Supernatural, Episode 7.02 – Hello, Cruel World

Again, right where we left off.

The Leviathans are making Castiel/Jimmy’s body to explode, so they retreat and leave. Meanwhile, Sam is still with Lucy in the backroom. Lucy reiterates that all of this is just “set dressing” and that they’re still bunkmates.

“You’re my little bitch… in every sense of the term.”

Sam snaps out of it when Dean and Bobby come get him. They run out to find LeviaCas walking into the reservoir and disappearing into the pipes. Dean finds Castiel’s trenchcoat floating in the water.

“You dumb son of a bitch.”
“Well, he was friends with us. Can’t get much dumber than that.”

The Leviathans start infiltrating the nearest town through the water, first a little girl drinking out of a water fountain. Then some mechanic guy.

Lucy lingers as Dean and Bobby help wrap up the cut on Sam’s hand from his collapse in the lab. Sam tells them everything, he’s hallucinating, he’s seeing Lucifer.

“He’s not real,” Dean says. Sam replies, “He says the same thing about you.”

LeviaGirl is flipping channels and stops on Dr. Sexy M.D. She appears to have gotten a great idea.

Dean and Bobby are worried about Sam. But Bobby is also worried about how Dean is holding up. Dean puts on a brave face.

“Shut up ijit.”

The Leviathans take over two high school swimmers and then attack the teammates. Over at Sioux Falls General Hospital, we see Bobby’s old friend Sheriff Jodi Mills who has just gotten an appendectomy. One Dr. Gaines comes in to check up on her.

The eaten swimmers reach Bobby and the bros and Dean has to go check it out himself, leaving Sam and Bobby at home.

At the park, LeviaGirl (Annie) is on the swing when LeviaMechanic (Edgar) comes to visit her. They talk about being hungry. They talk about the two rogue Leviathans eating the swimmers.

Edgar tells Annie to “get them in line” and that “the boss” wants this taken care of. Seems like they don’t want attention brought to them.

LeviaGirl goes to hospital with her idea. She lures Dr. Gaines into an empty room.

“Are you a Dr. Sexy?”

He’s a surgeon, so they can cut into any body they want and remove any organs they please. That’s perfect. She grabs his hand and somehow inherits his body before she eats him up or something.

Dean walks through the “NC-17 shiznickle” in the high school locker room and confirms the Leviathans. Over at the hospital, Sheriff Jodi wakes up to see her roommate getting taken away by Dr. LeviaSexy Annie Gaines. Suspicious, she follows them and sees the LeviaDoctor open the old woman up and eating her insides. Sheriff Jodi gets away, but collapses, still weak from the surgery and painkillers.

A nurse finds her and brings her back to the room. Dr. LeviaGaines walks in and authorizes the nurse to give her more drugs to be able to sleep. They leave her alone.

“You can kiss my ass Dr. Monster Face.”

Dean calls Sam to update him and says he’s coming back home, while Lucy continues hovering around.

“Why don’t you just end it?” Sam asks Lucy, but he says this is fun entertainment.

“It ends when you can’t take it anymore.”

Bobby comes into the kitchen, “You having a little bag lady moment?”

Bobby gets them some beers.

After everything, all these years, all we’ve been through…”
“You beat the devil before kid. You’ll get a handle on this too. You will. You’re not in hell anymore, you’re here with us.”

Lucy sticks a poker through Bobby but it’s all in Sam’s head of course. Bobby gets a call and it’s Sheriff Jodi asking for help.

“Either Sheriff Mills is having an Obamacare insured opium dream or something’s eating folks down at Sioux Falls General Hospital.”

Bobby leaves and Sam is alone… with Lucy.
The two LeviaSwimmers and Edgar come to see Dr. LeviaGaines at the hospital. The Dr. Leviathan explains his/her plan to use hospital employees to get them their food. They let the two swimmers hop into the nurse and a hospital suit and they can feast every day.

Dean arrives home and tells Sam he needs him to help get the two Leviathans that’ve come into town.

Bobby helps Sheriff Jodi into a cab and he heads back into the morgue to check out the first buffet victim.

In the car, Dean acts funny, being very un-Dean-like. And we all know where this is leading. The real Dean arrives home and no one’s there, so he tracks Sam with the GPS on his phone.

LucyDean brings Sam to a warehouse and shows himself, trying to break Sam into just ending it all right now by offing himself.

Back at the hospital Dr. LeviaGaines sees Bobby and recognizes him. Bobby shoots him with silver bullets but it does nothing so he runs.

The real Dean arrives. Sam points his gun at him, not sure it’s really really Dean.

“This discussion does not require a weapons discharge!”

Dean tries to get Sam to calm down and helps him with knowing and feeling what’s really real. He takes his stitched up hand and presses into it. The real pain of his hand helps him distinguish reality and Lucy’s mindfracking.

Winchester Bros Emo Moment of the Week
“I’m the only one that can legitimately kick your ass in real time. We got you out Sammy. Believe in that. Believe me. You gotta make it stone #1 and build on it.”

Lucy disappears.

Bobby calls Sam, tells him what happened and that he’s going back home so they can regroup. Sam and Dean head back… to find Bobby’s house torched.

They search around for him. Sam heads into the yard and Dean tries Bobby’s cell phone.

He gets voice mail and leaves a message…”You can not be in that crater back there. I can’t… if you’re gone, I swear, I’m going to strap my Beautiful Mind brother into the car and I’m gonna drive us off to Peter. You asked me how I was doing? Well, not good. Now you said you’d be here. Where are you?”

They keep looking and Edgar the Leviathan pops up. Dean shoots at his head, not gonna work. Edgar hurls Dean onto a car and he injures his leg. Sam tells Dean to drop a car on the guy, but not before Edgar smashes Sam’s head with a hammer. Dean drops the car and Edgar literally goes splat, with the black ooze seeping out from under the car.

Dean crawls to Sam who is unconscious, so he can’t do anything but call 911. In the ambulance, Lucy pops in again and Sam goes into a seizure. The EMT calls into Sioux Falls General and Dean tells him to go anywhere but there.

“Yeah right buddy.”

Back at the junkyard, the ooze goes seeping back under the car.

Episode Thoughts
It was a good episode. This picking up where we left off is something I could get used to this season. It keeps that sense of urgency and the story is nonstop.

I did say I preferred the show getting back to the procedural-y stuff, but the episode had enough (a lot!) of stuff going on that we can go on with this for a few episodes at least.

Misha Collins got some great stuff these last two weeks. I’m sure that’s not the last we’ll see of him on Supernatural but it looks like Castiel really is gone. (After six seasons and two episodes of Supernatural, that’s pretty naïve to say, I know.)

It’s nice to see the show making good use of Mark Pelligrino’s talents though.

As for Bobby, he probably sped off to Sheriff Jodi’s home to hideout. Should be interesting to see how next week will play out at the hospital and all that.

We’ll probably spend a week or two trying to figure out how to gank the Leviathans (and how to avoid being ganked of course) since they have no clue or even where to start. I fear a deus ex machina gift or maybe one in the form of Crowley, but I guess the ghosthunting will have to wait a few more weeks.

There’s also the continuing thread of Sam’s headwall, which I think eased up a bit this week with him starting to control it. But the wall could just as easily make Sam’s head explode next week so who knows.

So, so far, a nice two episodes to start the season. I’m liking the feel so far. Let’s hope they can keep things interesting at least and not build up to nothing again. (Eve!)

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