Supernatural 6.07 – What Would You Do for Family?

Dean brings an unconscious Sam back to the motel and he wakes up to find Castiel trying to diagnose him. No, Sammy isn’t speaking in tongues or feverish, but he hasn’t slept since coming back.

Tied to a chair, Sam can’t escape Castiel’s angelic probing. He doesn’t find anything… that is, he confirms that Sam’s soul is gone. Cas guesses that Sam’s soul is still in the cage with Michael and Luci.

“So is he even still… Sam?”
“You pose an interesting philosophical question.”

Dean says why not just go down and get it like he did him. But Cas says that was completely different. Sam meanwhile asks if they’re going to untie him now. Dean could just as well leave him in the room forever. Sam apologizes for lying and letting him get turned and asks nicely to be untied.

Sam insists he’s trying to “get right” and that this is still him. But Dean doesn’t want to let him go. Sam easily stands up with his hands untied. Dean won’t be able to hold him anywhere.

“You’re stuck with the soulless guy so you might as well work with me. Let’s fix this.”

Dean tells Castiel to clean Sam up, so Cas puts his hand up to Sam’s face and he’s all better.

Now their question is, “Who sprung Sam out of the box?” Sam has no clue who did it. He only remembers that he woke up in a field. The only lead he’s got is Grandpa Samuel so they go to visit him.

They get to the Campbell HQ and find a lot of hunters looking to be preparing for a hunt. Dean refers to Christian looking like Paul Newman and they go straight to Grandpa’s office.

Samuel quickly stuffs a picture or something into his drawer when the boys come in. They asks him to tell them about the day he woke up. Castiel pops up behind him.

“This is Castiel? You’re scrawnier than I pictured.”
“This is a vessel. My true form is approximately the size of your Chrysler Building.”

Grandpa doesn’t remember anything either except waking up so Castiel does his thing. Samuel’s screams prompt Christian to rush into the office, but he’s fine and tells him it’s okay.

“His soul’s intact,” Castiel says.

They tell him about Sam’s soul deficiency and Samuel says “Sometimes you scare me.”

Castiel has to get back. “I’m in the middle of a civil war.”

“You better tear the attic up, find something to help Sam.”
“Of course, your problems always come first.”

And Castiel pops off.

On to other matters, Samuel’s got a lead on the alpha vamp and that’s what the gang of hunters outside are preparing for. Sam is surprised they didn’t call him, but Dean says it is because Samuel doesn’t trust him.

“That’s not true. No, I just don’t know you like I know Sam.”

Dean says fine, he just wants a piece of “big daddy bloodsucker” and will just follow his lead.

The bros go outside and Dean says he doesn’t trust Grandpa. Sam doesn’t feel it, but of course he doesn’t because he’s “roboSam.”

Dean suggests they just blend in for now and see what they can find. They go back inside and Dean heads to Grandpa’s office to search but Christian catches him.

They don’t like each other very much.

“The only action you’ve seen lately is between your slut girlfriend’s legs.”

The hunters head to the vampire nest and Grandpa Samuel tells Sam and Gwen to stay behind to take care of any stragglers.

“I’m in the rear with the reject?”

Alone, Gwen apologizes for calling Dean a reject. She’s just sick of always being left behind. They hear rustling and a vamp comes to attack them. Gwen slices his head off though.

Dean hears gunshots and runs to the nesthouse. He sees dead bodies, hunters and vamps, all over the place and then remembers his vision from the vampire’s nest.

He goes around back and is shocked to see Grandpa, Sam and the other hunters taking the alpha vamp into a van.

On the drive back, Dean is upset and confronts Sam about what he saw. Sam explains Grandpa’s been doing that, capturing things and torturing them to get information.

Dean can’t believe Sam is so nonchalant about it all, not even knowing why they’re being interrogated or even going to the place where Grandpa does it. Sam says it is because he’s family, he’s their grandfather.

But Dean reminds him that Grandpa Samuel might not see family the way they both do. He tells Sam that he’s messed up, he has no more instinct. That’s why Sam has to tell him everything as he can no longer tell what’s what.

Sam goes back to HQ and tells Grandpa that he and Dean have parted ways, that he wants in on the interrogations now. But Grandpa says no, that all he has to do is keep doing what he’s been doing.

Sam goes outside and turns on the GPS on one of Grandpa’s cell phones so now he and Dean can track him and find the waterboarding location.

They head inside some old warehouse and find Grandpa interrogating the alpha vamp who is literally nailed down inside a cage connected to some electric chair type of deal.

The alpha vamp doesn’t feel a thing though and he’s secretly scratching his way out of the shackles. Grandpa repeatedly asks “Where is it?”

Grandpa leaves and Dean and Sam walk in and do a little interrogating of their own. The vamp detects Sam has no soul. Funny thing about souls, the vamp says, they’re predictable. “You die, you go up or down. Where do my kind go?”

He is referring to purgatory and it is filled with every “freak” that ever existed. The vamp says Uncle Samuel is doing all of this just to find out where purgatory is. And that someone is telling him to find it out.

Grandpa interrupts and they take Sam and Dean into the hallway as they question his reasons. That leaves alpha vamp with a scared hunter and by now the vamp has escaped his cell.

Grandpa wants to capture the vamp again, but Dean says they have to kill it now. No more playing around. They go around and try to find it but he finds them.

The vamp likes soulless Sam, he says he’ll be the perfect “animal” for him. But before Sam gets bitten, a black eyed Christina stabs him in the back. He and a few other demons pop away with the vamp.

Popping in now is Crowley. Apparently Christian has been possessed this whole time. And apparently Crowley and Grandpa have some sort of business deal.

“You’re Crowley’s bitch,” Sam says.

Crowley says he wants prime purgatory real estate. For what? Who knows.
About Grandpa, he’s a walking encyclopedia. And he’s been using the bros and taking advantage of their family loyalty “nonsense.”

Crowley was the guy that pulled Sam and Grandpa out. And Grandpa knew all along. Now that he’s the king of hell, all he has to do is snap his fingers and Sam gets his soul back. They just have to cooperate, if not, Sam can go straight back to hell. Bring him some high ranking creepies, and everyone will be happy.

“You’re letting a demon call the shots?” Gwen asks.

Grandpa says he’ll take care of it. They just have to keep hunting.

Sam says he is not who he thought he was.

“You don’t know anything about me son,” Grandpa says.

Dean asks what Grandpa gets in return. Samuel doesn’t say.

“You boys… you’re my family.”

Either put a bullet through his head or step aside, Grandpa says. Sam pulls a gun on him, but Dean says to let it go. Samuel leaves the bros alone.

They talk about possibly working for Crowley. Right now, that’s the only lead they got for Sam’s soul. At least until they find something else. And when that happens, they’ll “give that son of a bitch what’s coming to him.”

“You with me, Dean?”

Episode Thoughts
So we get lots of answers in this episode.

First off, Grandpa Sam’s been acting strange the whole time. We first saw how he had captured and not killed those djins. So it’s all be about his deal with Crowley. Now it’s pretty obvious he’s wanting either Mary or his wife Deanna back alive or at the very least, something related to either of them.

The big question though is can Crowley really get Sam’s soul back? And what is a soulless Sam?

Also, from what the alpha vamp said, how much danger is Sam in to have such a pretty vessel ready for anything to just hop into?

Seems like the season six story arc is really shaping up. It’s going to be very interesting to see where this will take us.

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