Supernatural 5.17 – Honestly, the Most Random Episode Ever

5.17 – 99 PROBLEMS
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This week, the Winchester bros encounter a whore.

Well, not the usual kind, the Whore of Babylon. She’s evil and wants a sea of dead.

Sam and Dean meet the whore when they stumble upon a town that’s armed itself against demons on the “prophecies” of one girl who says angels are talking to her. In reality, she’s a whore who is controlling the demons that are attacking the town just to get the people to believe her prophecies and false spells and incantations so they can all kill each other.

Meanwhile, Castiel drowns his sorrows with alcohol and like Dean, continues having a defeatist attitude while Sam still wants to fight the good fight. Castiel does let them know this Leah whore isn’t a prophet and she can only be killed using by a true servant of heaven.

Dean: “Servant like…?’
Castiel: “Not you. Or me. Sam of course is an abomination.”

So Castiel whisks the pastor, Leah’s father (well, the skin suit’s father) and they convince him about the situation. They have a plan, but it backfires when the townspeople try to fight them off instead of the whore, and Dean ends up being the one who kills her after she taunts him about not being a servant of God.

But it looks like he is.

All of this compels Dean to drive all the way to see Lisa, from way back I don’t remember when. She’s the one who has the son that is basically a mini-Dean. Apparently she represents the life Dean wishes he had, but will never get.

And that was it.

Okay. Sure.

It was very random.
As was the whole episode.

This might have to be the weakest of the season so far for me, so much so there was nothing to recap really. Dean wants to give up and just partake in the joys of life in the last few days left of the world. Sam doesn’t want to give up and thinks they can still fight and win this. Dean is his inspiration! And Castiel loves to eat and get drunk.

This episode didn’t feel like either a mythology ep or a stand-alone. It was both, but neither. An episode you don’t need to watch to keep up serially, but also not an episode you’d watch to get your procedural fix.

Is this just a way to boost the awesomeness of next week’s 100th episode? Putting it after a weak one?

Well, the episode did have a great sequence of demon ass-kicking which really, aside from the two Castiel zingers (voice mail and the quote above) and drunkCastiel in general, was the only really enjoyable thing about the whole thing.

Castiel: “I found a liquor store.”
Sam: “And?”
Castiel: “And I drank it!”

I’m all for randomness, but only when it’s amusing.

Here’s to next week I guess.

Wait… 99 Problems? They were in bad need for one more filler episode before the 100th, so they they got cute with 99 and…
Forget it.

100th here we come!

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  1. I know they’re claiming it, but how can the next episode be the 100th? We’ve had 4 seasons of 22 episodes = 88, and next week’s is episode 18 = 88 + 18 = 106. That makes the not-so-great “Swap Meat” the 100th episode.

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