Power Rangers RPM – 19: Three’s a Crowd

Dillon is sitting in his car trying to figure out what his sister’s key might unlock in his watch, but it doesn’t seem to be doing anything. Flynn offers to help, but Dillon snaps back at him. He tells Dillon about his Aunt Aggie always saying, “If you spend your whole time looking back, sooner or later, you’re going to step in manure.”
Dillon isn’t amused.

Meanwhile, Scott and Ziggy are out shopping for Dr. K. Ziggy starts stuffing their basket with candies. Scott isn’t sure this is what they’re supposed to be shopping for, but Ziggy says “Seems like the sour doctor has a very sweet tooth.”

Just then, two men come in and demand all the cash in the register. Ziggy walks over with a canister of whipped cream and says it is very much past its sell by date. Ziggy recognizes the guys as part of the Yo-Yo Brothers. He sprays some whipped cream on the guy’s face and they start a’fighting. The 2nd guy comes after Ziggy but Scott happily stops him.

They have things under control but just as suddenly a fully morphed Gem and Gemma literally bust down the door, wanting to get in on the action. The robbers get away and Scott and Ziggy split up for the chase. Ziggy morphs, but then teleports up a fire escape. Scott cuts the two guys off and they bring them to justice.

Meanwhile Tenaya 7 has just completed assembling “an electro-magnetic lightning blaster” that end the Rangers “in one painful stroke.”

Back to the Rangers, they are in the middle of testing a new megazord configuration, the Sky Rev. Dr. K reminds them one slight deviation will not allow them to combine. Gem and Gemma decide to go airborne, resulting in the other two zords crashing into each other.

The Rangers are in the garage, eating some candy recovering from the failed test. Ziggy is vocal about Dr. K losing it thinking she can just throw them all this new technology and immediately know how to work it. He does it not knowing she is right behind him. She gets snippy with him.

The alarm sounds and the Rangers head off to fight it. General Shifter immediately embiggens the new attack bot. It’s full of balloons.
Dr. K tells them to hold their fire, the balloons might contain toxic gas. She has to analyze the contents first, but Gem and Gemma arrive and get ready to go boom. Scott yells out to them to wait, but they say “Waiting is no fun!” and proceed to finish off the balloon bot.

Back at the garage, Scott reprimands the twins telling them they can’t “Shoot first and ask questions later.” The twins say it didn’t contain toxic gas anyway and “it blew up like the Hindenberg!”
“It’s like I’m talking to children,” Scott sighs. The twins apologize even though they’re not really sure what they did wrong. Scott tells them to try and contain themselves. But when Scott walks away, they agree they didn’t really get anything he said except for “Shoot first!”

A frustrated Scott suggests Dillon go talk to them, they have the same “reckless” streak. Ziggy offers but they all refuse. The twins come over and tell them they’ve been able to find something to blow up using a new device they’ve modified.

In the wasteland, Tenaya is practicing with her new weapon, which just blows up anything in front of it.

The Rangers come in to talk to Dr. K and ask her about the twins. They come right out and tell her they are reckless and they’ve gone off to fight again without a plan. They’re heading straight to a disturbance on an island in the waste, and they are in big trouble.

Gem and Gemma arrive at the disturbance and there to meet them is Tenaya with an army of grinders and the attack bot. They fight then morph, both having a harder time than usual trying to finish them off.

Tenaya shoots at them with her new weapon and they fall, but they call for the zords. Tenaya shoots at the megazord with her weapon and it slams into the ground as well. The other Rangers are swimming towards the island as fast as they can (“Why are we not in submarine mode!?!”).

They arrive just in time to help the twins.
Back at HQs, Venjix says he didn’t authorize this attack and decides to head out himself.

The three megazords are weakening against the thread bot. But Venjix arrives and shoots at Tenaya and General Crunch . The weapon goes flying into the air and blows up.

Venjix then sets his sights on the Rangers, double teaming them with the thread bot. Gem and Gemma know they have to combine all the megazords. She tells him it didn’t work last time, but he says it was because they weren’t “in synch.”

This time they follow Scott’s lead and they form the Sky Rev megazord. Dr. K sighs in relief. The Rangers are now able to finish the attack bot off and even manage to get Venjix out of his flying machine. He goes flying to Earth and frustrated, says “This body has failed me for the last time.”

Later, the Rangers all watch Gem and Gemma try and fix the door to the corner store they blew up. Flynn goes to help them screw the door on.
The twins thank them and admit they have been a bit reckless. Dr. K calls in a breach and the twins run off again, but Scott calls out. Summer suggests they ride with them and the all head off as a team.

Episode Thoughts
So, the much ballyhooed post-Guzelian episode of RPM.

It did feel a little different, if only because we got lots of zord fighting and a break from the heavy stories we’ve had the last couple of episodes.

Scott and Ziggy’s shopping trip was fun and it was interesting to see them fighting off petty criminals rather than Venjix creations for once.

Gem and Gemma’s “recklessness” catches up to them and hopefully this means they’re on their way to changing for the better and away from their boom happy personalities.

We got that little Dillon/Flynn moment at the beginning of the episode to remind us he’s still looking for his sister.

And I think we got a little more blatant set up for the inevitable Tenaya breaks off from Venjix and Co. moment later on in the season (or of course, a big reveal about who she really is *wink* *wink*).

So a good episode, fun, definitely not as heavy as we’ve seen but a nice break.

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