Recap: Grimm, Episode 2.12 – Season of the Hexenbiest

“Oh! There is a terrible witch in that house who spewed her poison over me and scratched me with her long fingernails.”

Grimm 212

As soon as Juliette sees Monroe, she runs out of the shop and drives off. Renard leaves as well and heads back to the station. Juliette gets home and immediately calls Nick to tell her they need to talk when he gets home. Monroe also calls Nick and says they need to talk. Nick says he’ll call tonight when he knows what he’s doing.

Across town, Adalind is officially back in Portland with an army of palm marked people.

Nick goes to Monroe’s and he tells Nick everything, including suspecting this has something to do with Adalind’s spell.

Grimm 212

Renard calls Juliette who tells him who Monroe is. She says she wishes she could stop these feelings for him just as Nick arrives home. She tells him about having feelings for another man, even though she doesn’t understand why and it’s making her go crazy.

He wants to know who it is, but he stops her before she says anything.

“I don’t wanna know. It’s none of my business anymore.”

Nick walks out the front door. Juliette heads over to Monroe’s and collapses into his arms, crying.

Meanwhile, Adalind’s henchmen go to Renard while she herself heads over to Hank’s to apologize for everything. She defends herself by saying she thought Nick was going to hurt her and maybe Nick even had something to do with her mother’s murder. She hopes he can forgive her and maybe they can see each other around.

She leaves and before he can call Nick, he gets attacked.

Grimm 212 Grimm 212

Adalind heads over to Renard’s to give him the orders from brother Eric. Get the key from Nick within 48 hours or Nick will be told of his real identity.

Nick has spent the night at Aunt Marie’s trailer and wakes up when Wu calls to tell him Hank is in the hospital after being attacked.

Juliette has also spent the night out, at Monroe’s and they talk about the night she went into a coma. She remembers Monroe was going to tell her something and maybe he can tell her now. He is reluctant but says Nick was concerned someone was trying to poison her.

Grimm 212

Hank wakes up at the hospital and tells Nick about Adalind. And Nick suspects Adalind had Hank attacked because he has something she wants.

Renard is talking to someone in Paris about Eric and the Verrat. But as soon as they hang up, the man is attacked. Nick arrives at the station and tells Renard about Adalind.

Monroe calls Nick to update him about Juliette and Nick updates Monroe about Adalind. Nick calls Juliette, but she doesn’t answer. She leaves the house, but Adalind is at the door.

Nick gets home and finds the house empty. Monroe arrives as well.

Juliette and Adalind have coffee. Juliette tells her about how a lot of stuff started after her cat scratched her. Adalind tells her about Europe and finding out her mother was murdered. Adalind asks about Juliette’s troubles with Nick.

Nick asks Wu to triangulate Juliette’s phone and Renard calls Nick into his office. Renard asks about him and Juliette and if he wants to talk. Nick comes out and says he thinks Juliette’s seeing someone else. Don’t let it get to you, Renard says.

Adalind presses Juliette for answers about Nick, then Aunt Marie then Aunt Marie’s trailer before Juliette finally answers Nick’s call. She hands Adalind the phone after Nick asks if they’re together and Adalind happily invites Nick to join them at the café.

As Nick quickly heads over, Adalind asks again about Aunt Marie’s trailer. Juliette says it was weird about old books and bottles and says it’s now at an old storage yard.

The cops arrive at the café and Wu cuffs Adalind.

Outside, Juliette is upset Nick used her to get Adalind and questions why they would even arrest her. While alone in the cop car, Renard tells her she’s playing a dangerous game. Adalind feels much safer in police custody.

Monroe is at Hank’s and smells Hundjäger.

Nick and Adalind are alone in the interrogation room and he asks her about her mother. Juliette in turn asks about his troubles with Juliette.

He asks about Hank and she feigns ignorance of the situation. She tells him she was at the hotel all night, ordered room service and it registered under the new company she works for, GQR Industries. She keeps toying with him about keys and cats before Nick leaves and joins Renard on the other side of the mirror.

Grimm 212

Renard tries asking about the key, but Nick says nothing. Monroe calls Nick to tell him about the Hundjägers which would mean the Verrat is involved. Nick tells him about Adalind working for the Royals and GQR which owned the ship that brought over the Mauvais Dentes.

Adalind tells Renard about Aunt Marie’s trailer and he has someone look for it.

Monroe goes to the hotel room Adalind told Nick she was staying at but gets the door slammed in his face.

Nick goes to the trailer to get the key from the hiding place. Monroe calls Nick who says he’s on his way. Monroe walks into the room to see how many Hundjägers there are and manages to lead them out of the hotel.

The Hundjägers confront Monroe outside, but Nick is ready to fight. He manages to take care of two of them and injures the female Hundjäger who is willing to talk. But before she can say who they work for, the other Hundjäger bites her neck.

Grimm 212

Nick sends Monroe home with their IDs and the weapon as he goes to Adalind to tell her she can’t hide in jail forever. She confesses she tried to kill Aunt Marie, but also says someone put them up to it.

Nick assumes the Royal living in Portland. She says she can give him a name if he gives her the key.

“I guess you don’t need to be a Hexenbiest to be a witch.”
“You don’t have to be a witch to work this kind of magic.”

Juliette is in bed when Nick walks into the room. He says he’s not sleeping on the couch anymore. He takes his bag, packs his things and heads to Monroe’s.

Monroe tells Nick he has something to show him and he plays the news report of Renard speaking about the missing girl a few weeks ago. Nick’s face…

Grimm 212

“You know him, don’t you?”

Meanwhile across town, Renard steps out of his car and walks towards… Aunt Marie’s trailer.

Grimm 212

And we’re left with this…

Grimm 212

Episode Thoughts


What an episode! This had to be the most high stakes episodes of Grimm yet and it was amazing. No need for a case of the week, actually getting down to the show’s own story and mythology was great. Focusing on just the characters we know was awesome.

Knowing this was the midseason finale, you know they were going to end with some kind of cliffhanger. From Nick finding out Renard is the other man to Renard standing in front of Aunt Marie’s trailer to the impending deadline to get the key from Nick.

Crazy stuff. Only thing I can say is… “NOT THE TRAILER!!!!!!!!”

So there’s only 10 episodes left in the season, can you even believe that? Unless NBC orders more. Either they’ll end the season early or we won’t see Grimm for a while so that it’ll end in May. I can’t imagine NBC would want to somehow hurt the excellent momentum the show has built on Fridays, maintaining its #1 spot on the night.

Anyway, should be an exciting 2nd half of the season now that things have once again shifted into high gear.

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