park. He’s disappointed that he didn’t level up as an assistant and has caused problems instead. Maybe it doesn’t matter to Haruto if he’s there or not. Rinko tries to encourage him and says she feels Haruto has his hands full lately, so Shunpei has to work that much harder to be a reliable assistant.

Wizard 13 Wizard 13

Haruto and Koyomi go with Matsuki to a fancy confectionery shop. He asks the boss to take Tetsuya in as an apprentice.

Wizard 13

Meanwhile, Shunpei goes to Tetsuya at Matsukian and stops him from throwing out all the ingredients. While Tetsuya is ready to give up, Shunpei says he should gather up all pieces of hope he has and find a way that might not fix everything, but at least help.

Wizard 13

While walking, Haruto asks Matsuki about risking his life by going out in the open just to find his pupil another job. Matsuki says even if the shop must close, he’ll be satisfied if Tetsuya will remember how to create his flavors and to carry on his legacy. That’s why the shop closing didn’t drive him to despair.

That’ll happen to you to someday, Matsuki tells Haruto, referring to Shunpei.

Wizard 13

He’s not my pupil, Haruto says, and I don’t plan on having anyone take after me. Koyomi points to Medusa who is listening to their conversation. Haruto chases after her and challenges her. They both henshin and fight. She is confident her snakes are more powerful than any of Haruto’s magic, but manages to outsmart her before she slams him into a wall and he de-henshins.

Across town, Shunpei is at the fancy restaurant begging the owner lady to reconsider ending her contract with Matsukian. He ends up getting dragged out as Tetsuya comes and questions why he’s trying so hard.

Wizard 13

Shunpei says his dream was to become a wizard and to help people. It’s probably a dream that’ll never come true, he says, but Haruto said that he’d carry on that dream. Haruto is his hope now, so he wants to at least be helpful to him. Tetsuya has a realization and thanks Shunpei.

They head back to the shop and Tetsuya begins making a fresh batch of Hope. Haruto, Koyomi and Matsuki arrive. Tetsuya asks his boss to try his own batch and he says it’s probably good enough to sell in a shop.

Wizard 13

Tetsuya promises to continue training and he swears that he’ll continue creating his flavors.

“Even if the shop is gone, I will carry on your passion.”

Boss is pleased and tells Tetsuya to bring the fresh manju to Bairindu shop to present as his resume. You’re the only one who can carry on my recipes, he says, and tells Tetsuya he looks forward to when he becomes a full-fledged chef.

“I will be your hope boss.”

Hearing those words, Haruto flashes back to when he first tells Shunpei the same thing. He understands that he’s inherited Shunpei’s dream and he’s got to accept that.

Valkyrie walks into the kitchen to finish the job, but Haruto henshins and they take it outside. Koyomi leads Tetsuya and Matsuki out. Matsuki can’t keep up though and tells Tetsuya to run with manju. Shunpei, still at the restaurant, hears the fighting and runs to it.

Wizard 13

Valkyrie manages to catch up to Tetsuya and knocks the manju box out of his hands. Tetsuya tries to save what manju there is left. There’s only two now, and Valkyrie swats them out of their hands. One of them gets smooshed on the ground while the other goes flying up into the air.

Wizard 13

Shunpei arrives and he instinctively runs to catch that final Hope before it falls into the fountain. Haruto and Tetsuya run over. The final Hope is safe.

Shunpei is surprised when Haruto lets out his hand to help him up.

Wizard 13

He tells Shunpei to take care of Tetsuya and the final Hope as he uses Hurricane Dragon Very Nice Special to take the fight with Valkyrie into the skies over Tokyo before finally destroying him in mid-air.

Wizard 13

Everyone’s at Matsukian as Matsuki puts up a sign on the door officially closing up shop. He apologizes to Shunpei for him having to get on his knees and beg. But Shunpei apologizes for being useless and not having been able to do anything.

Wizard 13

That’s not true, Tetsuya says. Thanks to Shunpei, he’s learned how boss really felt about him and thanks to him, they made Hope manju.

Speaking of which, Shunpei asks, why were they fighting to protect the manju. He didn’t even know, yet he instinctively did his part to save it.

“My body acted on its own.”

Haruto pats him on the shoulder and says he’s counting on Shunpei in the future.

Wizard 13

“You’re a mage’s assistant, after all.”

Wizard 13

Episode Thoughts
Very nice and clever episode. Save the Final Hope! as in manju was cute.

It was great to see that relationship between Haruto and Shunpei grow. It showed there’s still a lot that can be done between our main characters even if their initial Gate storylines are over.

Again, it’s interesting how Wizard‘s stories are actually pretty sad and depressing, yet the episodes themselves continue to be overall bright and peppy. That’s a big accomplishment. Like in this episode, Matsukian still had to end up closing his shop at the end. But Tetsuya got a job at a fancier joint. So half-happy ending. That’s how the show’s been pretty much so far.

But they’ve been on a consistent and good pace.

And they’re definitely stepping it up with more fancy camera work. Looks like Toei is trying new things to freshen the show up. (And likely to carry over to Sentai too.)

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  1. In and on itself this was a solid and very mature episode… which makes it even worse what they did with the show later…

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