Supernatural 6.15 – The French Mistake

Balthazar pops in and tells them Raphael is going Michael Corleone on everyone’s that helped Castiel in the heavenly civil war, so he has come to warn the bros and send them to a safe place… on the CW Friday nights!

The bros literally crash onto the set of Supernatural and the directors are sorting out how to remedy doing the scene over since the tape is all screwy, probably form the cosmic convergence.

Dean gets taken to the makeup chair to get it all wiped off… “Oh crap, I’m a painted whore.”
And Sam gets interviewed about the show.

Sam tells Dean this is all a TV show.
“For whatever reason, our life is a TV show.”
“I don’t know.”
“No, seriously, why? Why would anybody want to watch our lives?”
“Well according to the interview, not very many people do.”

Sam learns they’re called Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki in this strange place and they head out onto the studio lot. Dean freaks out at the sight of about a half-dozen Impalas in various states of collapse and they decide to call Castiel.

They see him across the way and run to him asking what’s going on. Castiel tells them they’re in an alternate universe and says the key Bathalazar gave them before he flashed them to this alternate universe opens a room where they’ve locked all of the weapons Balthazar has taken from heaven.

Sam asks what’s with all the TV crap and Castiel is at a loss for words. That wasn’t in the script. No, this isn’t Castiel. It’s some funny named-actor named Misha. The bros walk away and Misha decides to tweet about the funny encounter with “J-squared.”

“Misha? Jensen? What’s up with all the names around here?”

They walk by a trailer with “J. Ackles” on the door so they head inside. It’s a fancy trailer with a helicopter and aquarium. Sam Googles Jensen Ackles and discovers this guy’s been on Days of our Lives.

Cue up an incredibly awesome shoutout with an actual scene from Days of our Lives of Jensen as Eric Brady and Arianne Zucker as Nicole back when Nicole thought she had cancer and they were on-again, off-again… yeah, long story.

Dean and Sam think this is horrifying and want to get back to the “real world” as soon as possible. Dean thinks all they have to do is reverse Balthazar’s spell but that’s easier said then done. None of the ingredients he used is real on this set.

Director Bob Singer sees them fooling around with the props… “Well, at least they’re talking.”

They head into one of the Impalas but they find out it’s just a prop. So they end up with a driver who also is amazed Jared and Jensen are talking now.

They find out they’re in Vancouver of all places and jaredSam tells the driver to take him to his place, which they discover is very fancy. Jared has a tanning bed in the living room.

jensenDean looks out into the backyard and sees a camel.

“It’s an alpaca, dumbass,” says Genevieve Cortese Padalecki as she walks down the stairs in a stylish black dress.

“Ruby… right, cuz that one never gets old.”

She walks to jaredSam and gives him a kiss asking how work was today.

jensenDean sees a picture on the mantle of this fakeRuby and jaredSam apparently getting married.

fakeRuby says Jensen’s never even been to their house, but at least the guys are talking again. She heads off to some charity dinner.

The guys search online for the stuff they need to reverse the spell and find they have to buy the relics from auction, but hey, no problem. Jared and Jensen are loaded.

jensenDean goes to sleep on the couch as jaredSam walks around the house until Genevieve comes home. He asks her about all the apocalypse stuff from season 5, but she just thinks Jared’s been Sam Winchester way too long. He takes him upstairs.

Next day, they go to pick up the package and go to the studio early to try and do the spell, but they’ve got to film scenes.

They reluctantly film a scene with Misha, but they are hilariously horrible at it.
Misha tweets about how strangely they’ve been acting.

Director Bob calls executive producer Sera Gamble on the phone to tell her about the problems with their lead stars just as Sam and Dean hurl themselves through the window on the set. It doesn’t work.

They head back to the trailer and Sam says the spell might not work in this world. There’s no magic, no supernatural, nothing. They head back to the set and run into one of Raphael’s agents, Virgil. He doesn’t have powers in this world either and they start beating him up until the crew stops them. Virgil takes the key from Sam’s pocket and runs.

Director Bob calls Sera on the phone again and she suggests she fly up to Vancouver to personally talk to the guys. Bob suggests they call Kripke instead since he created the show and the boys might respond better to him. But Sera says Kripke’s busy writing his Octocobra pilot.

Misha is about to go home, but Virgil pops up in the backseat of his car and tells him to drive.

Back on set, Director Bob decides to have a mini-intervention with the guys but they aren’t very interested.

“What kind of a douchebag names a character after himself!?”

Director Bob tells them to stop coming to work on poppers and to stop ad-libbing. Sam walks off, but Dean stays to say that in their real world, they matter. They do good things in that world.

The bros leave.

In a Vancouver back alley, Virgil slashes Misha’s throat to get some blood to make a phone call to Raphael. A homeless man sees the whole thing and he later tells Sam and Dean that he overheard Raphael telling Virgil he’d bring him home tomorrow.

Sam and Dean talk about what if they end up getting stuck here. Dean says it might not be so bad, they’re rich, have good lives, there’s nothing to hunt. But Sam says they’ve got to get back. At least in the other world, they’re actually brothers.

Virgil goes to take a rifle and gun from a store and returns to set just as Eric Kripke arrives. Misha’s death helped get the show on the front page of Variety for once. He and Bob hold back their excitement, but Virgil appears and starts killing everyone in sight.

The bros manage to hold him down and they grab the key just as Raphael reaches in to yank them back into their real world.

They meet Raphael in his new meat suit, a well-dressed African-American woman. She takes the key just as Balthazar arrives to tell them all that it was just a decoy. It was a plan to put Raphael on a wild goose chase.

Castiel appears, “If you don’t want to die tonight, back off.”

Raphael flies away. Then Balthazar. Castiel pops them back to Bobby’s and tells them about it all being Balthazar’s plan. He reminds the bros about the gravity of the situation but can’t explain further and he flies off.

Sam goes to check the wall, yup, it’s real.
Back to the moldy, termitey home of Bobby’s and their real lives.

“Yup, but at least we’re talkin’.”

Episode Thoughts
Well, no emo moment this week in the midst of all the wink winks and laughs.

It was an absolutely fun episode, especially for long time fans of the show. Of course, as the show will do, the mythology gets nudged forward despite it being a light, meta episode. Raphael gets a new vessel (and an awesome one at that) and the weapons appear to be in Castiel’s possession now (or at least one or a few of them).

But mainly, the episode was a chance for the cast and crew to have fun and poke at themselves. A solid episode with laughs throughout.

Personally, as a Days of our Lives baby, seeing that clip of Jensen from the show was absolutely awesome and got me reminiscing the days of wishing LeAnn Rimes had more than a guest stint on the show as Madison so she could get together with Eric and the days of Julianne Morris as Greta von Amburg or when Jensen first debuted on the show and everyone thought Eric Brady would turn out to be gay.

Oh the days of Soap Opera Digest Award winning and Emmy nominated Jensen Ackles, good times.
And good episode. Looks like we’re going to go back to the heavier stuff next week. Well, we’ve gotten quite a breather that’s for sure!

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