In Defense of Willie Revillame and Wowowee

A petition in support of Willie Revillame:

Since it’s premiere in 2005, the Filipino game/variety show Wowowee has experienced the highest of highs and the lowest of lows.

Aired in the Philippines on ABS-CBN and around the world on ABS-CBN’s The Filipino Channel (TFC), Wowowee has become one of the most popular shows for Filipinos at home and abroad. The show has consistently won in the national ratings, became the first competitive noontime show for ABS-CBN in years for Mega and Metro Manila, and brought together overseas Filipinos like never before.

On the other side, the program was accused of rigging or allowing the opportunity to rig a game, prompting rival competition to loudly call for a government investigation. And in 2006, tragedy marked the program’s first anniversary when 73 people died and hundreds injured in a stampede at the venue of their special anniversary show.

Comedian Willie Revillame was named host and has been a big part of the show’s success. Despite past troubles as a host, Wowowee has been Willie’s breakthrough in the industry, bringing him fame and much fortune around the world as well as the platform to launch a multi-platinum music career. He is the face of the show and the times when he has been sidelined by illness, the show just wasn’t the same without him.

Willie himself is not without controversy. His personal life is often fodder for tabloids and gossip outlets, a huge and profitable part of Philippine showbusiness. His on-screen persona also has turned off some, perceived to be mayabang or egotistical. But Willie and Wowowee have helped countless Filipinos, whether it be the small, but meaningful prizes or bringing a few hours of entertainment six days a week.

The program has also helped launch and discover new talent. Their shows abroad have drawn thousands of Filipinos and non-Filipinos alike. Filipinos born and raised in the Philippines as well as Filipinos born and raised in foreign countries. As much as shows like American Idol have become part of American pop culture, so has Wowowee to Filipino pop culture.

Last week, yet another controversy hit the show. The Philippines mourned the loss of former president Corazon Aquino. For a person as influential in shaping the Philippines as a nation, naturally news coverage of her passing and subsequent funeral proceedings will dominate television airtime.

ABS-CBN was granted almost exclusive rights to air the funeral proceedings. And on Monday, as the body of President Aquino was being transferred from De La Salle University to the Manila Cathedral, the long procession which included a stop at a monument paying tribute to her late husband, was the top story of the day. ABS-CBN was covering every minute of it and the network’s programming was in limbo that day.

Wowowee director Johnny “Mr. M” Manahan detailed the morning’s events to Philippine Entertainment Portal over the weekend, but long story short, Wowowee went to air live as the network cut away from covering the funeral proceedings.

Or so they thought. Video of the solemn procession began being broadcast side by side with Wowowee without the prior knowledge or consent of Wowowee itself. They asked the network’s higher-ups what was going on, because naturally having video of the dancing and singing of a variety show is by no means the best thing to have side by side with a funeral procession for someone considered a national hero. Right?

The video simulcast was removed… until it reappeared later during Wowowee

Wowowee had no problem being pre-empted that day, especially with the circumstances. But ABS-CBN had given them the go-ahead to broadcast their show that day, with Wowowee not knowing the show would be sharing a screen with live news coverage of a funeral procession, an event the show would give way to without protest.

As soon as the simulcast reappeared on-screen, Willie, visibly frustrated by the situation called for the video to be removed (a second time, but first on air), citing them having fun on Wowowee while people were mourning out on the streets was in poor taste. His choice of words, not the best, drew fire.

Critics called Willie disrespectful, that he was basically sh—ting on the memory of the former president. Some called him out on his ego, asking who does he think he is?

It is clear, however, that Willie meant no harm in asking on-air why the video reappeared on screen when they had already asked and had been granted their request to not have the two greatly contrasting images to be broadcast simultaneously. His choice of words should be his only fault, but now he, and to a lesser extent the show, is being put in front of a firing squad.

Petitions for him to be fired, personal insults and once again hateful comments on-air and in print from one of the hosts of Wowowee’s direct competitor Eat Bulaga on GMA-7 (Joey de Leon, who has in the past used any Wowowee misstep as the butt of a joke or ammunition to criticize his competitor… but that is beside the point… he’s a whole other argument to consider).

Willie is now being attacked on countless accusations, all stemming from this one moment of wrong words, which really were inoffensive, even to the Aquino family who have since accepted Willie’s apology, but never took issue with him or the incident in the first place.

