Supernatural 6.17 – My Heart Will Go On

Sam and Dean are worried about Bobby who’s been spending every minute trying to find a way to kill Eve. The boys think he’s distraught over losing Rufus.

They decide to take a job and leave in an orange-striped… Mustang. Huh?

Back inside Bobby’s, Ellen pops in… ELLEN POPS IN?! with groceries and understands Bobby’s dilemma.

“Have I ever told you you’re a pain in the ass?”
“That’s why you married me.”

Say what now?

The boys get to the scene of a guy whose head gets chopped off by his garage door (pretty). They find a thread of gold and begin looking into family backgrounds and such.

They call Bobby and Ellen who tell them Jo (who’s hunting in California) has found similar incidents around the country and the only connection between them all, they all have descendants who came over to America on some ship called the Titanic.

None of them have any idea what the Titanic is. So the bros do some research and find it was some huge ship that sailed in 1912 and has a close call with an iceberg. It was thankfully saved from disaster by a first mate named I.P. Freeley. Funny… and for good reason, I.P. is actually Balthazar.

They call him to ask him about it and he admits to it being all his doing. He unsunk the Titanic because he hated the movie. And he absolutely hated the theme song by Celine Dion.

In doing this, Balthazar’s created some sort of domino or butterfly effect (“No Kutcher references.”) that, among other things, made 50,000 people exist being descendants of those who otherwise had died on the Titanic and made Ellen and Jo undead and Ellen married to Bobby.

Balthazar flies away and the bros call Bobby who tell them the sisters of Fate from Greek mythology might be at work here trying to clean up the mess from the dominoes by killing all those who should be dead.

It’s an easy fix, but the bros don’t want to sink the boat knowing it would mean Ellen and Jo would die.

Now Bobby changes his tune. He tells Sam and Dean to do everything to keep the angels from sinking that boat.

The bros go talk to Shawn Russo, one of the descendants but they can’t save him when gets hit by a bus. Sam sees Fate in the window and they decide to follow her into an abandoned diner.

Fate stops time and turns on all the gas in the place. The bros’ flashlights turn off and Dean takes out a lighter. He lights it, but Castiel pulls them out

Castiel tells them Fate must be annoyed by the bros tempting fate themselves. But Castiel says that’s exactly what they have to do to get her out in the open and kill her. Balthazar has the weapon that can do it.

Ellen suggests the easiest way would be to just sink the boat and Bobby gets upset. He decides to tell her everything.

The bros are walking down the street just waiting for Fate to get to them and they run into a couple of hilarious different ways for them to possibly die.

They avoid all of them until one. Time stops again and Castiel and Fate meet. Fate, or Atropos, meet and she is angry. God gave her a job which she did damn well, but by him and the bros stopping the apocalypse, she is not reduced to basically nothing.

Castiel says freedom is more important, but Atropos says this is all chaos. He tells her her services are no longer required.

Atropos says changing the future is one thing, but going back and changing the past is too far. She knows Castiel asked Balthazar to go back and unsink the Titanic because he’s desperate in the war. She says the 50,000 souls that emerged as descendants of the Titanic passengers are part of Castiel’s plans for his “war machine.”

“You can’t just mint money Castiel. It’s wrong and its dangerous. And I won’t let you.”

She says if he doesn’t go back and resink the ship, she’s going to “kill [your] two pets.”

He won’t let her. But she says even if he kills her, she’s got two sisters who’ll be on Sam and Dean’s asses. Castiel tells Balthazar to stop, he’s popped in behind Atropos to kill her but Cas tells him to stop.

They pop off and Sam & Dean disappear from under the falling cabinet..

Cut to the bros waking up to Celine Dion’s “My Heart Will Go On” … in the Impala.

Sam and Dean compare their dreams, very similar. Castiel pops in and tells them it wasn’t a dream. He tells them he made Balthazar go back so the two of them can be safe.

Castiel wants them to remember all of it, for them to know who Fate is. That you can choose freedom, like they’ve taught him and that they should continue to fight for it.

But he doesn’t let them in on everything and he lets them believe Balthazar did this just because he hates Billy Zane. Dean thinks that very petty, especially since “the movie wasn’t that bad.” Specifically because he got to see Kate Winslet’s rack.

Winchester Brothers Closing Emo Moment of the Week
Castiel flies away. They head inside to find Bobby sleeping on the couch. Things are back to “normal.”

They let him sleep, probably the best he’s felt all week.

Episode Thoughts
So, great to have Supernatural back right? Seriously, next season the CW needs to fix their airing patterns to avoid these five week hiatuses. And yes, Supernatural is pretty much a lock for season 7. And I have no problems with that. =]

As for this episode, light on mythology, more standalone. It had an interesting seesaw of hilarity and emotional sentiment. Done well, but maybe could’ve been better.

It might also be because it is the first episode back, but the tone of the episode definitely felt more off than on.

I get Castiel is desperate and things aren’t looking so hot in the clouds but the episode might have been a little better if they stuck with lighter tone instead of half-heartedly mining emotion for seeing Ellen alive (and married to Bobby!)

Any reason to have Samantha Ferris back as Ellen is great though. And the scene of them avoiding the skateboarders, bikers, dogs, knives and hatchets of death was pretty hilarious.

Speaking of, Supernatural needs to work on the Then recaps at the beginning of the episodes. It’s always been like this but they give away so much of what’s coming up in the respective episode that it needs its own spoiler alert. Seeing Ellen and her and Jo’s death in the Then? Probably means one or both will show up this episode. Adrianne Palicki looking hot in the Then? She’s probably going to pop up this episode as well.

I think Supernatural is at a point in its life where they don’t need to remind the viewers about certain people and events. The fans watching the show in season six will certainly know what’s going on (in relation to history) without the spoilers at the beginning of the episode. 😉

But overall, an okay episode, fun, but could’ve been funner. It’s just good to have the show back and ready to finish the season.

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0 thoughts on “Supernatural 6.17 – My Heart Will Go On

  1. Just Watch this episode have notice that in season 6 there has been a change in the storyline after the war but, still trying to figure out the direction there heading with this season as now Kripke isnt writing the episodes now, and it has now gone in a different direction even watching this episode found it to be weak in the sense that they are not dark as the first 5 cause the dealt with different Demons different situations, were now its to light even watching Sam and Dean act in it has change like there not enjoying the path of the show is heading …

    originally, when kripke first wrote supernatural, he originally wrote it for 5 seasons, each one flowing from one season to the next… season one was finding dad… season two was sam and his psychic mates, season 3 was dean going to hell… season 4 was lucifer rising… season 5 was sam taking the big swan dive into the pit. season 6 is going where??? OMG after lucifer they fighting against who? the mother of what??? it’s like facing your worst nightmare and then going back to fight wendigo’s and shit!! i say it’s taking a step back from the build up of what kripke envisioned…

    regardless of the new director and writer there’s no real vision for the show, there’s no authentication to the originality of what drives us as FANS to follow the show….OMG bring back ACDC, KANSAS, TED NUGENT, BLUE OYSTER CULT ….. (CELINE DION)?? WTF, THT’S FCKED UP HARDDDDDDDDD!!!!!!!!!!

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