Supernatural 5.09 – The Real Ghostbusters

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Well Supernatural does it again. After last week’s fun “Changing Channels,” we get another treat (and break from the Apocalypse!) with “The Real Ghostbusters.”

The show has never shied away from meta references to itself; most recently Paris Hilton’s guest role brought Jared’s House of Wax past into the show, while Kripke & Co. ingeniously created Carver Edlund and the Supernatural graphic novels. The show has a sense of humor and has no problem poking fun at itself.

In addition to introducing Chuck, the modern version of a biblical prophet and the idea of the Winchester gospels, this presented the show an opportunity for some *wink*wink* shoutouts to the very passionate Supernatural fandom. This week’s episode, fully tapped into that fandom as well as the greater Comic-con, “geek” culture that’s become a lot more mainstream in recent years.

Sam and Dean, tricked into attending the first ever Supernatural convention by superfan Becky whom we met last season, probably reacted as best they could. Being surrounded by people dressed as them, acting like them, and people dressed as the monsters and demons of the week they’ve hunted the last five years. Not only that, they hear there’s panels discussing Dean as a scared little boy or another one discussing the homoerotic relationship of the bros. (Wincest!)

Definitely fun seeing Sam & Dean working with Sam & Dean (aka Barnes and Damian) and that scene of them revealing they were partners, coupled with the homoerotic talk… all Dean can say “Well, howdy partners.”

Throw in a cute little unrequited love on Chuck’s part, definitely a different side of him, and Becky going from Sam love (can you blame her?) to Chuck after he takes charge of the situation. She gets all hot and bothered by Chuck and has to break the bad news to a relieved Sam.

Like “The Curious Case of Dean Winchester” two weeks ago, this was a simple case of the week, but still interesting and tons of fun.

Plus this season, the standalone episodes that before would really be just standalones, actually furthers the plot. Thanks to Becky and her knowing of the graphic novels inside and out, the bros now know what good ol’ Bella did to the Colt and they head off for it. It looks like we’ll be back in apocalypse stopping mode next week, and after the little break we’ve had, it’ll be great to get back with the heavy stuff. Back to work Bros!

“The way I see it, it’s not really jumping the shark if you don’t come back down.”

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