First of all, ABS-CBN has not yet made a statement on the issue of simulcasting an entertainment program with news coverage of a funeral procession. Please tell me any other network in any country that would do that? It is disrespectful for two such horribly contrasting images to be broadcast simultaneously, let alone simultaneously with the funeral processions of a national icon like Corazon Aquino. Did American networks simulcast the funeral proceedings of President Ronald Reagan (the most recently departed American leader) with game shows, syndicated entertainment shows or primetime scripted series? No.

American broadcast networks pre-empted regular programming to bring live news coverage of President Reagan’s funeral processions through Washington D.C. and then in California. The same common sense policy applies to coverage of a presidential inauguration or breaking news coverage of a tragic event.

Unfortunately, some in charge at ABS-CBN were not aware of common sense last Monday, August 3.

Many were quick to attack Willie, including rivals, people who already didn’t like him in the first place, and even Cory Aquino’s spokeswoman. They seem to have the same fault as the person they are ready to crucify… not thinking before speaking.

There is no doubt Willie could’ve chosen a better way to say what he meant to say and he has admitted as much. It is clear he meant no ill-will or disrespect, even though many continue to insist he did.

Many are also using this incident, blowing it out of proportion (making a mountain out of an ant hill, as put it in a poll) and drawing any and all past mistakes Willie might have made and shot one bullet after another. When one criticism is met with a reasonable, logical explanation, another criticism is dug up.

The MTRCB, the Philippines’ joke of an answer to the FCC of the United States is aiming to get their feet in the pool as well. Frankly, when the MTRCB borders on censorship and falls to the typical Filipino trait of behind the door/under the table dealings, they cannot be taken seriously as a government authority regulating movie and television. But this is the Philippine government, what else is new?

What kind of action must be taken against Willie Revillame? Thousands of dollars in fines? Jail? Loss of his job? I honestly don’t see any justification. He has currently been asked to go on an indefinite leave of absence by ABS-CBN. Why? Because he called the network out on their horrible mistake? Now that I think about it, yes. A subordinate calls out a superior, hell yeah the superior is not going to like it, even if they were in the wrong!

If we are discussing the issue of Willie Revilliame and having the wrong choice of words that would be disrespecting of Corazon Aquino and her family… then discussion over. The Aquino family accepts Willie’s apology, which they never asked for in the first place. Willie’s relationship with the Aquino family up to the morning of President Cory’s death shows he would never even dream of disrespecting them. And no matter how bad his choice of words were, he made the excellent and correct point of simulcasting a funeral procession and a musical/variety/game show being in poor taste.

So what is the problem?

He has other things to be a fault for? Okay. But the suspensions and complaints all stem and really only center on that Monday, August 3rd which has been explained away, facts out in the open, no one hurt but the feelings of those who never cared for Willie or the show or even the network in the first place.

Chalk it up to Philippine showbiz, the petty and downright stupid “network wars,” and the “money talks” philosophy of so many Filipinos (unfortunately) for this to have exploded into what is has become (and is sadly becoming).

Willie Revillame is by no means a perfect person… but then again, who is? He does his job and wants to do it well. He has soldiered on despite health concerns in the last year or two, against his doctor’s wishes and hosts the majority of the show on his own. There is no other host on Philippine television that does that. It is not hard to see his sincerity in helping those less fortunate, while also providing entertainment in a variety show setting.

Are there things he can change about himself? Sure. Can he find a better way to handle crew mishaps? Of course. There are tons of What Ifs? in life.

It is just very disheartening to see this mudslinging, the dragging in the memory of the deceased, and people wanting to save their own ass by not owning up to mistakes.

Willie Revillame is Wowowee and Wowowee is Willie Revillame. A program that has brought ABS-CBN international success, both financially and socially, and continues to do so will be hard to replace or replicate.

But I guess that’s just how it goes. When you’re on top, all everyone wants to do is bring you down. And there is certainly those who want to do just that. Petty reasons and all.

61 thoughts on “In Defense of Willie Revillame and Wowowee

  1. This defense doesn’t make sense at all enough is enough, if still not convinced wait until TFC subscribers pull-out their memberships

    1. How does it not make sense? What is enough?
      I would love to hear your opinion.

      And TFC subscribers canceling SUBSCRIPTIONS just because of one show? They have 24 hours of programming everyday, 7 days a week. Who in the world would cancel their subscriptions just because of one show.

