Supernatural 6.19 – Oh Those Jefferson Starships

Eve, the mother of all enters a bar (not the start of a joke), infects people and they go crazy killing each other.

Dean prepares bullets filled with phoenix ashes but they’re still not sure it might work. They decide they might need to get someone on the inside to help them find and defeat Eve.

So Castiel finds vampire Lenore who refuses to help them at first. But she tells them where Eve is because she’s dangerous, she’s exactly like all the other children and she can no longer control herself. She wants them to kill her, so Castiel does the job.

He then flies them to Grants Pass, Oregon where mommy could be. Navigating a tablet, not a computer, Bobby finds a doctor in town had contacted the CDC about a strange illness by one Ed Bright. Dean and Castiel go see the doctor, but he’s not there. They head behind the clinic and find Ed Bright dead and stashed out back. Across town, Bobby and Sam find the doc’s home empty.

The four meet up and they storm into Ed Bright’s frat house and find a whole room full of dead Ed Brights. There’s one Ed Bright still barely alive and he manages to tell them about having gone to a bar last night before they all got sick.

The four head to the bar and find the mess of bodies strewn all over the place and realize Eve might be creating hybrids. What to call these new things? Bobby leaves it to Dean and he names them Jefferson Starships… “because they’re horrible and hard to kill.”

The cops show up and take Sam, Bobby and Castiel away. But it turns out, theyre Jefferson Starships too and Dean helps off two of the three. They spare the Starship sheriff and question him but he won’t budge.

After hearing a sound in the station, Sam and Dean find the doctor’s sons, Joe and Ryan. The bros want to take them to their uncle in the next town, but Castiel wants Dean to focus on the “greater purpose.”

The bros leave and Castiel wants some alone time with the Starship sheriff. He seemingly gets Eve’s coordinates pretty easily.

The four are back together and they head to the address and find it was the diner they were eating lunch at earlier. Sam and Dean head inside and they find it is full of starships. Eve, as a waitress, welcomes them. She says she doesn’t want to fight.

In fact, she never really wanted any of this. She was happy with “the natural order.” But when her children started getting kidnapped and tortured, she had to come to their defense. The bros find it hard to believe, so she turns herself into… *gasp* Mary Winchester.

She compares herself to their mother, all she wants is Crowley dead for what he’s done to her children. They tell her he’s dead, but she informs them otherwise.

And the reason he’s been collecting all these monsters is for their souls. Each soul is a “nuclear reactor.” Like Castiel told Bobby last week, souls are power, fuel. And for the King of Hell Crowley, all those souls equal power.

So her plan is to turn all the humans for herself, to basically fight against Crowley. She tells them she’s been beta testing her hybrid Jefferson Starships, but now she feels like she’s gotten the right formula. So much that hunters can’t even detect them… Ryan, the little boy.

She wants to make a deal. Bring Crowley to her and she’ll let them live.
Dean doesn’t want to work with monsters anymore. Eve’s goons bring in Bobby and Castiel.

Eve threatens to turn Dean and he eggs her on. She bites his neck, but she starts coughing. Dean had taken in some ash (with whiskey). Eve starts melting and eventually collapses.

The other Starships start attacking, but Castiel takes care of them now that his powers are back.

Castiel clears up Dean’s neck and they head over to the boy but find them dead too. Killed by demons.

The bros tell Castiel about Crowley and he leaves to find out info.
Bobby wonders how Crowley could’ve gotten away, unless he wanted to.

Both Bobby and Sam seem to think it’s possible, but Dean doesn’t think Castiel would ever do that.

Castiel pops back into the diner. As “Miracles” by Jefferson Starship starts playing, Castiel looks around at the bodies.

“Really Cas, this is getting ridiculous…”
And lo and behold, it is Crowley.
“How many times am I going to have to clean up your messes.”

Episode Thoughts
So this was an intriguing but at the same time, annoying episode.

First the good. The little juxtaposition of the two sets of bros when they were driving to the uncle’s house was nice. I doubt it meant anything more than just a nice little moment. But you never know.

Also, great having Samantha Smith guest starring as Mary Winchester… or in this episode, the image of Mary Winchester. This also had to be the most she’s ever spoken on the show! Right? Even more than that epicly awesome and one of the best episode “What Is and What Should Never Be.”

So… that’s pretty much it on the positive.

Though I liked the episode itself, I didn’t appreciate it much in the context of everything else.

So, all this build up to the “Mother of All” amounted to basically nothing. That was the climax to that arc? Eve was basically a throw away character.

And if she was just something to push this “Castiel’s dark secret” thing, it didn’t help. Neither did Crowley being alive.

Really, it wasn’t much of a build up. And now it’s looking like this season has no singular act. Which is fine I guess, if it wasn’t obvious that they want to make it appear as though one exists.

Purgatory? No. Sam’s time in hell? No. Heavenly Civil War? No.

A season of just good ol’ hunting each week? Maybe that isn’t such a bad idea after all.

Hey I’m happy Supernatural gets to see a 7th season (who would’ve thought!) and am still going to be there every Friday for the series, but I do wish they find more focus instead of being all over the place with no clear direction.

Well, I guess we can enjoy the one-liners…
“Cas, get out of my ass.”
“I was never in your…”

“I’m bathing in Purell tonight.”

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