Recap: Kamen Rider Wizard, Episode 10 – National Security Bureau Section 0

Wizard 10

Medusa comments how it’s great that Phoenix has an immortal body that can regenerate itself. Meanwhile over at the National Security Bureau, Kizaki is looking over photos of Haruto as Wizard saying that he’s a monster.

Wizard 10

At the shop, Koyomi is still concerned about Haruto using the Dragon Ring. He says it’ll be okay and he leaves to look for Phantoms. Kizaki and two agents come into the shop asking for Wajima. He wants him to make a ring out, but Wajima says he doesn’t do that anymore and especially not without any more information than Kizaki is giving him.

Wizard 10

Kizaki motions to his agents to take Wajima by force and they leave just as Rinko arrives.

Wizard 10

On the road, Garuda reports to Haruto and they head to where the Phantom Gargoyle is targeting a boy. Haruto has henshined and fights Gargoyle who turns into stone to defend against Haruto’s strikes. Gargoyle runs off before Haruto can finish flatten him with his embiggened hand.

Wizard 10

Shunpei comes into the shop with some doughnuts and Koyomi tells him what happened.

Wizard 10

Speaking of doughnuts, Haruto treats the boy, Naoki, to some at the doughnut cart. He’s told him that he’s a Gate and that he should stay home for now. Naoki says he lives in Akita actually and is here in Tokyo to see someone.

Wizard 10

At the Bureau, Kizaki has Wajima in a room where he shows him the green magic stone he wants to be made into a Ring. Kizaki gets called out as Rinko is downstairs wanting to see him, demanding to release Wajima. He says things wouldn’t have to be this way if she did her job and report what’s been happening with Haruto.

Naoki and Haruto come around the corner and Naoki says Kizaki should be the one criticized for his actions. Haruto says he’s just here to escort a Gate and that sets Kizaki off, upset Haruto’s told Naoki he’s a Gate.

Wizard 10

Kizaki brings Haruto, Rinko and Naoki to his office. Naoki says he wants to ask about his father since Kizaki seems to be hiding something.

Kizaki says the suspicious one is Haruto and brings out the pictures of him. Naoki and Rinko defend him, but Kizaki says he’s a monster. Naoki refuses to go home until he learns about his father.

Wizard 10

Haruto brings Naoki to the shop where he explains to everyone that his father was Kizaki’s sempai and partner at the Bureau. Kizaki would visit often and was like an older brother to him, But ever since his father died during an investigation, Kizaki changed and seems to be avoiding him and refuses to tell him anything about how his father died. He thinks Kizaki had something to do with it.

Wizard 10

Haruto confronts Kizaki outside the Bureau about hiding things from Naoki and saying humans are no match for Phantoms. Kizaki points his finger in Haruto’s face and tells him he’s not the only one that can protect people.

Wizard 10 Wizard 10 Wizard 10

Koyomi, Shunpei and Rinko call to tell Haruto that Naoki has disappeared.

Naoki is at a Water Recycling Center and enters with two feds following. He sees flowers and a bottle of wine and says that’s where his father died. Gargoyle pops up and is excited to have Naoki there. The two feds bumble their way into some hurt as Kizaki comes and tells Naoki to run away. Gargoyle stops them outside when Haruto arrives and henshins.

Wizard 10

Haruto fights off Ghouls and then sets his sights on Gargoyle using Dragon, but Gargoyle again manages to escape.

Haruto goes back to Naoki. Kizaki tries to drag Naoki away, but Naoki refuses to go and says this is always how Kizaki must have been. Always running away, leaving the dangerous stuff to his subordinates. Was it the same with Dad? he asks.

“You left Dad in danger. You abandoned Dad and ran away, didn’t you?!”

Wizard 10

Episode Thoughts
Great to have Wizard back!

So we turn our attention to the shady fed that’s been creepin’ it up. Should be interesting to see if he’ll stick around even after Naoki’s story concludes next week. Must have something to do with that green magic stone.

It was an okay episode. Not the most exciting. But there were a few little things I noticed.

Haruto’s high pitched exclamations of surprise are still funny to me. And apparently, Toei loves having characters doing random stuff in the background on their shows these days. I’ve noticed recently on Go-Busters and now on Wizard and have actually gotten pretty distracted, that while characters are talking about stuff in the foreground, we see characters doing hilariously random things in the background.

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  1. I think there were some spelling errors in your recap this time, e.g. “two feds bumble their way into some hurt” and “But every since his father died ”

    Apart from that it was ok. The same with the episode. And I must say that the design for Gargoyle is ridiculous, I mean look at that giant head, they clearly showed that they can do better designs so what was up with that?

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