  2. here the point the show being watch all over the world, the should be a responsible hosting, it’s live and everything goes… I understand the intention is not that intentional, what wrong is willie is a representative of a filipino and a filipino itself, no one can justify that. he was aware that he can do otherwise instead. kaya lang nagpaka bobo lang kayo sa bobo. you can put willie again in the show but really is it can never be the same again. it will be subject to mockery and not so healthy discussion to everyone. think again. put willie na lang sa banana split, doon pwede na syang mang bastos. in a right show and a right person kung baga. we react because we are a televiewer of a show.

    1. Yes, there should be responsible hosting.
      And Willie was being very responsible in getting the live feed off of the screen when they already made it clear that it was inappropriate to be dancing and singing during a funeral, but ABS-CBN didn’t care.

  3. Mister Man, are you serious? You mean, of all the things the Filipinos can be represented by, you chose Willie to represent us? That’s too myopic. Actually, if find the people joining the oust Willie brigade to be pathetic. If you look at the members of the online petition groups, the first thing that you would ask is do they even watch the show? Frankly speaking, the move is being spearheaded by elitist people who would never be caught dead watching the show. These are the people who live in Forbes park or Corinthian gardens who don’t even know who Willie is, and what Wowowee is all about. And the followers of these groups…. plain mob. I can bet my #%$# they only watched the uploaded YOUTUBE segment. They formed their opinion based on what other people say.

    Parang mga Russians yang mga yan e, noong communist pa ang USSR. Kung saan may pila, doon sila pupunta. Hindi nila alam kung ano ang pinipilahan nila. Takot lang maubusan ng toilet paper. If you ask me, if you don’t watch the show in the first place, why be bothered by it? Kung wala kang care sa show at sa masang Pilipino (and believe me, the elitist Filipino don’t care about the masses. They don’t even want themselves or their children to speak Tagalog because it’s the language of the “katulong”). All of a sudden, they have a sudden burst of nationalism and call for the resignation of one man, just because they feel he wrongly represents the Filipino people.

    Comedy Central, to the max.

    1. In the first place, really, who ever said Willie should represent all Filipinos. Hell, even our elected officials who are supposed to represent Filipinos don’t represent Filipinos.

      I agree with you doronoon69. Many of Willie’s and Wowowee’s strongest detractors never watch the show, are fans of rival programs, or are just joining in because it is the “in” thing to do now, something to do until the next big thing comes along people can latch on to.
      And it is a very good point about the Forbes Park/Corinthian Gardens elite. I’ve encountered many people in my life who are like that. Wouldn’t bother themselves from shopping at SM! Eating at fast food restaurants, let alone watching a show like Wowowee that might help people these elite wouldn’t be caught dead near.

  4. dryedmangoez, maybe you can help me look for information about the one who started the online petition. Roel C. Saguisag. someone pointed out that Roel Saguisag should have come out in the open, and instead of online petitions, have a hard copy signature campaign to make sure that each individual signature corresponds to one individual person. online petition has the tendency for multiple postings by one single person. even if the petition is IP address sensitive, you can go to different terminals in an internet cafe and sign-on from there.

    by the way, i find it very interesting that the said Roel C. Saguisag had to make it clear that he is an avid fan of ABS CBN shows. why the need to have that spelled out?

    1. That’s very interesting. Usually, you can be suspicious of anyone who prefaces their comments with “I’m a Kapamilya, but….”
      If you’re a Kapamilya, fine… that doesn’t mean who have to like every single program on the network.

      And online petitions, definitely, people can sign as many times as they want.

  5. fame and money have gone to willy’s head…it was abs-cbn mgt fault, but blurting out his feelings on air is one thing…parang he was so confident of his position that he can always say what he thinks whether proper or not…and get away with it…because he believes he’s the network’s greatest earner…

  6. but rosie, what you and the others don’t seem to understand is that you are condemning the person based on your feelings for him (mayabang, maangas, etc.) instead of condemning the very action. you guys already have a pre-judgment of willie. now, if we look at the incident (what he said about inserting the segment of cory’s wake), we can see that the argument is already MOOT AND ACADEMIC. i repeat…. MOOT AND ACADEMIC. the family of cory aquino have already accepted the apology, and they even said it was indeed bad taste to have inserted that segment during the fun part of the show. now, that being the case, what are you so riled up against?

    you know why? two reasons — first, you don’t like willie. understandable, but is that a valid reason to have him booted out when the reason behind the online petition spearheaded by the faceless “roel c. saguisag” has been rendered moot and academic by the aquino family? second reason — you guys just don’t want to give up on your “crusade” because you cannot stand being told that your initial claims of disrespect for the aquino family was not founded on solid ground. THAT’S WHY you keep on looking for avenues in the internet to keep your “crusade” alive.

