Power Rangers RPM – 29: If Venjix Won

Everyone’s busy in the Garage, but Ziggy wants to go out and asks each one of the others to go with him, but they all decline. Surprisingly, Dr. K comes up to Ziggy and offers to go out with him. Everyone seems surprised, especially Ziggy. She puts on a quaint straw hat and they head out.

Ziggy wonders why she wanted to go out if she doesn’t want to do anything. That’s none of his business she says as Kilobyte appears with an army of Grinders. “Don’t worry Dr. K, I got you covered,” Ziggy assures her, but she doesn’t seem all that reassured.

Ziggy morphs and fights the Grinders, but they also go after Dr. K who manages to trick them and push them out of the way. She holds on to a pole and Ziggy knocks her out of the way before Kilobyte slices it in half.

They both grab the broken pole, “I need this,” Ziggy says. “You have weapons! Use one!” she snaps back.

Instead, they both work together doing some tricky moves with the pole to take care a dozen of the Grinders. “Venjix will be happy to see you again Dr. K,” Kilobyte teases and Dr. K urges Ziggy to teleport them outta there.

They end up in a cave. Ziggy demorphs, but he shouldn’t have because Dr. K isn’t at her computers to reenergize his morpher. Now they’re stuck. The Rangers have no idea what to do now since Dr. K’s system is password protected.

Ziggy sprains his ankle on a rock. She helps him up. He says Gem and Gemma will now how to recharge his morpher. They do, Dr. K says, but they will never figure out her password.

The Rangers only have 7 tries and they use up two already before directed to a default program. It’s a time capsule video Dr. K has created in case Venjix has won.

Dr. K introduces Venjix and hopes the video will help people who’ll watch it better defend themselves against the virus.

This is the annual recap episode! We flashback to Dr. K unleashing Venjix at Alphabet Soup and the Battle of Corinth.

Back to the Rangers, after they enter DOCTORK and RANGER, Flynn suggests CORINTH as a password. Nope.

Next part of the video, Dr. K introduces Project Ranger and each of the Rangers, more specifically Scott, Summer, and Flynn, and speaks in the past tense as if they are all dead.

Next suggestion from Scott, NITROSWORD. Really Scott?

In the cave, Dr. K is carrying Ziggy piggy back before dropping her. She tells him they are losing air and will eventually run out.

Video continues, Dr. K introduces the technology and the zords. Good refresher: they can form the High Octane Megazord, the Valve Max Megazord, the Zenith Megazord, the Mach Megazord, the Sky Rev Megazord, the Paleomax, the Road Attack Zord, and finally the RPM Ultrazord.

Dr. K then proceeds to describe Venjix’s efforts against the Rangers, including Dillon and Tenaya’s family drama.

Another try at the password, two left. Flynn suggests HIGHOCTANEMEGAZORD. Definitely not. Only one chance left.

In the cave, they are quickly losing air. Since they’re going die now, Ziggy asks Dr. K to answer one thing, Why did she decide to come out with him anyway? Because she likes him. No, she tells him it’s her birthday and she wanted to go outside. She remembers her time at Alphabet Soup being held prisoner and not allowed to go outside, which ultimately led to Venjix’s release.

Ziggy wants to give her a birthday present. He asks her to hold the flashlight. Ziggy puts on a shadow puppet show of their story, Venjix, Dr. K, the Rangers. He puts a smile on her face, just as they take the last breaths.

The Rangers finish the video and have only one chance left at entering a password. They have no idea what to do. They finally realize it’s got to be something “illogical. Summer realizes what it could be. She goes to the computer and enters ZIGGY.

It works. The other Rangers are shocked and run to the computer. Gemma reengergizes the morpher, but when we go to the cave, Dr. K’s head is on Ziggy’s chest as they lie on the floor.

The Rangers wait anxiously and there Ziggy appears carrying Dr. K.

Flynn asks what the password was and Summer happily says “It’s the last thing you’d ever think!” Dr. K gives her a look.

MR. MARSHMALLOW she says, covering for her friend.

“Thank you for an adventurous day,” Dr. K tells Ziggy, “you’ve cured me of ever wanting to go outside again.”

The Rangers leave Dr. K and she smiles to herself.


Episode Thoughts
Well, this being the recap wasn’t so much a surprise, but it was still very enjoyable. While I’ve been amused by Dr. K and Ziggy’s sexual tension, I never really enjoyed it until this episode. It was fun, touching, and pretty emotional when coupled with seeing all their journeys to this point.

After the more than two months since the last new episode, it also served as a nice refresher. Now it’s time for the final three episodes.

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