Recap: Supernatural, Episode 8.07 – A Little Slice of Kevin

Dean thinks he sees Castiel by the side of the road. He gets to the cabin where Sam tells him about strange disappearances that are followed by strange weather happenings. Turns out Crowley is behind the disappearances and has taken these people thinking they are prophets.

Meanwhile, Kevin and Tiger Mommy are holed up in an abandoned diner.

“You got to stop drowning me in holy water every time I go out!”

Mrs. Tran is tired of having to be on the run and says they should be proactive. She’s hired a witch off of Craig’s List that will get them ingredients to make the demon bombs Kevin read about on the tablet.

The Craig’s List witch Delta calls on the computer and tells them she’s just about gotten all the stuff.

Meanwhile, Sam and Dean confirm demons are involved in the disappearances, but Dean continues seeing Castiel pop up and out. He tells Sam how he tried so damn hard to get Castiel out of Purgs, but can’t understand why Cas didn’t try harder.

Crowley talks to the group of unknowing prophets who think they’ve been abducted by aliens. He shows them the tablet, but they have no idea what it is even supposed to be.

“I don’t read Chinese.”

One prophet protests and Crowley snaps him dead.

Delta the witch arrives at the Tran diner. Mrs. Tran turkey bastes her with holy water, but she’s clean. Delta hands her a bag of only small amounts of ingredients and says they’ll only get what they need when they pay up.

Back at the motel, Castiel pops up behind Dean in the bathroom and this time he’s here to stay. Sam is amazed and Cas says he’s been trying to reach out to them, but it doesn’t seem like he’s at full power, hence the popping in and out.

Dean asks how he got out, but Cas has no idea. He was endlessly running through Purgs, but suddenly ended up by the side of the road in Illinois. He goes to wash up and Dean has a flashback.

The three musketeers finally find the portal. Dean slices his and Benny’s arm and recites a spell. His arm absorbs Benny. He tells Cas they should go and they start climbing up the mountain to the portal, but Leviathan come flying in.

Back to the present, Dean tells Sam there is no possible way Cas could have fought out of Purgatory on his own. Castiel emerges from the bathroom all cleaned up and with his signature trenchcoat.

At the Tran diner, turns out Delta’s working with Crowley and has broken the salt line to let them in. She happily worships Crowley, but he snaps the “presumptuous twit” away.

Mrs. Tran demands Crowley leave her son alone, but Crowley takes Kevin with him and tells his henchman to kill her. But before he can, Mrs. Tran sprays him with holy water.

While Sam and Dean continue researching the missing people, Castiel says they are all prophets. Angels know all prophets, past, present and future. But there can only be one prophet at a time. And Kevin is the only one right now. Sam asks how about Chuck? Castiel is not sure what happened to Chuck.

Mrs. Tran calls Sam and they meet her. Meanwhile, Crowley sits Kevin with the other prophets. But he still resists translating the tablet until Crowley snaps another one of the prophets in half, causing blood to splatter all over Kevin.

While waiting for Mrs. Tran, Dean has another flashback. He is fighting the two Leviathan, but gets tossed aside. They turn their attention to Castiel who do a number on him until he fights back. Dean manages to get up and chop their heads off. The portal is closing and Dean steps in, holding out his hand for Castiel’s. But Castiel loses his grip and the portal closes, leaving him beind.

Dean asks to talk to Castiel outside the Impala and asks what happened. Did you not trust me, he asks. I did everything to get you out.

Castiel asks if Dean thinks this was his fault. But before they can hash it out, Mrs. Tran arrives and tells them about the witch and the demon bombs. He hands them Kevin’s notes and opens her trunk to reveal the demon tied up inside who leads them to where Crowley is holding Keivn.

Crowley tortures Kevin to get him to read the tablet, then cuts off his pinky which makes him finally give in.

Crowley wants a game changer, not any of the boring stuff. While Kevin reads through, Sam, Dean and Castiel go into the warehouse.

Dean and Castiel look for Kevin while Sam drops a demon bomb and runs into the other surviving prophets (“I’m here to help!”),

Crowley is intrigued when Kevin reads that there is a collection of tablets, not just about Leviathans and demons.

Just then, Castiel pops into the room and he and Crowley get ready to fight. But Castiel opens his wings and gets ready to strike before hitting the glass table and breaking the tablet in half. Crowley takes the other half and disappears.

Outside, Sam says the cops are on their way to take the remaining prophets home and also that Garth will be taking care of Kevin and Mrs. Tran. Kevin has new resolve to seal the “bastards” up forever, but for now they have to lay low.

Dean is upset Castiel went into the room on his own. Castiel says not everything is Dean’s responsibility and tells him he’s remembering Purgatory like how he needs to remember. Cas puts his hand on Dean’s forehead to make him see what really happened.

As Dean is holding on to Castiel’s arm while in the portal, Cas intentionally lets go and pushes Dean’s hand away.

Castiel says he let go not because he was weak. In fact, he was stronger than dean. But it was because he didn’t want to be saved. Purgs was where he belonged and he needed to do penance for all the things he did on Earth and in Heaven. He saw that clearly while he was there. He planned to stay all along, but didn’t know how to tell Dean.

“You can’t save everyone, my friend.”

Sam comes over to tell them about Garth being the Trans’ bodyguard when suddenly Castiel is zapped “home.” A woman is sitting at a desk in a very shiny room. This is heaven and she introduces herself as Naomi. She tells Castiel it was them to rescued him from Purgatory and it took a lot of angels to do so, some paid with their lives. She says these chats will be his repayment.

She wants him to tell her about Sam and Dean and she tells Castiel to stay with them, go when they call for him and then report to her the happenings. The thing is, Castiel won’t remember any of these meetings and the Bros won’t even realize he’s been gone.

I won’t do that, Castiel says, but she zaps him back.

Sam asks if Castiel is with them moving forward and he says yes.

Episode Thoughts

It was slow burn type of episode. But seeing Kevin and Tiger Mommy is always fun. I think Kevin is the best recurring character the show has had in a few seasons. Good to know they’ll be hanging out with Garth for now.

We didn’t really learn much about the tablet’s contents, though heard a lot about “demon bombs.”

I guess the biggest thing to take away from this episode was Castiel returning and him wanting to stay in Purgatory. I guess this ends our adventures in Purgatory too. Maybe not a big, shocking ending or a particularly interesting adventure. But I guess it’s the little things that count. Dean can’t save a best friend if the best friend doesn’t want to be saved. And now Castiel is a heavenly informant for who knows what’s going on up there.

It feels like we’ve closed out this flashback stage of season 8. No need to go back to Purgs? And certainly no need to go back to Amelia either. Should be interesting to see where we head to in two weeks.

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