    your initial dislike for willie, plus the fact that you cannot stand looking ridiculous in the light of the aquino family understanding and forgiving willie, equals a LYNCH MOB. yep. a lynch mob with access to the internet.

    the fact is, if you don’t like willie, don’t watch the show. you guys should do something more worthwhile like rallying against the confirmation of National Artist on Carlo J. Caparas. the reasons given by the artists were well thought of and carefully laid out. the biggest reason being that Carlo J. Caparas was never the artist of his own stories. heck, they are even against the confirmation on Cecile Guidote Alvarez, not because she does not qualify, but because she currently holds a position that disqualifies her from being nominated. now that is being UNBIASED. are you guys being UNBIASED?

  7. I for one only subscribe to watch Wowowee. I never had any interest before to subscribe, but this show is why I continue to subscribe. It has reconnected me to my Filipino roots. It hasn’t been the same w/o Willie. He apologized for the poor choice of words. Whatever happened to forgiveness?

  8. I have stop my TFC. In the past few years the show Wowowee the hosts and staff lost credability. Not only the Wowowee show but also other game shows, game ka na ba, snn news, ruffa and ai ai. this show sucks. Actually the Whole ABS-CBN lack taste and judgement. And Yes I do not watch GMA as well for the same reason….

  9. well for me willie is willie he has full sense of humor he”s not boring to watch i can compare him to simon cowell, people watching wowowee bcoz willie he”s realy lively,i will tell you and honestly when i was in phil. my holy,if willy not in a wowowee my day is not complete coz boring to watch without him, so please leave him alone,”jealouse monkey people,”

  10. im infavor of what u wrote ms rizza…willie is willie and wowowee is willie.if willie will not be anymore hosting wowowee then its nakaka loss ng appetite to watch noontime will never be the same again ‘.

  11. Taga Mindanao kami, mas marami nanonood sa wowowee dahil kahit antena lang pwede na. Sa nangyari dyan sa show, no probs naman yon, dahil kahit ako i do not find it amusing na pinapakita ang Cory event habang nagsasaya ang nasa studio at mga nanonood sa kanikanilang TV. Kaya tama namn si Wil doon. sa latest na issue about his tirade with that “gay” host, tama din para sa akin para naman maging lesson din sa mga bastos din na host tulad ni Jobert . Sa body language niya tuwang tuwa na naka isa siya kay Wil. Sisiw lang siya kaya sumasakay sa popularity ni Wil para mapansin. Dapat si Jobert ang palayasin dahil gaano ba kalaki ang pinapasok nya sa kaban ng ABS, para sa ganitong sitwasyon manatili siya? Wil should not give up instead. Stay there, marami kaming happy sa ginagawa niya. we do not miss this show araw araw. Kulang ang tanghali namin without wowowee with Wil.. So sa mga kampi ni magsuporta kayo kasi akala ng mga detractors ni Wil marami na sila. Mas marami tayo na kampi ni Wil. Sa ABS huwag makinig sa mga walang kwentang opinion laban kay Wil. Believe in us mga masang Pilipino, dahil kami ang nagpapalaki at nagpapataas ng inyong rating at hindi mga nakatira sa malapalasyong bahay sa mga subdivision dyan sa MetroManila.Mabuhay ka Wil. keep up the good fight.

  12. This is the first time i saw and read this note. Will you grant me the favor of posting this in my facebook so people who are critical of Willie be given the chance to know the real story. Most of us Pinoys are just to eager to criticise others without knowing the real truth and what is behind of the incidents. Most of all, because of the latest incident whereby a Ka-Pamilya member Madam Jobert Sucaldito commented against another member of the Ka-Pamilya is not really good. A Ka-Pamilya as always pronounced by ABiAS-CBN must establish a constructive criticism not a criticism to bring down a fellow Ka-Pamilya. Kaya nga tinawag na kapamilya kc parang isang mag-anak sila, pero ang nangyayari ay nagsisraan para meron lang maibigay na issue. Mr. Lopez, Kayo po and Daddy dyan, Bakit ganu’n? Ang mga anak mo nagsisraan. Parang si Joseph, dahil sa inggit ng mga kapatid ay ipinagbili para gawin alipin.

