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Sam & Dean get themselves committed to find out about mysterious deaths at the institution. Funny or maybe sad enough, them telling the truth about the Apocalypse is what gets them locked up.

Patients have died, seemingly suicide, but they’ve all said they’ve seen monsters, though of course, no one believes them.

Sam & Dean go to the morgue to look into, literally, the most recent death which they were too late in stopping. Sam drills the guy’s head open and finds the guy’s brain. “Dude! The guy’s brain’s been sucked dry!” Dean warns of someone coming. They put the guy back together and it turns out it is the nurse that examined them.

She asks what they’re doing there, Dean pulls down his pants and wags around. She leads them out.

They meet back up with Martin, a hunter that’s helped Daddy Winchester in the past who is also in the institution. He says it might be a Wraith that cracks open skulls and sucks out brain juice. They can pass as humans, so it could be anyone in the joint, but a mirror can show its true form.

The doctor that “thraped” Dean earlier sees him staring up at a mirror, checking everyone that passes by. He tells her he’s hunting, and she asks all about it.

He tells her about the apocalypse and she feels sorry for him. The head doc walks by and Dean sees his true form in the mirror. Later that night, the three regroup and plan with silver-plated scalpels.

Wendy, the girl who walks up and randomly kisses Dean earlier returns to kiss Sam, she likes him now, he’s “larger.”

Martin doesn’t think he can handle it. They tell him they know about Albuquerque. He realized he’s not invincible, he realized he’s useless. He can’t help them.

Sam and Dean split up and search the building for the good doc. Sam finds the doctor and cuts his arm. Two orderlys come to hold Sam back but he easily takes care of them and then goes after the doctor. Martin comes and stops Sam from finishing him off, pointing out the doctor’s cut not burning. It’s not him.

Dean finds Sam, he’s in his room, all drugged up and happy. “You’ve always been a happy drunk.” Sam thinks maybe Dean is going crazy. He’s still drugged up. He still loves him he says… then boops Dean’s nose.

Dean meets up with the pretty doctor again. She begins listing off Dean’s “accomplishments” as a hunter and calls him a failure. Dean demands to know who she is and begins to get angry. An orderly sees him and tells him to settle down. Dean is alone, there’s no one there. It turns out, the pretty doctor is all in his head.

Now he thinks he is crazy and begins seeing Wraith s everywhere.

Sam asks the head doc to meet with him. He apologizes and tells the doc that there are no such things as monsters. But the doc says monsters are the least of his worries. The doc says Sam has anger issues, he was so angry… almost like a man possessed. “I know,” Sam says.

Sam asks for a second chance. The doc says he can go to the day room with supervision, but if he has one more outburst, he’s going to maximum security institution.

Sam meets Dean in the day room and Dean begins to say it wasn’t the demon’s blood, it was Sam all along, the lies, his arrogance, the black spot on his soul. The other patients begin chiming in, blaming him for everything and they start pushing him around. Sam fights back, but in reality, he’s not fighting anyone. The real orderlies come and take him away. Dean is sitting there by himself, not sure what’s happening to them.

Dean goes to Martin. He tells him about what’s happening. “Crazy is the clue,” Dean says. What if this thing not only feeds on the insane, what if it makes people insane? They got infected somehow… WENDY! The girl practically ate their faces off.

They hear a scream. They run to see Wendy is dead, being fed on by the nurse!

They fight.

Martin slashes the palm of her hand, and she burns. She is able to run away and then tells two orderlies there’s two patients that attacked her in Wendy’s room. Martin sees Wendy is still alive. He tells Dean to go kill the thing. Martin takes care of the orderlies and lets Dean escape. He follows the trail of blood on the floor, but is weak.

Meanwhile, Sam is tied up in a padded room as the nurse comes in. She gloats. All she needed to do was touch them to infect them. She gets ready to feast on Sam. The crazier the people are, the better the brains taste.

She says she doesn’t make people crazy, just amp up what’s already there… like Sam’s rage. Dean comes in and pulls out the silver and takes on the Wraith .

He drops it and she gets him up the wall, shoots out her wolverine-like poking device and goes to start drilling, but Dean grabs it and snaps it off. Blood everywhere. She screams and Dean goes to stab her in the chest.
Sam asks if Dean’s still crazy. “Not any more than usual.”
He quickly tries to get Sam untied, but the alarm sounds.

They run out the side door and towards the car.
Sam says he’s not okay, the Wraith was right. “Most of the time I can hide, but I am angry. I’m mad at everything. I used to be mad at you and dad, then Lilith, now it’s Lucifer. And I make excuses, I blame Ruby, or the demon blood… but it’s not their fault, it’s not them… It’s me. It’s inside me. I’m mad. All the time. And I don’t know why.”

“Stop it,” Dean says, “Stop it. So what if you are? What are you going to do? Take a leave of absence? You’re just going to say yes to Lucifer? What?”
“No of course not.”
“Exactly. And that’s exactly what you’re going to do, you’re going to take all that crap and you’re going to bury it. You’re going to forget about it, because that’s how we keep going, that’s how we don’t end up like Martin. Are you with me?”
Sam doesn’t answer.
“Come on man, are you with me?”
“I’m with you.”
“Good. Let’s get the hell out of here.”

They get in the Impala and drive off.

Episode Thoughts
First off… yay! Supernatural is back.

This episode again shows how Supernatural can mix the funny and the downright serious. While definitely a filler episode with relation to the grand scheme of things (Umm… apocalypse anyone?), it was an episode that for a few minutes, highlighted the struggles and pressure the bros go through every day.

Seeing Jared and Jensen doing comedy is always awesome, the nose boop and Dean’s gag reflex after snapping off the Wraith ‘s unicorn horn were definitely chuckle moments. And the last scene was the now obligatory, but also welcome weekly Winchester emo reflection moment.

It won’t be an episode I’ll come back to over and over again, but by virtue of this being the first episode back, I’m just happy we have Supernatural back on air to enjoy. Sam and Dean have to face the demons inside of them. Of course. Now let’s get back to stopping the end of the world next week, mmkay?

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