Supernatural 5.14 – It Takes Ground Beef and Fried Heads to Get Dean to Pray to the Heavens

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A couple is so horny they eat each other to death. This is a job for the Winchester Brothers!

After their respective investigations, Sam and Dean meet back up at their motel. They don’t have much else to do tonight, so Sam sets Dean free to celebrate “Unattached Drifter Christmas” aka Valentine’s Day, but Dean isn’t into “bars of lonely women” this year.

Another couple, this time they shoot each other at an office building. She was needy, he was whipped.

Sam and Dean are at the coroner’s, and as they walk to the morgue, Sam stares at a man that walks past. He has a feeling.

The coroner tells the boys to “Refrigerate after opening” and the guys proceed to examine the chopped up body parts.

Sam finds an angelic mark on the hearts. Castiel tells them it’s Cupid, a lower order of angel, a “cherub, third class,” there’s dozens of them in the world. So they must stop this rogue Cupid.

The boys go to a restaurant, “a nexus of human reproduction,” just the place a cupid would come to. Dean loses his appetite for his burger and Castiel seems very eager for it until he realizes the cupid has arrived.

Castiel has the cupid tethered in the back. The cupid manifests himself and bear hugs Dean from behind. He’s a nude chubby man and he gives each of the guys a hug, their handshake, Castiel says. No one likes it.

Castiel tells cupid about the people killing each other, and the cupid becomes distraught. He hugs Castiel again and tells him he was only following orders. He tells Castiel to read his mind and Castiel confirms he’s telling the truth.

The cupid tells them it was heaven’s orders just like how the cupids were tasked with putting together John and Mary Winchester. Dean punches a brick wall the cupid and it disappears.

Sam: “Dean! Enough! You just punched a cupid.”
Dean: “I just punched a dick!!!”

Sam wants to talk about what’s up with Dean lately, but he doesn’t want to.

The coroner calls Sam down to show him a guy that used a toilet brush to jam twinkies down his throat. The coroner drinks from a flask. Sam calls Dean, the guy wasn’t marked by cupid, but it is still suspicious. Dean finds 8 suicides and 19 ODs, something’s up in town. Sam sees the same guy again and he gets some sort of tense urge.

He goes to follow the guy and pins him to a wall, he’s a demon , Sam could smell him. Sam cuts him a few but the guy runs away. Before he gets any ideas, Sam wipes the demon blood off of the knife.

Sam and Dean open the suitcase the demon left. A bright white light shines from within and Castiel tells them it was a human soul. Eating White Castle, Castiel tells them the town is suffering from hunger… it’s Famine, one of the horsemen.

Somewhere in town, suits bring an old man out of black SUVs and wheel him into a diner where people are stuffing their faces and the waitress is stuffing her bra with money. Others are having sex, swallowing pill bottles, chugging alcohol, and the cook stuffs his face in hot oil full of fries.

Castiel tells the boys that the horseman is hunger. His hunger will poison the air and when Famine is hungry, he’ll eat human souls. Castiel says Lucifer has sent his demons to make Famine ready… “to march across the land.”

Everyone at the diner is dead. The demon from earlier comes in to tell the Famine about Sam. He’s got the Winchester’s room key. Famine wants cream cake soul. Famine is hungry, so he takes the demon instead. Yum.

“So, what? This town is going to eat, drink and screw itself to death?”

Castiel continues stuffing his face and suggests they stop it. They must cut off the ring finger like they did with the last horseman. Sam is struggling with his demon blood addiction. Castiel wants more ground beef.

Sam tells Dean about his hunger tremors. He asks Dean to lock him down… good. Dean handcuffs him to the bathroom sink. Sam tells him to hurry.

It’s Dean and Castiel out on the job. They head to the morgue and find the coroner drank himself to death. Another one of Famine’s doing. But Castiel says they haven’t harvested his soul yet.

They stay outside the clinic waiting for Famine or the demons to come. Castiel pops in with more burgers. He asks about Dean’s hunger since he seems so unaffected. “I’m just well fed.”

The black SUV pulls up and the carry out the suitcase of soul from the clinic. The boys follow. Meanwhile, Sam is so hungry he is trying to get himself out of the cuffs, but suddenly two demons arrive. They break off his cuffs, but Sam gets to them first and begins feasting on the female demon’s neck. He uses his demon powers to handle the other one. “Wait your turn.”

Dean and Castiel follow the SUV to the diner where Famine’s been stationed. Castiel pops into the diner to cut off the finger, but it’s taking too long and Dean goes in. He finds the frying dead guy and Castiel stuffing his face with raw meat.

The demons come and thrown Dean around before bringing him to Famine. Famine rants about American consumption and then asks Dean why he thinks he hasn’t been affected by the hunger. Dean says he’d like to believe it’s his strength of character. “I disaaagggreeee,” Famine says and wheels forward to feel Dean. “That’s one deep dark nothing there Dean,” Famine says. It can’t be filled with anything. He can see how broken and defeated Dean is, he’s not hungry, because inside he’s “already dead.”

Sam appears, with the blood stained mouth. “No one lays a finger on this sweet little boy,” Famine says. Sam is the exception to the rule, Famine says, Sam will never die… just like Satan wanted him to be.

He tells Sam to cut all their throats. Sam does his thing and the demons all float of their mouths, but linger on the ground. Dean picks up the knife.

“Well if you don’t want them, then I’ll have them,” Famine says and orders the demons into his belly. Sam does his thing again towards Famine, but Famine pshaws and poo-poos Sam’s power as it only works on demons. He is a horseman for goodness sakes! True, but it does work on demons, so Sam whips out his hand again and twists the demons inside the belly. His nose bleeds, the demons explode, and we are lead to believe the Famine has a huge hole where his stomach is supposed to be. No need to cut off fingers?

They’ve locked Sam up until the hunger is gone. Dean goes out to get some air. He looks up into the sky. “Please… I can’t… I need some help… Please”

And that’s the last Supernatural for six weeks… SIX WEEKS!! *gasp*

Episode Thoughts
There were some chuckles in the episode, but of course they save the heavy stuff for the end. This episode was just another week of drilling into Sam and Dean’s heads about their destiny. It is all going to happen whether they like it or not. Dean is hollow inside, Sam’s a demon… Other than taking care of another horseman, this episode was, a vessel (har har) to allow for Dean to finally look up into the sky… into the heavens… and ask for help.

In al seriousness, he can’t handle seeing his little brother suffer… he’s sick of having to lock him up. The frustration continues to pile itself right on his shoulders and there was nowhere else to look but up.

Will his prayer be answered? We have to wait six weeks to find out.

This wasn’t an all that memorable episode… other than all the nasty gluttons and Famine ordering things to get into his belly. That’s not a pretty picture to keep for six weeks though. oO

One thing to look forward to I guess, an uninterrupted eight week stretch of episode to the season finale… yup, season finale. 😉

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