  13. Congatulations to ABS-CBN na Willie is out!!!!Willie should be taught a lesson! ?Akala nya mag close ang ABS-CBN if wala siya. He forgot that nobody is indispensable in this world!!!! Willie is BASTOS!!! INSULTADIR!!

  14. Something’s happening to abs-cbn. You’re right. Wowowee is Willie Revillame and vice versa, I tried watching and it lacked the charm, for lack of a better word, the show had. And surely the Kapamilya station would realize that they lost another great talent and that it would affect them greatly.

    But it’s their call so we can’t do anything about it.

  15. willie shud learn to hold back…he’s the exact opposite of Joey De Leon.willie is impulsive,he act first b4 he think while Joey think b4 he acts.Just imagine what JDL is saying everytime he put his mic down and grins?

  16. let’s just admit guys…wowoweee woud be different without joey de leon tira ng tira kay willie inggit lang yan kc sya matagal na sa eat bulaga la pa rin syang yati,nice cars,mansion at iba pa.i join everyone who wants to see willie back on the show.

  17. Hey everyone! =]

    All comments are welcome as long as they are sensible and have substance. It doesn’t matter which side of the debate you are on, as long as your post has substance and meaning.


    Thanks! =D

  18. hey, do you still want to defend your beloved wowowee host after all that’s happened?

    don’t get me wrong. I’m a wowowee fan since 2005. i like the show, but not its host. after all, it’s the people’s show, right? “Kayo ang bida dito”, yeah that’s what willie often say on air. the show helps a lot of people. the host has done nothing much to alleviate the lives of ordinary folks who join their contests – except to make them believe that through him and the show, their lives will be better. a false hope, if you would ask me.

    how many times did he lash out on one of his staff on air? let’s not forget that he didn’t want Lara’s BF to join them in an international sortie. (actually her mom was also there, according to my source)
    how many times did he mock (and sometimes insult) and make fun of a contestant and make it appear as if he was just trying to make the show livelier? on this note, he is no different from the gay hosts of comedy bars who mock and make fun of their audience – the only difference is that sarcasm is expected in comedy bars, not in noontime shows.

    forget about the rigging, his green jokes and his alleged rude actions on the show. how many times did he face sanctions for things he did on air (which goes far back to his M.T.B days).

    how many times did ABS-CBN had his back and stood by him? and now, here he is, taking his network hostage. it’s like asking your boss to fire your office mate because he criticized your work. he even proudly said in an interview that ABS-CBN is not the only channel and that if you are good, you shouldn’t be afraid of losing your job because someone will get you. (I don’t think he can say it five years ago)

    i’m not a fan of eat bulaga. i think joey is just jealous of him.

    the only reason that endorsements come willie’s way is because of the wide audience reach of the show, through TFC. that is something that he will not have with TV5 (or whatever they call this channel these days).

    well ABS-CBN created a monster – and they finally realized it. it’s good to let him leave without releasing him from his contract. it serves him well.


    1. @rc – “hey, do you still want to defend your beloved wowowee host after all that’s happened?”
      Yeah I do. Everything in this post from last year, still applies today.

  19. Wowowee is nothing without Willie. Period na yung mga ingitero dyan. Hindi nyo kaya ang galing ni Willie. Tumigil na kayong lahat. Tama, pang masa lang ang Wowowee, kaya yung mga mayayabang ng sumusulat pa ng puro Inglis dyan, tsupi, hindi nyo gets ang show!!!!! Bakya kami!!!

  20. I understand why some people defend him as much as you do. and I wouldn’t deny that Willie has done something good for the people and for the viewers of the show, especially the senior citizens.

    i just hope that willie will learn from this episode in his life (to think before he acts). who knows, we might see a better host (and hopefully, a better person) in willie next year when he starts his own show on another channel (after his contract with ABS expires).

  21. The problem here is I think the “Crab mentality” and I wonder why our nation doesn’t progress and improve much…

  22. “The Pearl of the Orient Seas” has its own cycle as if its natural way of bringing down those who are in the pedestal of fame and glory. It is called ” Crab Mentality.” So we can never perhaps change this, that this “Pearl” has made d mother land the world center of texting & all sort of sordid things that we hear, see and do collectivelly as hypocrites who go to the house of worship weekly. And I am one of them… How sad but we do nothing about it.

  23. Pakiusap lang mga kababayan tigilan na ninhyo ang mga masasamang comment ninyo kay Willie dahil bumabalik lang sa inyo lahat ng sinsasabi niyo kagaya ng mga pagbabastos ninyo sa kanya eh kayo bastos din na katulad niya, kung sa akala niyo bastos siya. Palagay ko marami kayong poot sa inyong dibdib na dala, kaya sa kanya ninyo ibinato.

