Power Rangers RPM – 30: End Game

It is the middle of the night and Gem and Gemma are in the wasteland working on a Grinder. They stand and wait until the Grinder wakes up. It stands up and Gem encourages it to go home, complete with Grinder arm motions. It turns around and walks away, Gem and Gemma are excited and do a little dance.

Back in Corinth, Dillon comes down for breakfast. He slaps Summer’s ass is greeted a good morning by Summer and she notices he is very chipper today. For the first in a long time, he says, he feels good.

Summer goes from happy to white as a sheet. Dillon looks down and sees his hand is now a robotic appendage holding a glass of apple juice. Circuitry comes flying out his shirt, Summer is horrified, Dillon wakes up.

It was all a nightmare.

At Palais Venjix, Kilobyte is working on a device. Venjix comes in and tells everyone the new energy attack bot can manipulate the biofield and they prepare an attack. Kilobyte is excited. But Venjix tells him to stay there, only Tenaya will fight.

Venjix, Tenaya, and the attack bot head off. “So that’s how it is,” Kilobyte says to himself.

Dillon walks down the stairs, let’s try this again mood. Summer notices something’s wrong. The nightmares.

Dr. K turns the lights on in her lab and finds Gem and Gemma sleeping at a table. She wakes them up and demands to know what they’ve done. They explain how they found a busted up Grinder, fixed it up, put a homing device in it and set it free in the hopes it leads them to Palais Venjix. They show her the video feed of the Grinder walking through the waste.

The alarm sounds and the Rangers go to meet Venjix, Tenaya, Shifter, and Co. The fight ensues and the Rangers are getting pretty beat up.

Dillon and Ziggy aim their guns at Venjix and the attack bot, but the attack bot grabs all the energy, balls it up and swallows it, then vomits it back at the Rangers. Huge explosions.

Scott, Summer, and Flynn go at it with the attack bot while Dillon begins to feel weak.

The five Rangers regroup to form the Enforcer and shoot at the attack bot. It again balls up the energy and eats it before vomiting it back to the Rangers which causes them to demorph. They retreat.

Dr. K tells them the only thing they can do is destroy the attack bot. Meanwhile, Gem and Gemma check on their Grinder, but it’s just going around in circles.

Ziggy goes to chase after Dillon. Dillon wants to know why everyone always chases after him. Because we care about you, Ziggy says. What’s the point? Dillon answers.

Ziggy shows him some of his unseen moves and does some Ziggy-only moves. They laugh and go back to the Garage but instead get blasted at by the attack bot again.

The two morph and take on the attack bot. They fire at the attack bot, but it again swallows the energy and hurls it back at them, but the other Rangers arrive and blast at the attack bot while it’s vomiting. That ends it… until Venjix embiggens it.

Scott tells Ziggy to take Dillon to Dr. K and they zord up. They get ejected pretty fast and Dillon and Ziggy stick around to use their zords to finish the attack bot. Dr. K rearranges their weapons array and with a “SWALLOW THIS!” they finish it off.

Back at Palais Venjix, Kilobyte is finishing up the device that will active the hybrids. Venjix asks if it’s ready, Kilobyte says yes, but they should test it out… Venjix cuts him off by talking to Tenaya again. They walk away.

Shifter laughs, “Oh man, you’re practically invisible!”
Kilobyte aims his weapon at him, “Is THIS visible?” Shifter runs away.
But “he’s right. I’m on the verge of obsolescence,” Kilobyte says, “Yesterday’s technology. I need to prove myself… and fast.”

Dr. K is scanning Dillon, Summer and Scott by his side. Dr. K finds that the virus has now overtaken 51% of Dillon’s body. Now that it’s more than half, Venjix can activate him at any time and take control of his thoughts and actions. Dr. K has been working on an antidote, but she needs to run more test. It could either cure him or kill him.

Dillon and Summer look longingly into each other eyes. Scott looks at them and nods.

Kilobyte is in Corinth. He turns on the device and activates the first hybrid… CORPORAL HICKS! Hicks is now under Venjix control and heads into the control tower where Scott is pleading with father to get his head out of his ass and go on the offensive against Venjix. It’s go time. Col. Truman stands his ground that the only plan they have is to stay in the dome and protect the city. It’s worked so far, he says, but Scott says it isn’t going to work for long.

Hicks arrives takes his gun out and aims at Truman, but Scott pushes his father out of the way and then spinkicks the gun out of Hick’s hand and kicks him to the wall.

They all convene in Dr. K’s lab and she finds that Hicks is 53% robotic. Dr. K thinks he may have been infected during the war. Summer asks what if there are others? Dr. K thought the same thing and did a magna-scan of the city. She shows a shot of a Corinth street full of people, then shows the scan revealing half of the people are hybrids.

No one would know if they were hybrids until it was too late. Dr. K says they can be activated by a sound, a light ray, but most likely a magnetic wave.
If all those hybrids switched on at the same moment… “Endgame.”

“You tried to warn me more than once,” Col. Truman says to his son.
“Dad, this is the situation,” Scott says. “We’re here now. Whatever we do, we have to do it together.”

Col. Truman puts Scott, his son, in charge. Finally.
Scott orders every available guard, not infected, armed and ready in one hour, Gate 25, Sector C.

This is it. First step, Scott says, find Venjix’s palace. Gem and Gemma say they should move on to Step 2. They check their Grinder and it has finally found Palais Venjix.

There, Venjix is livid with Kilobyte. Why did he activate a hybrid without his permission. Venjix knocks him down and tells him get out of his sight.

Venjix tells Shifter and Tenaya to prepare to attack immediately. Before Tenaya leaves, Venjix tells her to destroy Kilobyte (because he’s got lots of glitches) as soon as the city is under their control.
Kilobyte hears this and warns “Beware, Tenaya, one of my glitches is lethal.”

Tenaya kills a guard in the city as she sets up the device to activate the hybrids. She starts it and it begins counting down.

Vasquez tells Col. Truman all shields are at maximum power. He wants all platoons ready to move in 10 minutes. The Rangers are heading towards the exit point, and just then the device activates by sending a magnetic wave throughout the city. Power is shut down at the Garage and Dr. K’s lab, including the control tower.

Throughout the city, hybrids are activated and begin walking like zombies towards a point. The Rangers’ vehicles all die and Dillon is activated as well.

At the control tower, auxiliary power comes on and Col. Truman tries to get all shields back up, but then looks up to see Vasquez pointing a gun at him. Grinders storm the room and Venjix walks in, “You are the Colonel I presume. You work for me now.”


Here is the video of the final scene:

Episode Thougths
Well, this definitely felt like part 1 of the finale. While the first half felt a little like stalling leading up to an incredible 2nd half, the scenes of Gem and Gemma in the waste and Dillon’s nightmare were really good.

The whole thing with the energy attack bot could’ve easily been left out to focus more on other things, like Kilobyte and Venjix or putting more emphasis on the gravity of the city being full of hybrids.

Still the 2nd half delivered amazingly. Dramatic and exciting.

Next week’s finale should be very amazing! I can’t wait!

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