Supernatural 6.02 – Should He Stay or Should He Go?

A mother gets eaten by something and a baby is left alone under the bed.

Dean looks through the trunk of the Impala making sure everything’s there. They’ve moved to a new home, hopefully to keep Lisa and Ben safe. Ben isn’t so happy about the idea. Later, Dean finds Ben rummaging through the trunk and wanting to learn how to hunt too! Uh oh. Dean yells at him and Ben sadly walks away.

Lisa comes to talk to Dean asking why he’s keeping them locked in the house. (Not literally. Well, maybe.) He just wants to protect them. He doesn’t know who, what or when. Lisa isn’t so hot on that.

Over in Lansing, Sam is investigating the mother/baby case because there’s been a string of missing babies after brutal parent deaths that they think is supernatural. They get a lead and Sam heads off.

He gets to the home of the next possible victim and finds the parents already dead. He follows a set of bloody footprints and gets attacked by some security guy who appears to be something supernatural, getting burned by the silver. Sam goes on to search the rest of the house and finds…

He calls Dean for help. They meet and Dean goes to look in the backseat of the Charger… a baby!

Dean gets into the Charger with Sam and baby and suggests they get baby supplies. They head to the checkout lanes and baby is already upset. Everyone’s looking. Dean tries speaking baby, but it’s not working. A nice woman comes by to ask what’s the matter. She asks what his name is… Dean says Bobby, Sam says John. Ooo! Some deep-rooted stuff there!

Baby is now Bobby John. The woman takes Bobby John and offers to change him, but Dean looks behind him at the security camera and sees the glowing eyes of the woman.

“Give me the baby before I stab you in your neck.’

The woman runs. Dean tries to grab her arm, but her skin peels off. SHAPESHIFTER!

They chase her. Sam cuts her off and takes the baby and runs while Dean tackles her to the ground. He is about to finish her off but the store manager comes to stop ‘em.

They take off. But someone got their plates. The shifter! It’s now gone into a police officer.

The boys and Bobby John are in a motel. Like old times.
Dean changes the baby’s diaper and puts him to sleep.

Sam says Dean seems like father material. They discuss not wanting Ben having to live a life on the run like them.

Sam’s got a lead so he goes while Dean stays with Bobby John. He gives him a drop of beer.

Sam goes to the father of one of the babies. He wasn’t living with them at the time so he’s still alive. The guy says his wife was cheating on her and got pregnant.

While Dean is enjoying some magic hands, he hears a huge splatter from the crib. Goop and blood all over the wall. Sam calls and says the shape shifter might be Bobby John’s father.

Dean goes over to the crib and finds Bobby John, who was white, is now black. Really.
Someone is trying to get into the room… it’s the shapeshifter.

The baby should be with his father, the shapeshifter says. “OUR father.”
They fight. But Sam comes and shoots the guy in the back.

They realize the shapeshifter just dropped his seed in some lady hoping to pick up his offspring 9 months later.

Sam is amazed that monster have babies. Dean reluctantly takes the baby to the family. They seem pretty suspicious. Dean is pretty suspicious. It’s a tense room.

Samuel says they can raise the baby. Dean is very cynical about babies being raised by hunters. Suddenly, they hear the sound of dogs barking. They usher Sam and Dean and baby Bobby John down to the panic room. The four Campbells stay upstairs when through the door busts… Samuel!?

“You have one our ours,” the newSamuel says. They fire at him, but no go. He twists Mark’s neck (Bye David Paetkau) and the remaining three shoot elephant tranquilizers into the new guy’s back. But it’s no use.

Downstairs they hear the horrible noise from upstairs. shapeSam comes downstairs and throws Sam aside. He then turns into Dean who he chokes up the wall letting shapeDean take the baby.

Turns out, the guy was an alpha… or the original shapeshifter. The first one. And he can’t be stopped.

Sam and Dean walk to the Charger, but Dean wonders. Was this all a set up? Did they use Bobby John as bait? Sam thinks that is absurd! Of course not!
He doesn’t buy it, it seems.

Back inside, Samuel is on the phone with someone that appears to be his boss who’s apparently pissed they didn’t stop the alpha.

Dean, back home. He tells Lisa he doesn’t know what to do, what the safest thing for them is. Should he stay and protect them? Should he leave? He tells her how he hates that he is turning into his father who did the same thing.

Lisa isn’t sure which is best for him to do either, but she knows he isn’t a construction worker, he’s a hunter.

”You don’t want to be here Dean.”
”Yes I do.”
” Okay, but you also want to be there, I get it.

Lisa says she doesn’t want to have this kind of discussion everytime he leaves. For them all, it’s better that he leaves. But not break off their connection.

”You come when you can… all in one piece.”

It’s worth a shot, Lisa adds.

Dean heads to the Impala. It’s back to the road.

Episode Thoughts
It was an okay episode. The main purpose of the episode really was to get Dean back out on the road with Sammy, showing that not only are Lisa and Ben a little more in harm’s way, but the emotional aspect of Dean coming and going and not something Lisa thinks she wants to go through.

We also got a little more of the shoot first-mentality of nuSam and the slight softening of nuDean. It’ll be interesting to see that more as the bros work together again.

And the Campbells are still pretty suspicious. Who is Grandpa Samuel talking to on the phone. God maybe? Or it could be Lucifer. Who knows!?

I guess it’s going to take a little getting used to the show going back to more stand-alone, procedural-esque episodes after the seasons of mythology-heavy storyline. With season 6, we aren’t sure where everything is going so it does make it more interesting and exciting in that sense.

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