    Ipaubaya niyo na sa ABS-CBN ang decision.
    Alam ko maraming pagkakamali sin Willie pero ang napansin ko lang sa kanya marunong siya mag sorry ,ako hindi ko kayang gawin yon. kayo kaya niyo ba?

    Maraming salamat sana maging masaya ang ating buhay

    mang joe

  24. Ok, ka vickx, obet, rizza, sueren, kayo dyan…ting-nan nyo muna sarili nyong humusga kay willie…baga… tingnan nyo buntot nyo kung anu kahaba bago humusga sa isang tao……bakit kayo magaling ba kayo????…., sundin nyo nalang kung masunod nnyo yung ginagawa ni willie,,hek!hek!

  25. The incident of the late President Cory Aquino’s burial rites was no difference at all in other TV stations all over the world. The best thing willie has to do during the simultaneous airing was to tell the people to bow their heads out of respect instead of directing the management to take out the airing. It is in willie’s hands to act right…thus, i believe he do not have proper manners and ettiquete of true hosting…that’s a fact. ABS-CBN just gambled in willie to manage the show even if he is not qualified because willie has the charisma of the people, he is popular to controversies, but the fact is, he was the same before and today. The only difference during that times was he can still set aside his pride compared to what happened which I believe he owes the public an apology and not on ABS-CBN alone. But, I also believe he could not do the same thing now because he was already blinded by his wealth, fame and fortune. It is no joke to be one of the number one shows or public figures in the world, but what matter is how you maintain that status as what you were before. There is no argument if not for willie’s emphasis of his old bad attitude towards work, staff and contestants. Where in the world that you have to show your outrage in the eyes of the world??? You may count a few but, was it right or wrong???

  26. sa aking sariling opinyon,may mga taong may hinanakit kay willie dyan mismo sa loob ng abscbn, na syang nagmamanipula ng kanyang pagkasira at pagbagsak,mga taong hindi sukat akalain na magagawa nila kay willie ang ganung bagay…eto po ay sariling opinyon ko lamang,,kaya ang ang payo ko kay willie eh ganito na lamang,,lagi mo lang tandaan to,ang ngipin at dila ay laging magkasama, pero nakakagat pa rin ng ngipin ang dila,,kaya lagi kang magbantay sa galaw at kilos ng mga kasama mo, baka isa sa kanila ay ngipin, makagat ka….

  27. Willie is arrogant that the management of abs-cbn should realize the integrity of the station is being affected by repeating inappropriate behavior of Mr. Revillame. Willie shouldn’t blame his parents about his upbringing whenever he made mistakes. He set bad examples to the children who watch his show. Defending Willie by his fans is full of sh… through out his career in abs-cbn, I heard him say sorry… I’m fed up. He embarrass his staffs, his guests, his audiences on air as if it’s funny… come on people get someone who could lift the integrity of your station. And, could bring good examples to those watching the show. Wowowee is being watch not because of Willie but, because of the concepts of the show. Willie thought he is indispensable that’s why he could even bite the finger of those who fed him. Willie your ass get into your head. TFC subcriber don’t watch Wowowee because of Willie’s attitude. They watch other shows of abs-cbn.

  28. According to Muhammad: “Inside of a ring or out, ain’t nothing wrong with going down. It’s staying down that’s wrong.” For Willie, keep up a good work. They don’t know what they are saying. No one is perfect…..

  29. Willie is only human, just like anybody of us, he makes mistakes just like all of us. Give him another chance I think is not that much to ask. Willie is entitle to forgiveness, total forgiveness for he only defended the show from malicious attacks.

  30. Let us think one level above all this. Why do you think God allowed this to happen to willie???

    If all of his critics will affect him negatively all the time, then, showbiz should not be his career. Or, even so, being a family member will create a division if he keeps on justifying his wrong actions.

    What happened was, God gave him tasks to do but he failed to deliver. He chose to be angry and proud thinking that he is so great that anyone will applaud him up to the extent of killing a kapamilya. Humility and anger is a choice to make by each and everyone of us.

    He chose to be humble for every mistake he did before during his stepladder climb to fame. But, now that he is in his glory days, then, what happen to the humility…it was changed to humiliating people of all walks of life and thinking greater than the station who fed him and brought him to fame and glory.

