Supernatural 6.01 – All I Ever Wanted

One year later.

Bob Seger’s “Beautiful Loser” plays as we see Dean Winchester with his new life. A family life with Lisa and Ben. He’s got a job, he hangs out with neighbors, he teaches Ben how to fix a car. Seems like the normal life he’s never had.

That is, on the surface. Dean’s nightly regimen includes locking all the doors, checking the seal under the front door carpet, and keeping a gun under the bed.

Insert Crash in Supernatural season 6 title card.

After a drink with neighbor Sid, he hears a scream through the night. He goes to grab a gun from his truck and searches for the scream, leading him to an abandoned hotel being renovated across the street.

He sees a beast-like scratch on the wall and a bloody hand print. Next day, he sees the same scratches on a telephone pole and home in the neighborhood. He goes to investigate, leading him to a shed where he finds the most terrifying monster of all… a Yorkshire terrier.

We all know how afraid of yorkies Dean is, especially when they pop out of nowhere. He notices sulfur on the ground and that makes him rush home to grab some weapons and supplies from a tarped over Impala.

Lisa comes by and asks him if he’s hunting something, apparently fully aware of Dean’s hunting past. He suggests she and Ben go to the movies while he takes care of whatever is going on.

Dean looks through a box of his belongings, including his signature leather jacket, Papa Winchester’s journal… then the light bulb flickers. A bang from the Impala, a ball rolls. Nothing there.

Until the YED pops up of course. He’s come searching for Dean, wanting revenge.

“Did you really think you were going to keep all this?” he asks Dean, referring to his white picket fence life. “You can’t outrun your past!”

Just as Dean is about to bite the dust, here comes SAMMY! Stabbing the YED with some white-filled needle.

Dean wakes up and sees good ol’ Sammy sitting in the corner.

“Hey Dean.”

I was expecting a hug, some holy water in the face, Sam jokes. Dean thinks he’s dead and in heaven.

Sam tells Dean the YED and the scratches, all of it were hallucinations induced by a poison from some vengeful djins.

Sensing Dean is still unsure of everything, he saves him the trouble by cutting his own arm and drinking salty holy water.

“That’s nasty.”
”Yeah it’s me.”

Dean hugs him. Sam smiles.
Dean asks how he’s here, right here with him now. Was it God? Castiel? Sam has no idea either. Cas hasn’t answered his calls. All he knows is one minute he’s in Luficer’s cage, the next, he wakes up in a rainy field.

Sam says he’s been looking for Dean for weeks. But Dean is shocked when Sam says he’s been back for a year.

You’ve been back a year and lost ability to send a text message? Dean asks. Sam replies by saying he wanted Dean to have what he always wanted, a family.

”After everything, you deserved some regular life.”

Sam tells him he’s been hunting all this time, but not alone. He’s been hunting with family. Their mom’s side, of course. Gwen, Christian and Mark Campbell. 3rd cousins and further.

And, Grandpa Samuel too. Back from the dead. He was the one who brought them all together now.

”Whatever pulled Sam up, pulled me down,” Grandpa Sam says.
They have no idea what is going on.

Wanting to keep them safe after their house is broken in to (by djins most likely), Dean takes Lisa and Ben to Bobby’s.

”Damn it.”.
”Good to see you too.”

Bobby welcomes them in, “TV’s broken, but there’s plenty of Reader’s Digest..”

As Lisa and Ben walk upstairs, Dean walks in and Sam appears at the door. Bobby says hi. He’s known all along. He knew all year.

”And I’d do it again. Because you got out Dean! You walked away from the life, and I was so damn grateful. … A woman and a kid and not getting your guts ripped out at age 30. That’s what it meant.”

Dean responds, “That woman and that kid, I went to them because you (Sam) asked me too.”
”Good for who? I showed up on their doorstep half out of my head with grief! God knows why they even let me in, I drank too much, I had nightmares. I looked everywhere, I collected hundreds of books to try to find anything to bust you out.”
“You promised to leave it alone.”
“Of course I didn’t leave it alone. Sue me!”

Bobby insists it was all for him. This was the closest he’s ever seen a hunter get to happiness.

