Supernatural 6.16 – And Then There Were None

A monster soul train brings the bros and Bobby their first glimpse at the Mother of All. They have a happy reunion with Rufus who is also on the trail but the party screeches to a halt when they also run into grandpaSam and Gwen Campbell.

Dean wants to kill him, as he had promised, but Sam tells him to wait.

“So you’re Samuel.”
“Yyou must be the guy pretending to be their father.”
“Well, somebody ought to.”

grandpaSam fills them in on “Eve,” a creature from purgatory. Also known as “Mother,” “every freak that walks the face of the Earth can be traced back to her.”

Gwen is surprised when Bobby brings up grandpaSam’s willingness to throw his own kin to ghouls and she goes to ask Dean about it.

He tells her everything and she says she didn’t know. Dean says he has something to tell her and takes out his gun and shoots her!

The others run from the other room and try to revive her, Dean nowhere to be found. Rufus can’t revive her and Sam comes back without finding Dean.

Eve must have gotten to Dean, so they lockdown and hope to find him before he finds them. They split up, Sam with Bobby, Rufus with grandpaSam.

They find Dean who tells them he just woke up on the floor to find some black worm thing crawling out of his ear. Rufus confirms it’s been in Dean and Bobby suggests they all give up their guns because they have no idea into who’s ear it’s gone now.

They lock the weapons in a locker.
Rufus and Bobby call their contacts and grandpaSam leaves to go to the bathroom. Sam and Dean follow.

They confront him. He doesn’t apologize and he says what he did pales in comparison to what Sam did last year. Fine, tell me what I did, Sam says but Dean stops grandpaSam from scratching that wall.

Dean sees the blackness dripping out of grandpaSam’s ear and stops him before he can shoot them. grandpaSam runs away.

They take their weapons back from the locker and go look for him. Sam gets separated from the others when a door gets closed so he has to go around on his own. He finds grandpaSam.

grandpaSam wants to tell him about his summer vacation and starts moving closer, but Sam shoots him in the head.

When the other three come, they think the thing is in him. Sam tells them it was in grandpa, but they are still skeptical. They swab grandpaSam’s ear and nothing.

Bobby and Rufus go get some tools to drill his head open. Sam and Dean talk and Sam wonders what would mom say about this.

“Just cuz you’re blood doesn’t make you family. You’ve gotta earn that.”

Rufus and Bobby tell Sam and Dean to take a breather while they chop open grandpa’s head. They’re alone and Bobby brings up Omaha and says it was his fault and that he should have listened to him. Rufus says no and he doesn’t want to talk about it. He’ll never forgive Bobby for what happened.

Rufus starts sawing and grandpaSam wakes up. He barricades the door and fights with the two before Sam and Dean arrive, but Bobby pushes grandpaSam towards the wall socket and he gets electrocuted, causing the worm to crawl out.

Bobby and Rufus wake up and they all suspect each other again so they check their ears and nothing. It must have gone. And electricity is what combats it.

Sam has an idea to really make sure the worm isn’t in each of them. He cuts a live wire and tests it on grandpaSam. Yup, still dead. Dean goes first and he’s clean.

Sam does himself. Dean does Rufus. And Rufus takes it to do Bobby, but Bobby doesn’t want to and sure enough, the worm’s in him and he stabs Rufus in the chest.

The bros manage to knock him out and they tie him up.

Dean tortures him a little with the wire.

“Hey there you little herpe.”
“Why do you keep talking about herpes?”
“I don’t. Shut up. Shut up!”

wormBobby toys with them. He says he’s new in town, Eve just made him herself just to lead them here, to give them a message.

“You’re all gonna die. She’s pissed. She’s here.”
Soon, there will be more creatures than humans in the world. He’s also pretty confident they won’t kill him because they’d have to kill Bobby too.

But they know what Bobby would want them to do and they go ahead and duct tape wormBobby’s mouth and ears shut and electrocute.

The black goop starts seeping out of every orifice on his face until Dean lets go of the wire. Sam unwraps the duct tape and the worm falls to the floor, apparently dead.

But how about Bobby?

Winchester Brothers Closing Emo Moment of the Week
Cut to the cemetery. Sam and Dean are at a new grave… and are joined by Bobby.

He tells them about how he was just a job before. He was just Joe Mechanic whose wife got possessed. Rufus came busting through the door and cleaned everything up. That’s when Bobby got into hunting. They began riding together.

Then he tells them about Omaha, how it was his fault and that Rufus never let it go.

He should have, Dean says.
“It doesn’t matter. At the end of the day, you’re family.”

Dean says they should all have clean slate. No matter what. Sam agrees.

They leave Bobby who gives Rufus a final tribute.

Episode Thoughts
Well, I guess that’s how you kill off half your recurring cast. And then there were none indeed.

Definitely sad to see Rufus go. I think this was really the only episode where we got to see how hilariously awesome it would be to have him and Bobby riding together all the time.

And really, how awesome seeing Bobby in a tie running around with the bros. Seeing them all in a suit and tie just illustrates how much Supernatural is like any of the crime procedurals on the other nets… but better and more interesting. Hee.

Wish we got more of Bobby and Rufus’ Winchester Bros Emo moments.

Not that sad to see grandpaSam go. Mary must be rolling in her grave knowing what her father turned in to. I wouldn’t be surprised if we see him again in the future, but it was pretty satisfying to see him get hot AND get electrocuted, yes?

It was a simple, yet interesting episode, though I don’t know if it was really the right episode to kick off one of those hellish SIX WEEK LONG HIATUS. Really, the CW needs to schedule better to prevent these long stretches without long episodes.


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