Supernatural 6.04 – Bobby Singer is Awesome.

Rewind to one year ago, Bobby and Crowley, after the big fight was stopped. Bobby wants his soul back since they’ve stopped the Apocalypse. But Crowley won’t give it back. Instead, he’ll collect in 10 years.

“I’m going Dateline on your ass,” Bobby says as he traps Crowley with a seal until he gets his soul. But Crowley brings along his hellhounds and Bobby is forced to let him walk.

Fast forward to present day. The bros are hunting and call Bobby for help with what they could be hunting. They give him the details and send him a picture of a claw through his Windows 95-era computer. Bobby starts researching and Kenny Rogers starts singing.

He drives to the library, passing his pretty new neighbor as she waves at him and he waves back. He breaks into the library just to get the book he needs.

After a round of “BALLS!” a whole night of looking through books, he finally finds what Sam and Dean are hunting. A monster that is usually only found in Greece. He gives Dean the easiest way to kill it and Dean hangs up without even a thanks.

Bobby heads to his basement where he’s keeping a demon prisoner until she tells him Crowley’s real name. He tortures her by singeing her bones until she talks. She tortures him by bringing up how he had to kill his wife.

They get interrupted by the pretty neighbor, Marcy, bringing over a homemade ginger peach cobbler. Marcy is quite smitten with Bobby and she tries to get him to come over for dinner, Drag Me to Hell and white chocolate popcorn, but he politely says maybe some other time.

Back to the basement, the demon doesn’t want to talk because Crowley is “king of hell” but she blabs anyway and says his real name is Fergus McCloud.

Bobby’s got the info, but he burns her bones anyway. “Gave it my best effort.”

Back upstairs, Bobby is getting calls from hunters all over the country needing cover, like how Sam and Dean have, getting him to pretend he’s FBI or U.S. Marshal or whoever they need him to be. He’s swamped. Even more when old friend Rufus comes by needing to bury a body. It’s an okami, which are usually only found in Japan. A trend is emerging!

They bury the body and Bobby tells Rufus about Crowley. Rufus offers to help. A little later on, the FBI comes knocking on Bobby’s. The agent is accompanied by Sheriff Judy Mills, another old friend of Bobby’s and the bros.

Dean calls just as they enter the house to get another way to kill the monster they’re hunting. As soon as that’s taken care of, the agent tells Bobby he’s looking for Rufus aka Luther Vandross aka Ruben Studdard. Bobby says he’s never seen the “dick.”

The agent wants to search the property, but Sheriff Judy steps in to get the guy off Bobby’s back. He goes outside and finds where Bobby and Rufus buried the okami. The okami isn’t there anymore, instead it’s a just a hole in the ground.

Later, Bobby calls Rufus to tell him the okami wasn’t dead. Rufus, in his older age, misremembered how to kill it. Turns out, the okama was feasting on single white females while they slept. Marcy! Bobby runs over to his neighbor’s home and barges in. He goes straight to her bedroom and Marcy has no idea what’s going on.

He asks if she’s seen anything weird and well, there’s the okami hanging off the ceiling. She throws Bobby out the window and Marcy locks the bedroom door, but runs outside too. The okami and Bobby fight it out. Bobby accidentally switches the woodchipper on (the one Marcy said was broken) and the okami gets fed right into it.

Too bad Marcy was standing right in the path of the outshoot of blood and guts. She had only told Bobby the woodchipper was broken to get him over there.

Bobby says maybe dinner would be a good idea. Marcy doesn’t think so anymore.

After some digging, Rufus calls. He apologizes, but gives Bobby some important info. Crowley had a son. Fergus Roderick McCloud, born in Scotland had a son named Gavin that moved to the States way back when. No bones, but the local museum found Gavin’s ring. Bobby needs it and asks Rufus for help. He says he’ll get it.

Nighttime again and Bobby is about to have a taste of Marcy’s cobbler when Dean phones in to talk about suspicious Sam. Dean lets it all out, he wants to have a heart to heart about Sam with Bobby, but Bobby’s got another call. He has to take it. Dean is shocked.

It’s Rufus. He’s being chased by the police after breaking into the museum for the ring. Bobby tells him not to swallow it. Rufus swallowed it. He gets arrested.

Back to Dean who is kind of upset about Bobby not seeming to care about what he has to say. Dean calls Bobby selfish, which sets him off. He tells Dean to get Sam in there to talk to them both.

“I love you like my own… but sometimes, you two are the whiniest, most self absorbed sons of bitches I ever met!”

He says he’s always there for them, does everything for them, and what does he get in return? “Jack with a side of squat!”

“You ain’t the center of the universe. … And I will be damned if I’m gonna sit around and… be damned! So how about you two sack up! And help me for once!”

Sam replies, “Bobby… all you gotta do is ask.” “Anything you need, we’re there,” Dean adds.

Bobby meets with Judy next day to ask to get Rufus extradited to Sioux Falls. She can’t do it without probably losing her job. Later that night, she knocks on his door and brings Rufus.

Bobby gets the ring and summons Gavin. They have a nice long chat. Down in the basement, Bobby calls Crowley who appears.

Apparently, Crowley is the big kahuna downstairs now that Lucifer is locked up. It isn’t an easy job. He says demons are stupid prats. He tried to teach them a new, better way, but they won’t have any of it.

“I want my soul back idjit.”

Crowley won’t give it. They’ve been here before. But Bobby brings out Gavin. Crowley however puts on an act pretending to miss him, but no… he hates his guts. They loathe each other actually.

But because of that, Gavin’s happily told Bobby a lot of dirt on Crowley. Bobby knows it all, including selling his soul to add a couple of inches below the belt.
But more importantly, Bobby knows where Fergus’ bones exactly are… and blimey, there’s Sam and Dean in Scotland, already with the bones dug up.

Bobby says demons are nothing but twisted, perverted, evil spirits. Ghosts with an ego.

Bobby offers Crowley his bones in exchange for his soul. Crowley gives in. Bobby gets his soul back.

Crowley pops up in Scotland to collect his bones from the bros. He bids them farewell.

The bros are driving in the Scottish countryside talking to Bobby on the phone. Bobby tries to apologize, but the bros are the ones that apologize and tell him how much he means to them.

Bobby sits down, hoping to finally get a bite of Marcy’s cobbler when the phone rings once again.

Episode Thoughts
Well, congratulations Jensen Ackles on his directorial debut. “Weekend at Bobby’s was a great episode and one that really was a long time coming.

Before this episode, we knew Bobby Singer was awesome. But we didn’t know just how awesome he really was. We didn’t know just how important Bobby was in the world of hunting. So many people depend on him and he’s always there. We’ve always thought Sam and Dean were the center of his world, and in a way they are. They really are like the sons he never had. But he’s also there for countless others; to cover for them, to help them get out of a jam, to come up with the right solution. Bobby’s the man.

But aside from Sam and Dean coming to realize, or maybe just remember how much he means to them, Bobby realizes that he too can ask for help from all these people. And they are more than willing to lend him a hand.

The episode was almost like a nice tribute to the awesomeness that is Bobby Singer, but it also showed just how tight these hunters are. In a crazy world, they’re putting their asses on the line, they’re bound to bond, right?

Overall, awesome episode. Started out really fun and lighthearted then delved into the deep territory Supernatural so easily goes to. And most of all, incredible performance from Jim Beaver (Emmy please!).

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