Supernatural 5.19 – Gods and Deities Are Humans Too! (Emotionally it seems)

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The Winchester Bros get lured to a hotel and become kidnapped by a group of gods and deities from various beliefs who want to use them to stop Lucifer and Michael’s death match.

Called together by the cylon Tory Kai and Baldur, they are to put their differences aside because if they don’t do something about the Judeo-Christian apocalypse, they’ll go poof.

The gods get into a little tiff, but Kali brings things back into perspective. They’ve got to fight the archangels, it’s either the angels or them.

Suddenly bursting through the door is the Trickster Loki Gabriel who literally shuts Dean and Sam up to not let the gods know who he really is.

He snaps Sam & Dean back to their room while the gods have a talk. They try to figure out what to do, but Gabriel appears and tells them he’s there to save them. He says he had a thing with Kali in the past.

The boys are under a spell that keeps them there, so Gabriel attempts to use his charms on her which doesn’t work.

*Insert Ghostfacers commercial*

Everyone is gathered in the ballroom again and Gabriel tries to explain to the gods he’s trying to save them. They can’t go fight brother Luci and survive. Kali then goes on a rant about arrogant westerners and their disregard for other religions… they were here first! And if anyone will rip the earth in half, it’ll be her, not the angels.

Kali shows the other gods that they can stop Lucifer and Michael by killing them with an archangel’s sword, which she pulls from Gabriel’s pants. She stabs it into his stomach as a demo.

Dean stands up. Sam thinks he’s crazy.

“All right you primitive screwheads, listen up. Now on any other given day, I’d be doing my damndest to kill you, you filthy murdering chimps. But hey, desperate times. So even though I’d love nothing better than to slit your throats, you dicks, I’m going to help you. I gonna help you ice the devil.”

Dean says he and Sam can call Lucifer for their meeting on the condition that they release the humans trapped in the fridge for dinner.

“We can either take on the devil together, or you lame-ass bitches can eat me… literally.”

Dean sees the people out of the hotel and is surprised to see Gabriel sitting in the Impala. He asks Dean to grab their blood from Kali, but Dean says why not he “sack up” and help them kill Lucifer instead with his sword. But Gabe doesn’t want to kill his brother.

Dean heads back in and breaks the bad news about the fake sword from Gabe. Meanwhile, Lucifer arrives even before they call thanks to Mercury the concierge. On his way to the ballroom, he makes easy work of the other gods, leaving them sprawled out in the hallway.

Baldur walks right into Lucifer’s arm leaving Luci with the bros and Kali, who fires up and attempts to take the guy on herself. Lucifer’s about snap his fingers to take care of Kali until Gabe arrives and stops him cold. He hands Dean a DVD of Casa Erotica and then tells them to get Kali to safety.

The bros… the archangel bros… are alone in the ballroom.
“Lucifer, you’re my brother and I love you but you are a great big bag of dicks” Gabe says.

He tells Lucifer, “Play the victim all you want, but you and me… we know the truth. Dad loved you best. More than Michael… more than me. Then he brought the new baby home and you couldn’t handle it. All this whiny drama from Luci is just a big temper tantrum.

Gabe says he’s loyal to people, he’s willing to die for them because dad was right, they may be flawed and “abortions” (as Luci says), but “a lot of them try to do better, to forgive.”

Luci doesn’t want to do it, but he outsmarts his little brother who tries to sneak up from behind and gets him right in the chest with the sword.

Later, Sam and Dean watch the porno Gabe gives them and in the middle of the action, he turns to the bros with a message. They can trap Luci back in his cage by using rings from the Four Horsemen as keys to lock him in.

The boys have got a new plan!

Before the episode ends though, we are treated to a preview of Pestilence. He was nasty, plain and simple.

Episode Thoughts
It was an interesting episode.

First, I am by no means a religious scholar, even though I did take a Comparative Religions class years ago, it was great to finally see the show incorporating more than just the “Judeo-Christian” way of believing. We got to see a couple of other beliefs and their gods and that they exist together. What sucks is they were basically blood-splatter-fodder, maybe to show Luci’s power? Or the archangels in general I guess.

It was great seeing cylon Rekha Sharma on the show. And it looks like we’ll get another Battlestar Galactica alum on next week’s episode too. She did great and got ample screen time, but it would’ve been more awesome to see the others do more too. I guess it’s too late now, but it would’ve been interesting to see Supernatural incorporate other beliefs into the mythology of the show too. Having the story remain “Judeo-Christian” wouldn’t have been a problem.

It is also very interesting how Supernatural can brings these gods and deities down to a human level. Jealousy, daddy issues, sibling rivalries… looks like gods and humans have the same pains in their asses. Even love and romance. They are not above soap opera! But still, it is a little weak to have Luci be a big baby because daddy didn’t want to spend time with him anymore.

Jared and Jensen did a great job as usual, especially with fun stuff. But the episode was really lighthearted for a plot that could’ve been really powerful. Of course, it is nice to have a break from the emo and depression, but three episodes away from the big throwdown, “prize fight” (or not), it would’ve been more rewarding to have an episode that wasn’t just exposition for the bigger picture.

Hopefully next week’s episode gets the story back on the fast track to the big battle.

Oh and the Ghostfacers commercial? No. Just no.

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