    Better for him to learn the good manners and right conduct of a good host, right etiquette of hosting a show. He has to work on his social behavior as a public popular figure. Being a true person on air does not mean a better person on the same. It is the people who accept for what he is no matter what he say and do. It is the viewing public who made him as what he is now and tolerating his actions towards staff, guests and contestants without being reprimanded and the worst thing is applauding him for his bad actions.

    Sorry to say but the audience who appreciate his works and attitude are the ones who also appreciate wrongdoings.

    This is not simply critism, its our way of pointing out mistakes of a person who tries to justify his wrong actions. We are expecting and hoping that he will learn his lessons from this chapter of his life.

    Remember, God will continue to support him as a popular person in his field for one condition…STAY HUMBLE AND BE RIGHTEOUS IN THE EYES OF GOD…THEN YOU WILL GUARANTEE THAT GOD WILL NEVER LEAVE YOU NOR FORSAKE YOU WHEREVER YOU GO.

    The Scripture says: Then you will again see the difference between righteous people and wicked people, between the one who serves God and the one who doesn’t serve him. Malachi 3:18

  31. abs-cbn release willie w/o any reason(s)………takot ba ang network na maungusan cla s magiging netwokt ni willie??????kung hindi man cla takot then LET HIM GO…….sa mga taong kagaya q na @$#@@ wlang ibang tinitingnan kundi ang mali ng ibang tao……..had u ever seen ur face in a mirror…….samapalin mong mikha mo, pag ung kamukha mo sa salamin hindi rin nya sinampal ung mukha nya……..ur the ever person na masasabi ko na perfect……..ikaw naman jubert nakakasuka-ldito……..pra kang perpektong tao bkit wala nbang karapatan ang mga taong sa akala mo mga BOBO, bakit ikaw,,,,,,gaanu kba ka marunong…alam mo ang lahat? wala kna bang maling nagawa sa buhay mo PURO NA LANG TAMA.

  32. I think Willie and any employee of a company has every right to speak out against what they feel is a “wrong” made by their superiors. We shouldn’t stay silent. Though Willie should’ve made his threat off air and face to face to the management, I think he has every right to do it still.

    I only say this because I’ve seen comments elsewhere about how “You don’t challenge your boss” or “You don’t challenge the government” and things like that, which I absolutely do not agree with. Stand your ground and if your superiors are doing something wrong, let them know it.

  33. DO NOT BE REALISTIC ALL THE TIME…BE IDEALISTIC…people tend to follow and support a public figure no matter what he say and do in a worldwide tv…because they think that he is ideal to be on tv…go back to basics…choose qualified people to host a show…just give you an example of good hosts are Toni, Marielle, Boy Abunda…because they have the right etiquette and attitude towards people…what is the best among them is controlling a situation which is uncontrollable…that is a quality of good hosts…

  34. Lahat naman tayo may karapatan ipalabas ang nararamdaman natin nang hindi tayo natatakot.
    Siguro ipinalalabas lang ni willie ang kanyang nararamdaman at sama ng loob,kahit sino naman siguro sa side ni willie nasasaktan rin lalo na kapag pinagpapawisan mo ang isang bagay para lang makapaghatid nang saya sa kapwa mo tapos sa isang
    sa isang banda maraming umaatake sayo.Hindi naman siguro tama yon kasi wala tayong karapatan na husgahan ang kapwa natin.Marunong sana tayong
    tumingin sa sarili natin bago sa iba.
    Marami ring tao ang napapasaya ng wowowee mahirap man o mayaman,dito man o saang
    lupalop ng mundo.
    Para sakin iba pa rin ang wowowee pag wala si willie.

  35. I also see a lot of comments that put ABS-CBN as some kind of Saint or something, putting the network so high on a pedestal that you can never dare say anything bad about the network. Otherwise you are a Kapuso or “inggit” just because you say something bad about the network.

    Which, of course, is absurd.

    And the “freedom of speech” argument apparently applies to everyone except Willie or anyone who might not be against him or the show.

    Tama ba yun?