Lisa comes down and talks with Dean on the stairs. She knew something like this was going to happen. Dean apologizes. For everthing.

”You’re an idiot. But we were in it together,” Lisa says. While the last year may have been rough for Dean, it was the best year of her life. Finally, there was a guy Ben could look up to… like a dad.

Back with the Campbells, they come up with a plan to use the bros as bait. The family of hunters look through the home, teasing Dean’s storybook family life.

“Golf, really? “
“It’s a sport!”

Grandpa Sam talks to Dean in the kitchen, telling him how much he reminds him of his mother. The attitude. He says they’ve been up against a bunch of crazy things they’ve never even seen before. “We need you Dean.”
Later, they realize the djins won’t attack until Sam and Dean are alone, so the four Campbells leave.

Sam and Dean are alone. Dean asks about the cage. Sam doesn’t want to talk about it.

”I’m back. I get to breathe fresh air. Why do I want to think about hell?”

Suddenly, Dean looks across the yard to the neighbor’s home where he sees the family getting attacked. It’s the djins. He grabs the djin poison cure to go and save them, but Sam tries to say it’s too late.

Two djins grab Dean in the neighbor’s home and begin to give him a shot of djin loopy juice. Meanwhile Sam is fighting one back in Lisa’s house and manages to get him on the floor and whacks a couple of times with one of Dean’s new golfclubs. The two other djins come back for him.

Dean is in the middle of a djin trip. He is hallucinating again and then finds himself in Ben’s room. He sees Lisa getting dragged to the ceiling. The YED has Ben and begins feeding him blood. As Lisa starts burning on the ceiling, she says “This is all your fault.”

The YED warns Dean, there’s something coming for [Ben].

Sam fights the two left djins, but Grampa Sam comes to the rescue and let’s Sam go over to help Dean. After taking care of the other djin, they spare the female one and the Campbells take her away. “They left in a hurry,” Sam says.

Dean tells Sam that he will go back to Lisa and Ben.

“I practically shoved you at them. I thought you could have it. Now I’m not so sure,” Sam says. Dean would also be putting them in danger if he goes back.

Now’s the time to go with the best option, Dean says. Sam understands, “I guess I just wish you were coming.”

Sam says he wants Dean with him because he cares. Sam wouldn’t have even thought of trying to save that family after the djin attack. “Yes you would,” Dean says,

Sam says no. “It’s just better with you around.”

Dean then gives him the keys to Impala.

”Thanks really. But I already got my car set up how I like it.”

They head outside.

”Keep in touch you hear?”
“Of course.”
“It was really good to see you again Dean.”

Sam gets in and leaves in his brand new Dodge Charger as Dean looks on.

Episode Thoughts
Well, season six of Supernatural! I’m sure the fandom will be debating whether or not actually having season six is a good or bad thing.

But for me, I think it is great. I believe there is still plenty of story to tell with the Winchester bros. I was always interested in what a post-apocalyptic Supernatural would be like.

That’s not what we got in the season premiere though. So far, nothing on what’s happened to the world after the near-apocalypse. Weren’t cities disappearing and entire populations being wiped out? Is everything back to normal now a year later?

I do hope they touch on some of that in future episodes.

But what the season premiere did do was get everyone back into the groove. It was set-up for the season. Sam’s alive and seemingly well. But why and how? Grandpa Sam is too. But he and the other long-lost Campbell relatives are pretty suspicious themselves. What’s up with taking that djin with them. And where they did all really come from.

Even more interesting, does Supernatural finally have a full supporting cast!? I wonder how long they’ll last.

Some good stuff from Jared and Jensen in the episode, especially Jensen this time around. I think the reunion and the discussion at Bobby’s could’ve used more WTF is going on!?! and Why did you guys have to do this for me? dialogue to really highlight Dean’s huge shock and Sam and Bobby’s genuine want for Dean to be happy.

I wonder if we’ll be seeing what’s been happening in the last year and just how overarching the non-monster of the week storylines will be.

I’m confident in Sera Gamble now being captain of the ship, She knows the show and she knows what she’s doing. It’ll be interesting to see what kind of dynamic she’ll focus season six on.

All in all, great to have Supernatural back for a sixth season. Can’t wait for another crazy fun year.

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