Supernatural, Episode 7.05 – Shut Up, Dr. Phil

Dean wakes up after having a nightmare about everything that’s gone down these last few weeks. Sam comes into their motel room after a run (and after getting called Lance Armstrong) and Dean tells him about a woman who got fried under one of those “beehive hair dryers” and a man boiling to death in a hot tub in Prosperity, Indiana. They’ll check it out, but Sam wonders about Dean.

You may be “new Sam,” Dean says but he’s still the same old Dean.
“Yeah, okay.”

They head to Prosperity. Agent Sam Sambora talks to the woman’s sister. She says everyone loved Wendy. She volunteered at church and worked with kids. She was a realtor and the second victim was an architect, but the sister doesn’t think they knew each other.

Dean at the salon finds some kind of coin and calls Sam to tell him just as a man at a construction/development site gets nail gunned to death by a phantom nail gun… or something.

Dean finds another one of those hex coins and Sam finds that the three victims so far were working on a shopping center project together that fell apart. And there’s one more person left, a Donald Stark who has done so much good for the town that there’s a bust of him.

They notice the plants around the monument are dead and Dean had noticed the plants around Wendy’s bus bench ad were dead too. Bobby emails them back telling them the coins are Romanian.

The bros go talk to James Marsters as Don Stark. A perky assistant pops in and out before Sam excuses himself to go investigate upstairs. He finds that half of the walk-in closet in the master bedroom has been cleared out except for a box full of old things (ingredients?) and an envelope with pages of symbols.

He heads back down and asks Stark about his wife who confesses that he had a little “thing” recently causing the problems. They infer that Wendy was the “thing” and suggest he make it up to her (to stay alive of course).

They leave and realize the wife is some kind of witch who is putting hexes on these people. They head over to her place where Dean finds a closet with pictures of all the victims and the next one… the perky assistant Jenny.

Sam stays on the lookout outside and tries to stop the just arrived Charisma Carpenter as Mrs. Stark from going in. Dean takes the pictures of Jenny from the hex altar and he and Sam drive to her house. Mrs. Stark finds Jenny’s pictures gone, but has another and begins the spell on her anyway.

Jenny is happily baking cupcakes and takes a bite out of one when she suddenly finds blood running down her arm from a beating… heart? from inside the cupcake. She starts gagging as the bros storm in. Sam hurries to find the hex coin and he shoots it, stopping Jenny from choking to death.

They advise her to get out of Dodge, but also to cool it with Don Stark. But she says, ewe, there’s nothing going on with them.

Maggie Stark is ordering people around setting up some artsy fartsy banquet and she apparently has an assistant Sue who’s in love with her. It was Sue who told Maggie about the affair. Don arrives to talk to Maggie. He says none of this is his fault and for her to stop what she’s been doing. He mentions the FBI guys, but Maggie knows they’re hunters (and apparently Don knows what she is too).

Outside, just as Don gets to his car and the bros arrive as well, his commemorative bust crumbles. He looks up to Maggie in the window.

Bobby calls with instructions on how to take care of Maggie. Sam goes to gather the ingredients (including chicken feet which gross them out so much).

But at the event hall, it looks like Don has his own powers as he sabotages Maggie’s paintings and chops Sue’s head off with a flying plate.

Maggie declares war. Sam and Dean arrive at the hall and realize they’ve got two pissed off witches. They drive off, but one of the Leviathans has finally caught up to them.

Staking out the mansion, they see Maggie has arrived and they storm in with the bowl of chicken feet and begin the incantation but nothing happens. Oops. Don and Maggie begin their own spell to get rid of them, but Sam suggests they play Dr. Phil for the couple.

But all it gets Sam and Dean are invisible punches to the gut. Though after a couple more minutes of slapping Sam and Dean around, Don and Maggie realize that after all these hundreds of years, they love each other.

And Dean swallows a bee.

They head back to the motel where the Leviathan pops in and is about to finish them off until Don also pops in to save them. He’s there to collect the hex coins Maggie had put under their beds.

“You know how she is when she gets a bug up her ass.”

Don tells them to drop the thing into a bottomless pit since the spell only lasts a few days.

Winchester Bros Emo Moment of the Week
They stuff the Leviathan into the backseat of the Impala and Sam brings something up. He asks Dean if he noticed how the Starks talking out their problems helped. He says Dean should open up too instead of letting things build up inside him. Sam tells Dean to go ahead and unload. But Dean says they’re good.

Episode Thoughts
It was a fun episode. One of those breather episodes after darker, heavier stuff.

Was never much of a Buffy/Angel fan, but James Marsters and Charisma Carpenter had a fun, campy chemistry and had fun in their roles it seems.

Also lots of funny stuff with Sam and Dean and the voiceless, invisible Bobby.

A little disappointed though about the scene that made the episode instead of the hilarious clip that @jarpad had tweeted yesterday:

Oh, and chicken feet is actually delicious. The Winchester Bros should ’em some time. Hehe.

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