  36. Alam nyo guys, tama kayo mayabang si Willie at hindi na man sa kanya galing yung pera na pinamimigay nila sa show. May nagsasabi rin na nakaka-offend siya minsan at nakaka sakit ng mga tawo through his words. But we should also take into consideration that we don’t have the right to accused him. He may do things in a wrong way but we all know he is not perfectly created nor us..we should also see ourself in the mirror that we are not perfect and sometimes do things wrongly that hurt people around us. Kung nagkamali man si Willie hayaan na lang natin ang ABS CBN Management kung ano ang dapat sa kanya. Kahit ganun si Willie sumikat na man ang Wowowee sa tulong niya at marami na rin siyang tao na napasaya. Anyway, Willie knows that he is guilty and responsible for his actions. So for the good, let’s stop criticizing Willie Revillame. Remember, showbiz is just for entertainment and it won’t help solve your problem. Focusing on others life and/or unnecessary things will never reveal our life’s purpose. SO CUT THE CRAP!!!

  37. without willie, boycott na kami sa wowowee. iba si willie mag dala ng show, aminin man ng ABiaS-CBN or not. nakakalimutan muna namin sandali, kahit 3 oras lang, ang mga problema sa buhay pag wowowee time na!!!


  39. sna bumalik at mg host ulit c will s wowowee…mas masaya pg sya ang buhay ang wowowee dhil sa knya..willie is a nice person..inside and out…un sinasabing bastos at mayabang sya??un n sya simulat sapul..khit d p sya sikat,myabang n sya..deretchahn kun magsalita…dhil d sya mpag pangap…totoo syang marming n22lungan…
    sana bumalik n sya s wowowee…ms msaya pg andun …
    we missed you will…

  40. I have been working here in Japan as OFW, for 5 years, and I am avid fan of Wowowee.This is the only shows that I am being watch in the evening after the long day’s work working on the office, as TFC suscriber here in Japan.Now Wowowee by Willie as a great true Filipino entertainer, been out of the shows, TFC were now no good to watch for it.So what for to suscribe TFC.

  41. hai!
    to all the commentators at humusga ky willie..,plz.tigilan nyu na poh,cguro masaya na kau sa mga news na nabasa,narinig at sa mga nakita nyu sa nangyari kanya…wag ntin xa sisihin o sabihin na bad influence xa,ala pman wil sa wowowee marami nang masamang bata.,nasa magulang at sa bahay magsimula ang lahat..hind sa ibang tao,kya plz.wag ntin involed c will d2.kahit anuman ang gawin ng mga host wowowee iba parin c wil.nag iisa lang xa…lulubog din wowowee sabay ng pagwala ni will.

    wil,we love strong and kept praying…god’s love u…no matter what his hand is ready to raise u up again…kept up good health..ur best among the rest

  42. Nawalan ako ng respeto sa ABS_CBN dahil sa bias nitong mga nakaraang eleksyon. Meron silang pina paboran tulad ni GMA at ni Aquino. Hope na magbago sila ng platform when it comes to news reporting. Wowowee lang ang pinapanood ko pero nong nawala si Willie balik na ako sa mga english channels. Nakakasuka na dahil ang sumisikat sa atin ay puro na baklang mayayabang…..although, i like pooh and chocoleit dahil hindi sila mayayabang na tao unlike Vice ganda and Joebert.

  43. Alam nyo ba na it’s the fastest way to bring up your issues with your bosses when you put them on the spot……..although, it’s not proper but effective. Marami na akong nakitang lumalaban sa mga boss nila dahil sa maling pamamaraan…..Tingnan nyo na lang ang ibang sundalo sa atin binabaril ang mga commanding officer nila dahil tinatrato silang parang hayop… least nag sorry si Willie and for that….he should be forgiven.

  44. sana babalik na si willie sa wowowee. mahal namin sya. I don’t care what other people say basta si willie ang nagpasaya sa show.

  45. @dryedmangoez

    I agree with you. he should have done it off air. pero sana medyo mas mahinahon – and not to the point of letting the company choose one employee over the other. But like some people said, it is his right – after all he’s making money for the network.

    Willie may have had good intentions when he did all those things. it’s just the manner of doing it that make it appear as if he’s being arrogant (which I hope not) . on the other hand, ABS-CBN should also learn from this (they’ve had labor cases before for not treating their employees justly).

  46. I would like to say that Wowowie has not been the same since Willie left. You can say what you want to say Wowowie is Willie Revillame and Willie is Wowowie. I just hope he comes back to the show as much as I like Lucky hosting it Willie is Wowowie. It is not the same without him.

    1. Yeah, definitely not the same. Even if he comes back, it seems like Pokwang and Mariel have shown their true colors though and that might change everything, the dynamic of the show.

  47. sana babalik na si willie…la na kwenta ang tanghali ng abs cbn.pangit din naman eat bulaga hahays.dami co host puro mga trying hard at corny

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